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Mastering the Best Stances in UFC 4 for Every Fight Situation

by Marcin Wieclaw
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In UFC 4, choosing the right stance is key. It affects how you strike, grapple, move, and fight overall. To beat your opponents, knowing the top stances in UFC 4 is a must. This guide will give you tips on each stance to help you win.

Find out which stances work best for different players in UFC 4. Each stance has its own benefits. Knowing these can make you a better fighter in the game’s arena. This guide will teach you how to be great, whether you like to strike, grapple, or do both.

The Top Stances in UFC 4

In UFC 4, picking the right fighting stance is key for every fighter. Each stance has its own benefits, changing how you fight in the octagon. Let’s check out the best stances in UFC 4 and how they fit different combat styles.

1. Andrei Arlovski Stance

The Andrei Arlovski stance suits those good at both striking and grappling. It’s great against fighters who are weaker at wrestling. You can control the ground and hit hard at the same time.

2. Alistair Overeem Stance

Prefer power punches and strong boxing? The Alistair Overeem stance, especially for southpaws, is your best bet. It lets you use your boxing skills to dominate and land big strikes.

3. Nate Diaz Stance

For those loving to move around, the Nate Diaz stance offers great evasiveness. It’s ideal if you rely on quick footwork and lean to avoid hits and hit back.

4. Jon Jones Stance

The Jon Jones stance is very versatile, perfect for mixing punches and kicks. It’s great for keeping opponents at a distance while landing precise and powerful blows.

5. Eddie Alvarez Stance

Are you a pressure fighter? The Eddie Alvarez stance is made for you. It lets you throw rapid boxing combos and keep going strong, pressuring your foes without stopping.

6. Ovince Saint Preux Stance

The Ovince Saint Preux stance, made popular by Israel Adesanya, is ideal for kickboxers. It keeps the opposition off balance with a variety of strikes and keeps the attack constant.

7. Henry Cejudo Stance

If balance is what you seek, the Henry Cejudo stance is a top choice. It allows for a smooth switch between striking and grappling, fitting well for any scenario.

Getting these top stances down in UFC 4 boosts your chance of winning. Each stance has its own strengths, matching different fighting methods. Pick the stance that matches how you like to play, and bring your best game to the octagon!

The Importance of Stances and How They Impact Fighting Style in UFC 4

In UFC 4, picking the right stance is key. Your stance affects not just your look but also how you fight. It’s vital to understand how different stances can change your game in UFC 4.

A high-handed stance benefits strikers. It lets you aim for specific spots, with a guard to defend yourself. For grapplers, lower hands might be better. This prepares them for ground battles and takedowns.

Choosing a stance also impacts how you move in the octagon. Some stances help you dodge hits better, or set up for takedowns quickly. Others keep you steady, making it tough for foes to bring you to the ground.

A balanced stance is crucial. It lets you switch smoothly between striking and grappling, adjusting to any fight. With a well-balanced stance, you can keep your rivals off guard and react effectively to their tactics.

“Stances are the foundation of your fighting style in UFC 4. They dictate how you move, strike, and grapple, ultimately shaping your overall approach in the octagon.” – UFC Champion

Grasping the significance of stances is vital for UFC 4 success. Experiment with various stances to understand them better. With the right stance, you can unlock your full potential and triumph in every fight scenario in UFC 4.

impact on fighting style


Learning the best stances in UFC 4 is key to winning the game. Each stance has its own benefits. They match various fighting techniques.

It’s important to know what each stance does. This helps players pick the right strategy. Finding the perfect stance improves your game in UFC 4.

Take on the UFC 4 stance challenge. Try out different stances and see which works for you. Be like your favourite fighters. Use their moves to stand out in the game. Mastering stances is your first step to being a UFC 4 star.


What role do stances play in UFC 4?

Stances in UFC 4 are vital. They define a fighter’s style and how good they are. These poses affect how they strike, grapple, and move.

Which fighters have the top stances in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, great stances belong to fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem. Nate Diaz and Jon Jones also stand out. Eddie Alvarez, Ovince Saint Preux, and Henry Cejudo have strong stances too.

What are the advantages of Andrei Arlovski’s stance in UFC 4?

Arlovski’s stance mixes hitting and grappling well. It’s especially good against those who grapple less strong.

How is Alistair Overeem’s stance suitable for power punches in UFC 4?

Overeem’s pose is great for throwing powerful punches, good for left-handed boxers.

What makes Nate Diaz’s stance great for boxers in UFC 4?

Diaz’s posture suits boxers who move a lot to avoid hits. It’s good for people who dodge punches.

How versatile is Jon Jones’s stance in UFC 4?

Jones’s stance is very versatile. It mixes well with both punches and kicks in tactical fighting from a distance.

What advantages does Eddie Alvarez’s stance offer in UFC 4?

Alvarez’s stance is great for boxers who like to push forward. It allows quick boxing and keeps up stamina.

Why is Ovince Saint Preux’s stance perfect for kickboxers in UFC 4?

Saint Preux’s pose, used by Adesanya, suits kickboxers well. It allows many kinds of strikes and confuses opponents.

How does Henry Cejudo’s stance complement a balanced fighting style in UFC 4?

Cejudo’s stance is perfect for mixing hits and grappling evenly.

How do stances impact a fighter’s style and approach in UFC 4?

Stances shape how fighters move, hit, and grapple in UFC 4. They are key to creating an effective style.

Why is mastering the best stances in UFC 4 important?

Knowing the best stances is key to winning in UFC 4. Each pose gives special advantages, fitting different fighting styles.

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