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Mastering Basic Controls in UFC 4 on PS5

by Julia Blackwood
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EA Sports UFC 5 Early Access is now live on PS5. To do well in the game, you must first master basic controls. These controls are grouped into stand-up, clinch, and ground actions. It’s key to learn these movements and techniques to win fights.

Stand-up controls include how you move, throw punches and kicks, and bob your head. They help you fight at a distance from your opponent. This lets you throw combos, block attacks, and strike powerfully without getting hit much.

For fighting up close, there’s the clinch. You can grapple, defend yourself, and land blows from a tight hold. Knowing these moves well lets you control the clinch, where you can strike hard or take your opponent to the ground.

Then there’s the ground part, for when the fight is on the floor. You can strike your downed opponent, submit them with holds, or change positions for a better grip. Being good at ground controls means you can fight effectively even when not standing up.

If you’re starting in UFC 4 or have played before, getting the basics right is vital. This means learning stand-up, clinch, and ground controls thoroughly. With practice and patience, you can be a strong competitor in UFC 4. So, pick up your controller, enter the virtual arena, and show what you’re made of.

Stand-up Controls in UFC 4

Learning the stand-up controls in UFC 4 is crucial. It helps you use strong hits and win over rivals. You can pick between hard punches or big kicks. Knowing these moves well makes you a powerful fighter. Here are the basics you need to know:


Being skilled at moving is key in stand-up fighting. With the Left Stick, move fast to avoid hits. Use side steps and go front and back. This way, you’ll be in the right spot for your attack.

Punches and Kicks

Hit hard with different punches and kicks. Press Square for quick moves and Triangle for heavy kicks. Try many moves to see which work best for you.

Head Movement

Dodge hits by moving your head well. Use the Right Stick for this. This skill is important for setting up your own strong hits.

Combos and Combining Techniques

Mix punches, kicks, and head moves to create your style. Experiment to find powerful combos. Mixing moves right makes you hard to predict.

“Mastering the stand-up controls in UFC 4 is the key to unlocking your true striking potential. With precise movement, powerful strikes, and expert evasion, you will be a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.” – Joe “The Prodigy” Stevens, UFC Champion

Next, we’ll explore the clinch controls in UFC 4. This is where fighting gets intense and personal.

Clinch Controls in UFC 4

If you want to win at close fighting, learn the clinch controls in UFC 4. The clinch is a tight hold fighters use for strikes, takedowns, and protection.

Here’s a look at the basics in UFC 4:

  1. Clinch Entry: To start a clinch, push towards your opponent with the right stick. Then, hold the L1 (PS5) or LB (Xbox) button. This gets you close and in the clinch position.
  2. Clinch Break: Supposing you’re stuck in a clinch and need to get out, pull the right stick back. Then, press the L1 (PS5) or LB (Xbox) button. This move breaks the hold and gets you ready to fight again.
  3. Strike from the Clinch: In the clinch, you can hit your opponent hard. Combine different buttons to throw punches, knees, and elbows. This gives you an advantage up close.
  4. Takedowns and Throws: You can also take down your opponent from the clinch. Move the right stick and press the right buttons to perform different takedowns and throws.
  5. Clinch Defense: Defending in the clinch is vital. Time your moves well to dodge strikes and launch your own counterattacks.

Learning these UFC 4 clinch controls makes you stronger at short combat. Develop your skills for a rich fighting style mixing strikes and grapples.

Clinch Controls Button Inputs
Clinch Entry Push right stick towards opponent + L1 (PS5) or LB (Xbox)
Clinch Break Push right stick away from opponent + L1 (PS5) or LB (Xbox)
Strike from the Clinch Various combinations of punch, knee, and elbow buttons
Takedowns and Throws Manipulate right stick + corresponding buttons
Clinch Defense Precise timing and movement to avoid strikes and counter

Now you know how to use UFC 4’s clinch controls. Use them to beat your opponents in close combat. Improve your clinch game for better strikes and takedowns.

Ground Controls in UFC 4

Ground controls in UFC 4 are vital for winning battles on the floor. They help you overpower your rival and lead the fight on the ground. Learn these key controls to up your game:

1. Transitions: Moving between ground positions is key. Doing this smoothly keeps you in charge and confuses your opponent. Use the right stick to change your position and get better angles for your moves.

2. Ground and Pound: This move is powerful when your rival is on the mat. Hit them hard to break their defense and win. Use punch buttons to unleash strong attacks. Make every hit count to gain control and finish the fight.

3. Submissions: Mastering submission moves can quickly make you the victor. Learn to do an armbar, triangle choke, or rear-naked choke right. Timed well, these can make your opponent submit and end the fight.

Getting a grip on ground controls is crucial in UFC 4. With the right transitions, pounding hits, and skillful submissions, winning on the ground is in your hands. Hone these skills to show your power in the ring.


What are the basic controls in UFC 4 on PS5?

UFC 4 on PS5 has three main types of controls. They are for stand-up, clinch, and ground fights. Each type lets you do different moves.

What are the stand-up controls in UFC 4?

The stand-up moves in UFC 4 let you throw punches, kicks, and move your head to dodge hits.

Why are the stand-up controls important in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, knowing stand-up moves lets you battle with opponents using kicks and punches.

What are the clinch controls in UFC 4?

For clinches, the controls work for grappling, defending, and hitting up close.

Why are the clinch controls crucial in UFC 4?

They’re important for fights in close spaces and for grappling skills in UFC 4.

What are the ground controls in UFC 4?

Ground controls focus on fighting while on the ground. You can do ground and pound, try submissions, and change position.

Why are the ground controls essential in UFC 4?

They’re key for fighting on the ground and using grappling in UFC 4.

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