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Tips for Winning Your First Fight in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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can you win the first fight in ufc 4

Winning your first fight in UFC 4 can be tough for beginners. But, you can boost your success with the right know-how. This guide provides valuable tips to help you clinch that first win.

EA Sports UFC 4 hit the shelves in August 2020. True to MMA, it lets you feel the rush of intense combat. The game is out on platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. These tips are great for both new and experienced gamers, preparing you to fight with confidence.

Practising in the training area is key to getting better at UFC 4. It lets you get to grips with the game’s ins and outs. You can set your opponent’s AI to specific moves to practice countering them. It’s a sure way to boost your skills and feel at home with various fight styles.

Defense is vital in UFC 4, especially against aggressive foes. Instead of just attacking, focus on blocking and dodging hits. This saves your stamina and keeps you from getting hurt. Knowing how to counterattack well can turn the fight in your favour. Find moments when your opponent is weak and hit them with strong counters. This can surprise them and help you win with a knockout.

Mastering submissions is a smart move in UFC 4. Practice these moves in tutorials or training modes. Learn different holds and when to use them. Having this skill can catch opponents by surprise and score you a victory.

Choose a fighter that fits how you like to play for your first match. If you like hitting, go for someone with great striking skills. If you’re into grappling, pick a fighter with top-notch grappling. Playing to your strengths raises your odds of winning.

Beating that first fight in UFC 4 takes skill, plan, and work. Use the training area, focus on defense and counters, learn about submissions, and pick a fighter that suits you. Following these tips sets you on the path to victory in UFC 4.

Practice in the Training Area

Want to get better at UFC 4? Start by practising in the training area. This helps you learn how the game works and master the controls. You can also tweak the AI of your opponent to focus on what you need to work on.

When you enter the UFC 4 training area, know what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to boost your striking, grappling, or defence. This space is perfect for improving your fighting skills in a safe, controlled place.

Adjusting the opponent’s AI is a huge plus in the training area. You get to set up specific challenges that fit your training needs. It could be working against advanced combos or getting better at takedowns. This builds your quick thinking and tactical skills.

You can also try out different fighters and styles here. Pick from the champs of UFC or create your own fighter. This lets you try various fighting techniques. For instance, you might want to see what it’s like to fight on the ground like Khabib.

Use the training area to perfect your moves and defence. Focus on getting your combos just right and learning new grappling tricks. Being good at blocking and dodging hits is crucial as well. The more you practice these, the better you’ll be at UFC 4.

Getting good at UFC 4 takes time and effort. Training here regularly will boost your skills and fight choices. This improves your chances of winning against any opponent. So, find your way to the virtual gym and start climbing to the top of UFC 4.

Focus on Defense and Counterattacks

In UFC 4, being good at defence is key when facing tough fighters. Instead of only attacking, try blocking and evading their hits. This approach saves your energy and stops you from getting hurt too much. Plus, learning how to counterattack can really change the game.

Watch your opponent closely for any gaps in their defence. Then, hit them back with well-timed counters. Do this by guessing their next move and striking with accuracy. This smart strategy can surprise them and do serious damage.

Being a pro at defence and counterattacks in UFC 4 is all about watching and timing well. Look out for your opponent’s habits and mistakes. Use these to your advantage. Good defence isn’t just about blocking. It also involves moving your feet and head to dodge hits.

“A good defense is just as important as a strong offense. In the octagon, it’s critical to stay alert, analyse your opponent’s every move, and be ready to launch counterattacks at the opportune moment.” – UFC Champion

By becoming a master at defence and counterattacks, you can throw off your opponent’s game. But remember, it’s crucial to balance defence with offence. Don’t defend too much or attack too aggressively. Find the right mix to keep your fight under control.

Try out various defence strategies and figure out your personal counterattacking style. Be ready to change your tactics for different rivals and fight settings. Use smart plays to find and use their weak spots, gaining the upper hand in the battle.

Effective Defensive Techniques in UFC 4:

  • Blocking: When blocking strikes, lift your guard to reduce their power and danger.
  • Slipping: Dodge hits by moving your head to the side quickly. This makes it tough for your rival to hit you directly.
  • Parrying: Push your opponent’s attacks off course with a well-timed block. This can make them off balance, giving you a chance to counter.
  • Countering: Follow up a block with an immediate attack. This tactic can surprise your opponent, turning the fight in your favour.
  • Footwork: Mix defensive moves with footwork to dodge hits. This can also help you set up your own counterattacks by staying out of reach but ready to strike.

