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Perfecting Ground Elbows in UFC 4: A Fighter’s Tutorial

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to throw ground elbows ufc 4

Welcome to the definitive guide on nailing ground elbows in UFC 4. If you wish to improve your fighting game and triumph over others, learning how to execute ground elbows is a must. This tutorial for fighters will share important advice and strategies to make the most of this technique. Without further ado, let’s explore ground elbows and learn how to step up your UFC 4 skills.

Mastering the Timing and Execution

To throw ground elbows well in UFC 4, timing and execution are key. You start by holding LB or L1 and then push the Right Stick where your opponent is. Picking the right moment is critical. Ground elbows can stop straight punches and kicks if done right.

When you start the ground elbows in UFC 4, your opponent is open to attacks like hooks and kicks. This is your chance to cause a lot of damage. But, getting your timing right is crucial.

By practising ground elbows in the game’s modes, you can get better. You’ll get to know the move’s unique timing. Keep practising the timing to get the rhythm. This will help you fit ground elbows into your fighting plan smoothly.

Timing and execution are vital for making the most of ground elbows in UFC 4. Master them, and you can use powerful moves to get ahead of your opponents.

Optimal Timing and Strategy

Choosing the right moment to use ground elbows is very important. Factors like how your opponent moves, when they’re open, and how you can counter, affect your timing. If you pay attention to these details, you can surprise your opponent with your ground elbows.

Patience is key when waiting for the right moment for a ground elbow. Don’t throw elbows randomly – this could make you an easy target. Study how your opponent fights to predict their moves. This way, your ground elbows will have a bigger impact.

Using Ground Elbows to Create Openings

Ground elbows in UFC 4 can set up other strikes, not just cause damage. For instance, using a ground elbow at the right time can break through your opponent’s defence. This leaves them open for a hook punch or a kick.

Strategically using ground elbows can start a powerful offensive. This can help you take control of the fight and win.

Timing and Execution Table

Technique Activation Action
Ground Elbows Hold LB or L1 Press Right Stick towards opponent

Countering Takedowns with Elbows

In UFC 4, mastering how to counter takedowns is key. Ground elbows can be your secret weapon. They are powerful and can change the outcome of a fight quickly.

Executing a counter takedown with ground elbows needs quick reactions. Press L2 and R2 (LT and RT on Xbox) and R1 (RB on Xbox) just before a takedown is attempted. This lets you reverse the move and dominate the fight.

It’s a great move against fighters who use lots of takedowns. Throw ground elbows at the right moment. This will mess up their plans and make them rethink their strategy.

Getting good at using ground elbows against takedowns takes practice. You must be good at reading your opponent. Predict when they’ll try a takedown. Stay sharp and quick to turn the fight in your favour.

“Ground elbows are a game-changer in UFC 4. By countering your opponent’s takedowns with these devastating strikes, you can take control of the fight and dictate the pace.”

Getting the timing right is everything when countering takedowns with ground elbows. Guess your opponent’s moves and counter at the perfect moment. With time and practice, your timing will improve. This makes you a really strong fighter in the Octagon.

Add this move to your fighting skill set. It helps keep the fight where you’re strong, on your feet. Train your instincts and timing. And you’ll be ready to use this counter perfectly in real combat situations.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Ground Elbows

Mastering ground elbows in UFC 4 is key to beating your foes. These attacks are powerful and can surprise your opponent. To use them well, focus on when you strike, where you are, and your plan.

Timing: A Key Element

Getting the timing right when you throw ground elbows is crucial. A well-timed hit can surprise your foe, making them more likely to get hurt. Learn how your opponent moves. This helps you strike at the perfect moment and get ahead.

Positioning for Impact

Where you and your opponent are on the ground matters a lot. Aim to be in the top mount position for the best strikes. This position lets you control the fight and hit harder. Choose your spot on the ground carefully to land strong and precise blows, making it hard for your opponent to fight back.

Strategic Game Plan

Having a good plan that includes ground elbows is crucial for UFC success. Know your strengths and weaknesses to use these moves well. Think about how ground elbows can help your fighting style. With a smart strategy, you can make the most of your ground elbow skills. This way, you’ll have a big edge over others in the Octagon.

Becoming great at ground elbows in UFC 4 takes time and effort. Focus on timing, where you and your opponent are, and a solid strategy. Use them as part of your game plan to stand out in the Octagon.

ground elbows UFC 4

Key Tips Benefits
  • Hone your timing by studying your opponent’s patterns and movements.
  • Position yourself in dominant ground positions to create openings for ground elbows.
  • Integrate ground elbows into your overall game plan strategically.
  • Catch your opponent off guard for devastating strikes.
  • Inflict maximum damage from dominant ground positions.
  • Gain a significant advantage over opponents with a strategic game plan.


Learning how to use ground elbows in UFC 4 is crucial for fighters who want to win. It’s all about the right timing and making your moves count. By mastering these skills, you can make this move your secret weapon.

Ground elbows are a great way to hurt your opponent and take control of the fight. With enough practice, you can be really good at using them. That means you can hit your target with power and skill.

When you throw your elbow matters a lot. Waiting for the perfect moment can surprise your opponent. This can help you change the course of the fight. Also, using elbows when someone tries to tackle you can protect you and give you an upper hand.

So, get ready to learn and become great at using ground elbows in UFC 4. With a solid plan and the right moves, you can reach the top in the game. Show everyone you’re a force to be feared.


How do I perform ground elbows in UFC 4?

To use ground elbows in UFC 4, first press LB or L1. Then, move the Right Stick towards your rival.

When should I use ground elbows?

Use ground elbows to block straight punches and kicks. They work well in short distances.

Can I follow up with other moves after executing ground elbows?

After using ground elbows, you can throw hooks and kick roundhouse. Mix them up to keep the pressure on.

How do I counter takedowns with elbows in UFC 4?

For takedown defense with elbows, hold L2 and R2. Add R1 before the opponent starts a takedown. This move will turn the takedown into your favor.

Is countering takedowns with elbows effective against takedown spammers?

Yes, using elbows against opponents who overuse takedowns is smart. It helps you take charge of the fight.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of ground elbows in UFC 4?

To make ground elbows work best, time your strikes well. Also, aim to be in top ground positions. Having a smart game plan is key.

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