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The Worst Fighters in UFC 4: Who to Avoid

by Marcin Wieclaw
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worst fighters in ufc 4

In UFC 4, some fighters have found it hard to succeed. For instance, Charlie Brenneman has struggled to win. Then, there’s Art Jimmerson who famously fought with just one glove.

The game’s star rating system tries to show which fighters are not so great. Yet, it’s not always spot on. Knowing who the worst are in UFC 4 can help players. It can make their game better and help them choose wisely for their next fight.

The Pre-Zuffa Punchlines

Before Zuffa came into the UFC picture, certain fighters found themselves as jokes. They struggled in the Octagon, including Art Jimmerson, Fred Ettish, Emmanuel Yarborough, Joe Son, and Jon Hess. Their unsuccessful bouts left a mark on UFC history.

In UFC 1, Art Jimmerson wore just one glove, making a bold statement. This move became a sign of his brief time in the spotlight.

Art Jimmerson’s choice showed he wasn’t ready for UFC 1.

Fred Ettish faced a tough loss in UFC 2, gaining a reputation to be avoided. His lack of prowess and nerves under pressure cemented his jokester status in early UFC days.

Emmanuel Yarborough, despite his heavyweight advantage, struggled in UFC 3. His lack of speed and skill held him back in the Octagon.

His size couldn’t make up for his poor agility and technique.

Joe Son’s UFC stint is remembered for his lack of skill, plus a dark past. His involvement in serious crimes dims his UFC legacy.

Jon Hess, although not defeated, was no fan favourite due to his actions. In UFC 5, he used dirty tactics like eye-gouging. This behaviour hurt his reputation as a professional fighter.


These fighters show the UFC’s growth through the Zuffa era. Though not successful, they’re part of UFC’s colourful history.

Next, we’ll explore stand-up combat in UFC 4 and its star rating system. Stay tuned.

The Stand-Up and Star Ratings System

UFC 4’s stand-up gameplay has seen great improvements. There’s better fighter movement and hits are more powerful. This makes fights look and feel more real. Landing strong hits is now more satisfying for players.

The star ratings system helps in choosing the best fighters. But it isn’t perfect. The one to five star ratings show how good a fighter is at striking, grappling, and their stamina. Remember, these stars don’t always show a fighter’s true skills.

Even if two fighters have the same star rating in standing up, they may play very differently. One might be better at combos or moving. When picking fighters, look beyond just their star ratings.

The Limitations of the Star Ratings System

The star system in UFC 4 is a simple way to see how good fighters are. But it can miss out on a fighter’s unique skills. Every fighter has something special that the star system might not show.

“The star ratings system gives a basic idea of a fighter’s skills. But it’s what you know about a fighter that helps you win.” – UFC 4 Game Developer

Trying out different fighters and tactics is key. Use the star system, but also get to know the fighters in detail. This mix of knowledge and experience will make you a better player.

Optimizing Stand-Up Skills

Getting good at standing up in UFC 4 takes practice and strategy. Try these tips:

  • Practice different strikes, like jabs and kicks.
  • Work on hitting at the right time to avoid getting hit back.
  • Use grappling when needed, like moving from striking to the ground game.
  • Learn how to change your strategy based on your opponent.

Improving your standing-up skills is vital. With the right approach, you can control the fight with accurate hits and clever combos.

The Star Ratings System: A Tool, Not the Sole Determinant

The star ratings are a helpful guide. But they shouldn’t be the only thing you look at. They just give a basic idea of a fighter’s skills.

It’s important to do your homework on fighters. Watch real UFC fights to see what fighters are good at. This extra info will help you pick fighters that match how you like to play. It can increase your chances of winning.

Knowing the game mechanics and using the star ratings as part of your research will help you play better. Smart decisions, based on a mix of knowledge, will make your UFC 4 experience great.

The Career Mode and Conclusion

UFC 4’s career mode takes a big step forward from the past. It offers players a game that feels real and full of action. Here, you can make your fighters better through fights. This lets you grow your UFC fighter naturally.

The game isn’t perfect. It has extras like vanity items. Unfortunately, it’s missing the beloved Pride Mode. But, the game is still great. It’s fun, especially when fighting on your feet. This makes the fights more real.

When you play the career mode, you learn a lot. You learn who the best and the not so good fighters are. With this knowledge, you can pick smartly who to fight next. This makes you a stronger player in the game.


Who are the worst fighters in UFC 4?

The worst fighters in UFC 4 struggled to win in the Octagon. This includes Charlie Brenneman, Art Jimmerson, and Fred Ettish. Emmanuel Yarborough, Joe Son, and Jon Hess also face this title.

How can the star ratings system in UFC 4 help players?

The star ratings help players know which fighters to avoid. This way, players can focus on better fighters. They can make smarter choices for their next fight.

Do star ratings always accurately reflect a fighter’s abilities?

The star ratings aren’t always spot-on in showing fighter skills. Sometimes, fighters with similar ratings show different abilities. This can surprise players during matches.

What is the highlight of UFC 4’s stand-up gameplay?

UFC 4 shines in its stand-up fighting. Now, fighter movement is smoother and strikes hit harder. This gives a very real feel to fights.

What improvements can be seen in UFC 4’s career mode?

UFC 4’s career mode lets players grow their fighter skills as they fight. They can level up in real-time. This mode also lets players learn about opponents and climb rankings.

Are there any flaws in UFC 4?

UFC 4 does have some issues like the focus on vanity items and no Pride Mode. Despite these flaws, it offers gameplay that draws players in.

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