Mastering Counterattacks in UFC 4:

  • Timing: Hold back your counterattack until your opponent is committed. Landing strikes with precision is crucial.
  • Distance Management: Keep the right distance so your opponent misses their hits. Then, counter with a strong strike of your own.
  • Feints: Trick your opponent with fake moves to get them to strike first. This opens up a chance for you to counter them.
  • Exploiting Openings: Search for weaknesses in your opponent’s defence. Attack fast and accurately whenever they slip up.
  • Utilize Power Shots: Make your counterattacks count by aiming for their weak spots. Choose powerful shots to make your strikes hard-hitting.
Defensive Techniques Counterattacking Techniques
Blocking Timing
Slipping Distance Management
Parrying Feints
Countering Exploiting Openings
Footwork Utilize Power Shots

Learn Submission Techniques

In UFC 4, submission moves help you win fights. To master these moves, you need to practice them a lot.

Start by spending time in the game’s tutorial or training mode. This will teach you how to use submission moves.

Practice different submission holds. Each one lets you control your opponent. Knowing when to use them is key to winning.

Learn the best times to use these moves. Turning a weak moment into a submission hold can change the game. With practice, you will know exactly when to strike.

Knowing submission techniques well can make you very strong in UFC 4. You can make your opponent give up or knock them out if they can’t escape.

ground game UFC 4

It takes hard work to get good at submissions in UFC 4. Keep practising. This will make you better than your rivals and more likely to win.

Benefits of Learning Submission Techniques in UFC 4 Strategies for Effective Submission Execution
– Grant control over your opponents – Identify moments of vulnerability
– Potentially secure tap-out victories – Utilize transitions to set up submissions
– Increase your ground game dominance – Practice timing for optimal execution
– Create opportunities for knockouts – Understand the strengths of each submission hold

Adding these techniques to your skills helps you face any challenge in UFC 4. Remember, practice is key. So, start with the training mode and work hard. You’ll be a submission expert in no time.

Choose a Fighter That Matches Your Style

In UFC 4, every fighter brings a unique style and skill set. Think about what you like to do in the game when picking your fighter. If you enjoy striking, you should pick someone with great stand-up skills. But if you prefer grappling and submissions, go for a fighter strong in that area. Matching the fighter to your style lets you use your best moves. This gives you a better chance to win.

Playing in UFC 4 means using what you’re good at to your advantage. It lets you shine with the moves you love. Whether you like quick strikes or fighting on the ground, your choice of fighter matters.

Striking Specialists

If you love standing and trading strikes, choose a great striker. These fighters have excellent stats in power, speed, and accuracy. They can use many different strikes that can be very powerful. Picking the right fighter helps you land your combos and strikes effectively.

Grapplers and Submission Experts

Choosing a fighter with great grappling abilities is key if you like this style. They’re good at getting their opponents to the ground, controlling the fight, and using submission moves. Find fighters with high rankings in grappling and submissions. With them, you can lock in various submissions for a win.

Remember, just picking a fighter you like is not the only way to win. Keep getting better and trying new things. UFC 4 has many fighters, all with their pros and cons. Try out different fighters to see who fits your style best.

Finally, here’s a table to help you choose from some top fighters and their main styles:

Fighter Fighting Style
Conor McGregor Striker
Khabib Nurmagomedov Grappler
Jon Jones All-Rounder
Amanda Nunes Striker

Pick a fighter that feels right for you, and you’ll play better. It’s not only about their fame or how good they look on paper. It’s about choosing someone who fits how you like to play. This way, you get to show what you can really do in the game.


Winning your first fight in UFC 4 is challenging. Yet, with skill, strategy, and practice, success is possible. This article’s tips include using the training area, focusing on defense, learning submission moves, and picking the right fighter.

Patience and persistence are vital in UFC 4. Mastering gameplay takes time. Don’t be discouraged by early losses. Keep improving, learn from fights, and build your fighting style.

With effort and persistence, you can excel in UFC 4. So, jump into the octagon, face the challenge, and prove your skills. Good luck on your UFC 4 journey!


How can I improve my skills in UFC 4?

Practice in the training area is key to getting better in UFC 4. It helps you learn the mechanics and controls well. This way, you’ll get better at the game and get used to different fighting styles too.

What should I focus on during a fight in UFC 4?

Defense is really important in UFC 4, especially against aggressive opponents. Instead of always attacking, focus on blocking and dodging. And don’t forget to look for chances to counterattack. This can really shake up the fight.

How can I effectively use submission techniques in UFC 4?

Learning submission moves through the game’s tutorial or training can really help. Practice using them in different situations. When you know these moves well, it can surprise your opponent and help you win.

How do I choose the right fighter for my first fight in UFC 4?

Each UFC 4 fighter has a unique style and skills. Think about how you like to play. For those who prefer striking, pick a fighter with great stand-up skills. If you love grappling, choose someone with strong stats in that area. Picking a fighter that suits your style helps you play better.

What is the key to winning my first fight in UFC 4?

To win your first UFC 4 fight, you need skill and a good plan. Use the tips from practicing in the training area to picking the right fighter. Focus on defense, counterattacks, and submission moves. This sets you up for a good start in UFC 4.

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