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The Complete List of UFC 4 Codes: Unlockables and Secrets

by Marcin Wieclaw
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UFC 4 is the newest game in the MMA series, full of unlockables and secrets. It gives fans exciting content, characters, and bonuses. If you love MMA, there’s plenty here for you.

Our article offers a complete UFC 4 code list and tips for using them well. You can unlock famous fighters, get better at Career mode, and find hidden secrets. We’ve got everything you need.

Finding new characters is fun in UFC 4, especially with legendary fighters available at the start. Pre-ordering lets you play as Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie. They bring their special skills to make the game more fun.

To use them in Career mode, prove your worth and enter the Hall of Fame. Only then can you play as these fighting legends. Aim high and earn the chance to fight as these heroes.

Stamina is key to winning in UFC 4. Each weight class has a stamina limit, so keep an eye on it. Good stamina management gives you an advantage. Mix powerful moves with careful energy use to beat your rivals.

In Career mode, improving your fighter’s skills is crucial. Focus on submissions, movement, and takedowns over flashy moves. Winning in UFC 4 is about strategy, not how many moves you know. Be smart in how you upgrade your fighter.

Success in UFC 4 comes from mastering the game’s strategies and mechanics. Practice your moves in the practice modes. Use the lead jab to set up big attacks and move to avoid hits. These tactics can help you become a champ.

Using good combos and managing stamina well will help you win. Watch your opponent’s moves to find openings. By following our advice, you can increase your chances of victory in UFC 4. Be the champion you aspire to be.

Enter the world of UFC 4 and explore its vast content. Use the codes and tips we’ve given to enhance your experience. Whether you’re new or experienced, becoming an MMA legend in UFC 4 is within reach.

Unlockable Characters and Pre-Order Bonuses

By pre-ordering UFC 4, you open up a door to legends in the martial arts world. You get two special fighters, Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie, up front. They’re ready to fight in the game just as you start.

But there’s more to it. Ordering early also gets you extra stuff. Like cool gear, unique looks, and perks to make you better in the game. This enhances how you play and helps you shine in the ring.

Yet, you can still get Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie without pre-ordering. You’d need to really show your skills. Beat Career mode on Pro and enter the Hall of Fame. Then, you can play as these martial arts greats.

This makes the game more challenging and rewarding. It motivates you to improve and reach higher. So, whether you pre-order UFC 4 or take the legendary journey, you’ll find cool rewards for your dedication and love of the sport.

Maximizing Stamina and Evolution Points

Stamina is key for your fighter in UFC 4. It lets them stay in top shape for longer during a fight. More stamina means they can hit hard, defend better, and not get tired quickly.

Each UFC 4 weight class has a set limit on stamina points. For example, Heavyweights can reach up to 65 points, while Flyweights can go up to 100. You must keep an eye on this and use your stamina wisely to last well in fights.

In the Career mode, Evolution points help boost your fighter’s abilities and skills. Using these points right is important. It’s better to improve existing skills than to buy new moves. Focus on getting better at submissions, moving well, and taking down opponents.

Focusing on these areas can really improve your fighter’s game. Submissions are great for controlling the fight. Moving well helps you dodge hits and counter well. Good takedowns get you into better positions for winning, whether on the ground or with more submissions.

Avoid getting distracted by fancy moves. The smart choice is to use points that will actually help you win fights. Think carefully about how to use your Evolution points to get ahead of tough opponents.

Winning isn’t just about having lots of moves. It’s also about using them wisely against your opponent’s weak spots. If you handle your stamina and Evolution points smartly, you can rule the fights in UFC 4.

UFC 4 stamina points and evolution points

Tips for Success in UFC 4

Want to be a champ in UFC 4? Practice is key. Use training modes to learn the game’s ins and outs. Master the jab and add in powerful hits. This sets you up to deal big damage. And, moving side to side keeps you safe from enemy strikes.

Knowing the right combos and keeping an eye on your stamina is vital. Choose when to attack wisely and keep your energy up. A strong game plan is what sets winners apart.

With these tips, your UFC 4 game will level up. So, get in the ring, show your skills, and go for gold in the mixed martial arts world!


What are the codes for unlocking special content and secrets in UFC 4?

UFC 4 lets players use different codes to get special stuff and secrets. These codes unlock pre-order bonuses, new players, and help in Career mode. You can find a full list of these codes below.

How do I unlock Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie in UFC 4?

Get UFC 4 early by pre-ordering. Then, you can play as Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie straight away. If you beat Career mode on Pro and make it to the Hall of Fame, you’ll also unlock them.

What is the importance of stamina in UFC 4?

Stamina matters a lot in UFC 4. Each weight class from Heavyweight to Flyweight has different stamina limits. You should manage your fighter’s stamina carefully during fights to do your best.

How should I prioritize my Evolution points in Career mode?

When playing Career mode, focus on making submissions, movement, and takedowns better first. It’s better to improve your chances of winning than to get new flashy moves. This approach helps you progress in the game.

What tips can enhance my gameplay experience in UFC 4?

Practise with the game’s modes to understand it better. Use the lead jab and follow with strong hits to catch your rival off-guard. Moving carefully sideways helps dodge hits and set up your strikes.

This also includes managing your stamina well. Wait for the right moment to strike. Doing this can help you win more often.

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