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Bruce Buffer in UFC 4: Behind the Iconic Voice

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Bruce Buffer is the legendary voice of UFC. For over 25 years, he has made every event exciting with his calls. He has become a symbol of the UFC, known by fight fans everywhere.

Buffer’s voice brings more than just words to the Octagon. It’s full of excitement, getting everyone ready for the fight ahead. His energy makes every fighter’s entrance special and intense.

“It’s time!” is his famous line that kicks off each bout. But Buffer is more than his catchphrase. He’s a big part of what makes the UFC special. His skill, passion, and dedication shine through every time he speaks.

Let’s look at Bruce Buffer’s story. From his start to becoming the UFC’s voice, his love for fighting is clear. He’s a key part of making UFC events so thrilling.

The Journey to the Octagon: From Friends Cameo to Dream Job

Bruce Buffer’s journey to the UFC’s octagon started uniquely. It began with a quick appearance on Friends, the popular sitcom, in 1997. This chance led him to his ultimate goal: being the UFC’s voice.

“Friends opened a huge door for me,” Buffer reflects. “It showcased my announcing charms. Back then, little did I realise this sneak peek was my big break.”

After his stint on Friends, Buffer convinced UFC’s owner to hire him as the official announcer. Myer saw Buffer’s zeal and talent, and he decided to give him the job.

“I made a strong pitch to Robert, explaining why I was perfect,” Buffer shares. “I aimed to add more excitement to the UFC. Luckily, Robert saw my vision.”

Buffer’s octagon debut was at UFC 13, marking a key point in his professional life. His famous “It’s time!” line started a tradition that both built excitement and thrilled fans globally.

“‘It’s time!’ was born as a simple fight starter signal,” Buffer tells. “But it turned into a symbol. It represents my UFC journey in a unique way.”

As Buffer announced more events, his infectious energy and signature persona made him a favourite among fans. He became an essential part of the UFC’s identity.

Bruce Buffer’s Friends Cameo

Buffer’s quick scene on Friends, in the episode “The One with the Ring”, was unforgettable. He played himself, announcing a charity fight between the show’s Joey and another boxer.

His charm and voice instantly drew people in. This left a strong mark on both Friends’ and UFC’s fans worldwide.

Friends Cameo Impact
Episode: “The One with the Ring” Gained recognition outside combat sports
Announced Joey’s charity boxing match Expanded Buffer’s fan base
Showcased Buffer’s charisma and voice Increased interest in his announcing career

The Man Behind the Voice: Bruce Buffer’s Martial Arts Background

Bruce Buffer, known as the UFC’s lively announcer, is more than his captivating voice. His martial arts journey has deeply influenced his career in the combat sports world.

He fell in love with martial arts as a teen, starting judo when he was thirteen years old. His hard work got him a green belt, showing his early talent.

His path changed when he met Chuck Norris’s students in California. He then began practicing Tang Soo Do where his true passion lay. Buffer’s dedication saw him achieving a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

Buffer also engaged in kickboxing but had to quit when he faced another concussion at 32. He chose to focus on safety.

“My martial arts background has been an integral part of shaping who I am today. It has taught me discipline, respect, and the importance of perseverance,” says Bruce Buffer.

His expertise in martial arts enhances his work as a UFC announcer. He uniquely understands the fighters’ commitment, skill, and effort.

Bruce Buffer is more than an announcer; he stands for the values of martial arts. He embodies discipline, respect, and a deep love for the sport.

Bruce Buffer’s Martial Arts Background

Art Rank
Judo Green belt
Tang Soo Do Second degree black belt
Kickboxing Experienced practitioner

Bruce Buffer martial arts background


Bruce Buffer is key to the UFC, captivating fans globally with his unique voice. He energizes the crowd with his calls, making every fight more thrilling. His path to the octagon shows his grit and charm.

Besides his mesmerising tones, Buffer deeply loves combat sports. Skills in Tang Soo Do, judo, and kickboxing give him insight into fighters and the game. His voice is linked with excitement and high standards at any UFC event, making him a legend.


How long has Bruce Buffer been associated with the UFC?

Bruce Buffer has been with the UFC for around 25 years.

What is Bruce Buffer known for?

He’s known for exciting intros and his special calls at the UFC as the official announcer.

How did Bruce Buffer become the voice of the UFC?

His career took off after a Friends episode in 1997. This led to his dream job as the octagon announcer.

What is Bruce Buffer’s iconic catchphrase?

His classic line is “It’s time!”, known by many in the UFC world.

What is Bruce Buffer’s background in martial arts?

He started judo at thirteen and got to green belt. Then, he moved to Tang Soo Do, where he’s a second-degree black belt. He knows kickboxing too.

Why did Bruce Buffer have to give up kickboxing?

He stopped kickboxing after a second concussion at 32.

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