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Complete List of Unorthodox Chokes in UFC 4 and How to Perform Them

by Julia Blackwood
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list of unorthodox chokes ufc 4

Step into the exciting world of unorthodox chokes in UFC 4. These unusual moves can give you a big advantage over opponents. We’re here to show you a full list of these chokes in UFC 4 and how to get really good at them.

Normally, you wouldn’t see these chokes in regular MMA fights. However, they work really well if you know how to use them. With these unique moves, you can surprise your rivals and win.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already skilled in UFC games or just starting. It’s key to know how to do unorthodox chokes. Our list will give you lots of different chokes to learn. This will help you use unexpected moves and shock your opponents.

Each type of choke takes special moves to do. We’ll tell you all about it. You’ll understand the best ways to get a choke hold on your opponent. This includes using the left stick to move and position yourself correctly.

We’ll show you how to defend against these unusual chokes too. You’ll learn the best ways to avoid getting caught in a bad position. Start to become a pro at slipping away from submission holds.

Get ready to explore unorthodox chokes in UFC 4. They can really change your game for the better. Be prepared to surprise others, take control, and win with these fresh skills.

Choke Submission Offense

To pull off an unorthodox choke in UFC 4, you must know the choke submission offense well. Mastering this move can help you beat your opponent by forcing them to submit.

In this move, use the left stick to control your position and chase after your opponent. This step is key to putting the right pressure and angle on your opponent for a successful choke.

As you cover more of your opponent’s wedge with yours, your chances of a successful choke increase. This is shown by the submission meter going up. Use the LS to adjust your position and improve your wedge’s coverage.

Using this choke offense well can make your opponent defend more. With good practice in movement and positioning, you can excel in this choke. Stay at it to become a master of unorthodox chokes in UFC 4.

Choke Submission Offense Techniques:

Technique Description
D’Arce Choke A chokehold where you trap your opponent’s arm against their neck, cutting off blood flow to the brain.
Guillotine Choke A standing or ground chokehold where you place your arm around your opponent’s neck and apply pressure to the windpipe.
Triangle Choke A chokehold where you trap your opponent’s head and arm with your legs, restricting blood flow to the brain.

Add these moves to your fighting style to dominate in the octagon. It’s essential to fully grasp and excel in choke submission to win with these strategies. Keep improving and testing new moves. This way, you’ll always keep your opponents unsure and secure wins with choke submissions.

Choke Submission Defense

Understanding how to defend against chokes in UFC 4 is crucial. It helps you stay in control during fights. Whether you’re up against a tough opponent or just want to improve your skills, the right knowledge is key. We’ll look at powerful techniques and movement tips for better choke defense.

Mastering Controlled Movement

Controlled movement is crucial when defending against choke submissions. Use the left stick (LS) to move your wedge around the circle, away from your opponent. Avoid sudden or jerky movements, which can make your wedge bigger. This makes it easier for your opponent to choke you. Stay calm and use precise movements to keep your wedge small.

Proper Wedge Placement

Knowing where to place your wedge is vital. As your opponent goes for the choke, position your wedge strategically. This makes it harder for them to get the upper hand. Move your wedge in the opposite direction to theirs. This action disrupts their control, making it tough for them to complete the choke. Always focus on keeping your wedge in an advantageous spot.

Anticipating and Redirecting Attacks

Defending chokes also means being able to foresee and counter attacks. Watch how your opponent moves and acts to predict their next move. This way, you can adjust your defense quickly. Be aware of choke attempts and move to stop them in their tracks.

Maintaining a Strong Base

Having a strong base is key to staying safe from choke holds. A stable footing and even weight distribution are crucial. Doing this helps you stay firm against your opponent’s efforts to throw you off balance. A solid base is essential for withstanding and countering chokes.

Practice these strategies to improve your choke defense in UFC 4. Focus on controlled movement, proper wedge placement, anticipation, and keeping a strong base. With hard work and dedication, you’ll master choke submission defense. This will give you the upper hand, allowing you to dominate your opponents.

Unorthodox Chokes in UFC 4

UFC 4 brings new, unexpected choke moves into play. These moves, while not classic in MMA, are very successful. They can surprise rivals and lead to quick wins by submission.

Russian Head and Arm Smother: A very powerful choke that stops an opponent from breathing. It puts pressure on both the head and arm. This makes the rival quickly give up.

Rustam Chsiev’s North South Choke: This choke is aimed at the trachea, which is the airway. It’s tough and effective. Named after Rustam Chsiev, a well-known wrestler. It’s a move that can really catch others by surprise.

These unusual chokes are not used often in the MMA scene. But, they are truly effective. Fighters who know these moves have a real edge in UFC 4. Even the best opponents can be caught off guard. This can mean a fast victory by submission.


What are unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, unorthodox chokes are often rare in mainstream MMA. But, if you can use them right, they can be very powerful.

How do I perform unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

To do these chokes in UFC 4 well, you must know the choke submission’s ins and outs. Use your left stick to move your wedge and cover your opponent’s wedge. The better you can overlap their wedge, the more your submission meter fills. The main control for these moves is the LS.

How do I defend against unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

To defend in UFC 4 against unorthodox chokes, also use the left stick. This time, you move your wedge away in controlled ways. Going too fast or side to side will expand your wedge, making you vulnerable. If you move with care, you keep your wedge small and protect yourself better. The inputs for choke submission defense are LS.

What are some examples of unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

Examples of UFC 4’s unorthodox chokes are the Russian Head and Arm Smother. It’s both a strong choke and hinders the opponent’s breathing. Another is Rustam Chsiev’s North South Choke. This one aims at the trachea and is a harsh yet effective submission method.

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