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Selecting the Best Stances in UFC 4 for Your Fighting Style

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Finding the right stance in UFC 4 can unlock your fighting style. It helps you dominate the virtual octagon. The stances affect how you strike, grapple, and move. Choosing the best stances for your fighting style is crucial.

This article shows you the stances in UFC 4 and how they fit different players. Whether you love striking or want a balanced game, knowing each stance’s details is key.

Let’s first admire UFC 4’s realism. It brings real-life fighters to your screen accurately. You get to use their skills and strengths in the game.

Next, we’ll spotlight the proven stances in UFC 4. For example, explore Andrei Arlovski’s power to Nate Diaz’s intense pressure. Each stance has its benefits, helping various players.

In the future, we’ll also look at MMA stances and their game impact. Whether it’s the normal or unique stances, you will learn impactful details.

Join us in finding the best stances in UFC 4. Let’s prepare to take over the virtual fighting ground. Are you ready to reach your peak in UFC 4?

Practical Stances in UFC 4

In UFC 4, knowing your fighting stance is key. The game has lots of real-life fighting stances for you to pick from. Choosing the right one can help you fight better in the game.

The Andrei Arlovski stance is great for mixing striking and grappling. It keeps your fighting balanced between attacking and defending. Many players like this stance for its all-round skills.

Alistair Overeem’s stance is good if you love strong hits and working close to your opponent. It lets you use powerful strikes and controlling moves up close. People who like to mix different strikes and grappling love this stance.

Nate Diaz’s stance is about not giving your opponent a break. It lets you stay on top of them with constant strikes. It also focuses on winning through submission moves.

If you want to be good at both attack and defence, try the Jon Jones stance. It’s inspired by a famous champion and is about using long-range strikes, clever footwork, and smart takedowns. It’s great for controlling the fight with skill.

Eddie Alvarez’s stance is very aggressive. It’s great if you want to be right in your opponent’s face, hitting them hard. It focuses on strong boxing and kicks, perfect for those who like to keep the pressure up.

The Ovince Saint Preux stance is a bit unusual. It lets you use moves that your opponent won’t expect. This includes creative hits and unusual ways to make them give up. It’s exciting for players who love surprising their opponents.

Lastly, the Henry Cejudo stance combines power, speed, and technique. It mixes strong wrestling with good striking and controlling moves. It’s an all-round stance for those who want to show they can do everything well in the fight.

These stances in UFC 4 mirror actual fighters’ unique styles. They give players a real fighting feel in the game. By choosing stances that match how they like to fight, players can do really well and enjoy thrilling fights.

With many stances to select from, you can personalise your fighter’s style to fit you. If you like being versatile like Andrei Arlovski or powerful like Alistair Overeem, there’s a stance for you. UFC 4 lets players explore a wide range of fighting styles.

Practical Stances in UFC 4

Fighter Stance Key Features
Andrei Arlovski Versatile Balanced offense and defense, striking, grappling
Alistair Overeem Striker Devastating strikes, clinch work
Nate Diaz Pressure/Submission Relentless pressure, volume striking, submissions
Jon Jones Long-Range Precision striking, footwork, takedowns
Eddie Alvarez Boxer Aggressive boxing, leg kicks
Ovince Saint Preux Unorthodox Unpredictable strikes, creative submissions, athleticism
Henry Cejudo Well-Rounded Wrestling, striking, clinch work

Understanding Different Stances in MMA

Getting good at MMA needs a diverse skill set. Knowing about stances is key. They improve a fighter’s game in the ring.

MMA fighters pick between orthodox and unorthodox (southpaw) stances. This depends on their leading hand. In the orthodox stance, the left foot is forward. The left hand leads. And the unorthodox has the right foot forward. The lead hand is the right. Both approaches have their ups and downs.

The orthodox stance is usual in MMA. It gives you more stable movements. It’s great for preventing leg kicks. And you can throw harder punches with your leading hand.

The unorthodox or southpaw stance is a bit different. It might catch your opponent off-guard. You can land powerful punches with your strong hand by being in this stance.

Besides these two, there are more stances worth noting in MMA. They offer unique benefits to fighters. Let’s look at a few of them.

Counter-Striker Stance

Fighters who are good at defence often choose the counter-striker stance. It’s all about waiting for the right moment to hit back. They keep their front hand low. Their back hand stays near their face. This helps them quickly block or strike back.

Classic Muay Thai Style

The classic Muay Thai stance focuses on powerful kicks and strikes. This style stands out with a lead leg angled slightly out. This prepares them for strong kicks. Their rear hand is high for a better defence.

Grappling Stance

The grappling stance is for ground experts. It’s great for wrestlers and submission specialists. They lower their centre of gravity and widen their stance. This helps them in grappling moves.

Learning various stances helps fighters against different styles. Mixing disciplines like Muay Thai and BJJ is key. It makes for a well-rounded fighter.

Grappling in MMA

Stance Advantages Disadvantages
Orthodox Stable, defends against leg kicks, strong punches with top hand Can be expected, less flexibility with the lead hand
Unorthodox (Southpaw) Surprise factor, strong punches with the top hand Not so usual, leg kicks aim for the forward leg
Counter-Striker Dominant in counter-attacks, sharp in defence Need for precise timing, defensive skill must be top-notch
Classic Muay Thai Style Devastating strikes, durable defensive capabilities Open to takedowns, not as versatile in boxing
Grappling Better stability, more control in close combat Lacks in striking, open to distance strikes


In UFC 4, your stance matters a lot. It affects how you fight and how well you perform. By picking the right stance, players can make their fighter stronger. This helps them win more often.

You can choose a stance from real fighters like Andrei Arlovski, Alistair Overeem, or Nate Diaz. Or you can learn about different stances in MMA. This knowledge can really improve your game.

Being great at UFC 4 means trying out many stances. You should see which ones work best for you. This way, you can beat your rivals easier.

There are many stances to try, like counter-striking, Muay Thai, or grappling. Remember, the right stance can change everything in UFC 4. Face the challenge and find the stance that fits your style. Then, take over the octagon.


How important is the fighter’s stance in UFC 4?

The fighter’s stance is key in showing their fighting style and improving their game.

Which stances are considered practical in UFC 4?

Practical stances in UFC 4 are used by fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Jon Jones. Others include Alistair Overeem, Nate Diaz, and more.

Why is understanding different stances in MMA important in UFC 4?

Knowing various stances in MMA helps players become more skilled. It also improves their virtual fighter’s performance in the game.

How can players select the best stances suited to their preferences and strengths in UFC 4?

To find the best stances, players should try different ones. This helps them see which ones suit their style and strength.

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