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Ground Game Tactics: Throwing Elbows in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to throw elbows on the ground in ufc 4

Welcome to UFC 4, where the ground game is key. We’ll dive into using elbows in the clinch. It’s a smart move that can really help fighters. Whether you’re new or experienced, learning about this can boost your UFC 4 play dramatically.

Elbows on the ground can change the game. They’re powerful and can cause big damage. You can use different types of elbows to surprise your opponent. Knowing how to throw these can make you a much better player. They work best in tight spaces, like the clinch, where you’re close to your rival.

But it’s not just about throwing elbows. You need a plan. Use strategies like trapping your opponent or taking a good position. Doing this helps you hit your target better. These moves need practice, but they can really help you win in UFC 4.

Get ready and step into the octagon. Learn the right moves and you can do very well in UFC 4. Let’s explore more about using elbows in the game. Get ready to improve your game and aim for the top in UFC 4.

Types of Elbows in the Clinch

Fighters in UFC 4 can use various elbow strikes when close to their opponent. Each elbow strike has a special use and can help a fighter get the upper hand.

Horizontal Elbows

The horizontal elbow is a very strong elbow hit in the clinch. It can hit with a lot of power and can be from the front or back arm. This move is great for causing big harm, perhaps even ending the fight.

Uppercut Elbows

The uppercut elbow works well in the clinch too. It aims at the spot between the opponent’s hands. This makes it hard for them to defend. If it lands on the chin or jaw, it might knock the opponent out.

Reverse Upwards Elbow

The reverse upwards elbow is a sneaky move. It’s done with the back arm in a curve. Because it’s unexpected, it can shock and confuse the opponent, giving the user an advantage.

“Rambaa” Elbow

The “Rambaa” elbow is a special move by Rambaa Somdet for even situations. To use it, you drop the elbow right down on the opponent’s head or shoulder. It uses the fighter’s weight and gravity for a hard hit, and can unbalance the opponent.

Fighters need to know the right way to use each elbow in UFC 4. They must have the skill and timing to make these moves work well.

Type of Elbow Description
Horizontal Elbows A powerful strike thrown with either the lead or rear arm, capable of causing significant damage.
Uppercut Elbows An effective strike designed to exploit the gap between an opponent’s hands, targeting the chin or jaw.
Reverse Upwards Elbow A deceptive strike thrown with the rear arm, catching opponents off guard.
“Rambaa” Elbow A unique strike developed by Rambaa Somdet, effective in a fifty-fifty clinch situation, utilizing gravity and bodyweight to disrupt opponents.

Clinch Tactics and Strategies

In UFC 4, fighters use various tactics to apply elbows in the clinch effectively. Elbows in the clinch can change the game. They allow fighters to dominate their opponents.

In a clinch, fighters aim to trap their opponent’s hands to free up their elbows. This strategy prevents the opponent from defending, letting fighters land powerful blows. These moves can quickly shift the match in their favour.

Being pinned against the cage offers a chance for fighters to use elbows more effectively. The lack of space makes it hard for opponents to get away. This allows fighters to hit with strong elbow strikes, causing damage and lowering their opponent’s guard.

The steering wheel position is also a key strategy in the clinch. It lets fighters throw uppercuts, spearing, or “Rambaa” elbows. These moves are unexpected and can break through the opponent’s defence. They help change the fight’s direction in a moment.

A strong collar tie is another smart move. It involves grabbing the opponent’s collar tightly, which briefly blinds them. This creates a moment to land a powerful horizontal elbow. This deceptive move is effective and precise, adding to a fighter’s offensive tools.

Knowing these clinch tactics is vital for success in UFC 4’s ground game. Practising these moves is essential, focusing on technique and timing. Diligence and hard work will help fighters master the clinch, using elbows to overpower their opponents.

Clinch Tactics


Winning at the ground game in UFC 4 means you need to know how to throw elbows and use good clinch moves. You should practise different elbow techniques and understand how they work. This will help you throw powerful hits while in the clinch.

Strategic tactics with elbows are also key. For example, you can trap your opponent’s hands. Or, try the steering wheel position for better control. Using these methods can really push you ahead in the octagon.

So, work on these skills and make your clinch game better. Doing so will up your chances of winning in UFC 4. Face the challenge with bravery and conquer the ground game like a pro. Always remember, the power of the ground game is more in your elbows!


How important are elbows in the clinch game of UFC 4?

In UFC 4, elbows are key in the clinch game. They let fighters land powerful hits. These hits can cut or knock out their rivals.

What are the different types of elbow strikes in the clinch?

There are several types of elbow strikes fighters use in the clinch. These include horizontal elbows and uppercut elbows. Others are reverse upwards elbows and the “Rambaa” elbow, a unique move.

Can you provide some tips for employing elbows effectively in the clinch?

Here are some tips for using elbows well in the clinch. You can trap an opponent’s hands and then use slashing elbows. In the fifty-fifty clinch, try the steering wheel position for various elbow strikes.

Use a strong collar tie to distract opponents. Then, throw horizontal elbows for maximum impact.

Why is mastering the art of throwing elbows in the clinch important in UFC 4?

Mastering elbow strikes in the clinch really matters in UFC 4. It helps fighters do better in ground combat. This skill can give them a big edge over others.

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