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Tips for Creating a Dominant Fighter in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to UFC 4, where you can make the best created fighter UFC 4 has ever known. In this tough world of fighting, the goal is to be the best. By using smart moves and skills, you can come out on top. This will make others respect you.

Creating a dominant fighter means looking closely at every game feature. Use these tips to craft a fighter that others fear.

Mastering Ground Defense in UFC 4

Being strong on the ground is key in UFC 4. You need to stop your opponent’s moves and stay in control to win. We’ll share some tips to help you own the ground game and win in the octagon.

Defending Against Transitions

To stop your opponent from moving on the ground, you have to hold them back and stay in your spot. You should press the RT button and tilt the LS or RS in their moving direction. This stops them and lets you fight back or take charge.

Getting your defence right, especially the timing, is very important. You must predict their moves and react fast to cut off their advances. Remember, the right moment to act changes with the move they try, their skills, and where they are on the ground.

Utilizing Defensive Grapple Assist

UFC 4 has something to help with ground defence, called Defensive Grapple Assist. Turn it on in settings, and you’ll see directions to move to counter your enemy’s ground attacks.

This feature is great if you’re still learning how to defend on the ground. It helps you react faster and defend better, which ups your chances of winning on the ground.

Building Grapple Advantage and Countering

Getting a hold on your opponent increases your chances of controlling the fight. You can do this by stopping their moves, using your past moves to drive your next ones, or by hitting them to lower their defence.

When it’s time to counter, timing and knowing how to do it are crucial. Practise your timing and learn how to reverse your opponent’s moves. This could let you take charge and win.

Remember, getting good at ground defence takes practice. Work on your moves, watch how your opponent plays, and change your strategy as you learn. With effort, you could master defending the ground and show you are the boss in UFC 4.

Ground Defense Techniques Quick Reference

Technique Input Description
Transition Defense Hold RT + LS/RS Match opponent’s direction to defend against transitions
Defensive Grapple Assist Enable in gameplay settings Displays visual cues to assist with ground defense
Building Grapple Advantage Defend transitions, gain momentum, land strikes Increase chances of successful transitions and control
Timing and Countering Practice defensive timing and reversals Turn the tables and gain control in ground battles

Mastering Clinch Offense in UFC 4

The clinch in UFC 4 is for close-range fighting. It lets fighters control the fight better and dominate their rivals. To be great at clinch offense, understanding its mechanics and techniques is key.

Press the right bumper (RB) and the X or Y button to enter the clinch. This brings you close to your opponent. In the clinch, you can reposition your opponent using the left stick (LS). This helps you create openings for attacks and changes. Remember, the right timing is crucial. Be patient and choose the best moment to move or strike.

“The clinch is a powerful tool in UFC 4 that allows you to control the pace of the fight and wear down your opponent. By mastering clinch offense, you can dominate your opponents and dictate the outcome of the match.” – UFC champion, Conor McGregor

Changing positions in the clinch is important. Tap RB and a button (X or Y) to do this. This lets you gain better positions for launching attacks. Throws and trips can mess up your opponent’s balance. This creates chances for more attacks or submissions. To throw, press RB and the A or B button, based on your fighter’s moves.

“In the clinch, I always look for opportunities to throw my opponents off balance and exploit their weaknesses. By combining throws with strikes, I can keep my opponents guessing and maintain control throughout the fight.” – UFC Hall of Famer, Randy Couture

Using strikes is vital in clinch fighting. Press the X or Y button for uppercuts. For hooks, use the LB button and a button (X or Y). Add the LT button to these for body shots. Elbows are very powerful in the clinch. For elbows, press LB, X, and a button (A or B). These moves can really hurt your opponent and set up more attacks.

“In the clinch, knees are a powerful weapon that can wear down your opponent and finish the fight. Throw knees to the leg, body, and head using the A or B button, LT plus A or B, and LB plus A or B respectively. By mixing up my strikes and targeting different areas, I can keep my opponents off-balance and control the fight.” – UFC legend, Anderson Silva

Some fighters can do flying submissions, which are daring but rewarding moves. They can end a fight fast if done right. Learn about these moves in the game’s help section to surprise your rivals.

Mastering clinch offence takes time, but it’s worth it. With practice, you’ll find the best techniques for you. Try different moves and strategies to see what works. Always remember, the clinch is where your plan and timing are crucial. Stay alert, adapt to what your opponent does, and grab chances to show you’re in charge.

Mastering Clinch Offense in UFC 4

Advantages of Clinch Offense in UFC 4 Techniques to Master
1. Control the pace of the fight 1. Proper clinch entry
2. Wear down your opponent 2. Moving your opponent in the clinch
3. Set up follow-up strikes and submissions 3. Timing strikes and transitions
4. Create openings for devastating attacks 4. Transitions to different positions
5. Executing throws and trips
6. Throwing strikes and knees


Want to make the ultimate fighter in UFC 4? You must look at every detail. Create a fighter with balanced abilities and pick a style that matches yours. This way, your fighter will rule the octagon.

Focusing on ground defense is key to winning in UFC 4. Learn to protect yourself, get good at grappling, and time your moves right. If you can stop your opponent’s moves and use your grappling skills well, you have a big advantage.

Don’t forget about the clinch. It lets you fight up close and personal. Add throws, knees, and elbows to your move set in the clinch. Being good at the clinch makes you a strong competitor. Keep practising, stay updated, and play online to get better at your game.

To build the top fighter in UFC 4, you need focus and hard work. Be versatile, strong in ground defense, and great in the clinch. Winning means staying determined, adapting, and always getting better. Good luck on your path to victory!


What aspects should I focus on to create the best fighter in UFC 4?

Focus on balancing your fighter’s skills in striking, grappling, and stamina. Choose a fighting style that fits how you like to play.

How can I improve my ground defense in UFC 4?

To up your ground defense, use RT and the LS or RS to block transitions. Don’t forget about the defensive grapple assist in the settings to help with defending and making your moves smoother.

What is the key to mastering clinch offense in UFC 4?

Being good in the clinch means you should control where your opponent goes by using the LS. Time your moves well. Make use of your fighter’s abilities, like throws and strikes.

How can I increase my chances of success in transitions on the ground?

To win in the ground game, get a leg up by managing your grapple advantage wisely. This means stopping opponent transitions, or chaining your transitions together effectively.

Are there any special techniques I should know in the clinch?

Clinching can offer flying submissions for some fighters. You can throw powerful strikes too, like elbows and knees. Just know how to use the buttons to make these moves.

How can I unleash the best created fighter in UFC 4?

To make your fighter shine, put effort into their skills and styling. Get really good at ground defense and clinch fighting. Stay sharp with updates and practice, and take what you’ve learned to online fights.

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