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The Best Boxing Stances in UFC 4 and How to Use Them

by Marcin Wieclaw
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In UFC 4, what stance you pick really matters. Players get to pick from lots of real fighter stances. Some are great for hitting, while others help with wrestling.

Understanding the best stances in UFC 4 is key. We’ll look at the top stances and how to use them. This way, you can fight better in the game.

Picking the perfect stance can help you win. It lets you hit hard, dodge hits, and control the fight. There’s a stance for everyone, from punchers to wrestlers or all-rounders.

Now, let’s check out UFC 4’s top boxing stances. We’ll see what the pros like Andrei Arlovski and Jon Jones use. These stances can really improve your game.

The Top Boxing Stances in UFC 4

In UFC 4, choosing the right boxing stance is key to winning. Each stance has its benefits, matching different ways of playing. Let’s look at the best boxing stances in UFC 4. They will help you improve your game.

  1. Henry Cejudo: Henry Cejudo has the best all-around stance in UFC 4. It’s great for both striking and grappling. With this stance, you can fight up close or keep your distance, whatever works best for you.
  2. Ovince Saint Preux: This stance, similar to Israel Adesanya’s, is ideal for kickboxers. It lets you use many strikes to keep your opponent off balance. It’s all about breaking defences with variety.
  3. Eddie Alvarez: Eddie Alvarez’s stance is for fighters who like to pressure their opponents. It’s perfect for quick boxing combos. With this stance, you can tire out your opponent while scoring points.
  4. Jon Jones: Jon Jones’s stance is great if you prefer keeping your distance from your opponent. This stance frustrates rivals by allowing you to attack from unusual angles. It’s a strong choice for distance fighters.
  5. Nate Diaz: Nate Diaz’s stance focuses on movement and agility. It’s ideal for dodging hits and landing hard counter punches. With this stance, you can move around opponents with ease.
  6. Alistair Overeem: Alistair Overeem’s stance is for those who want to hit hard and accurately. It offers powerful punches and precise strikes. Your opponents won’t know what hit them.
  7. Andrei Arlovski: Andrei Arlovski combines striking and wrestling. It lets you switch smoothly from strikes to grapples and back. This keeps your opponent surprised and off guard.

These top stances will help you rule the virtual UFC 4 octagon. Try out different stances to see what fits your style. Choosing the right stance is the first step to victory in UFC 4. Who will you fight as in the virtual UFC world?


Finding the best boxing stance in UFC 4 is crucial for winning. This article shows top stances, each with its own strengths. Try them out to see which fits your style best.

After picking your stance, practice hard to perfect it. Knowing your stance well helps you beat your opponents easily.

So, make your choice now. Pick the right boxing stance in UFC 4 and unlock your full power in the ring. Your stance will help you land strong hits and complex moves, leading you to victory. Enjoy boxing and bring out the best in you!


What is the importance of choosing the right boxing stance in UFC 4?

Picking the right boxing stance in UFC 4 is key to winning. The stance affects how you fight. So, it’s critical to choose the one that fits your style best.

What are the advantages of the top boxing stances in UFC 4?

This article shows the top stances offer different benefits. They match certain fighting styles like striking or grappling. This includes styles for those who fight up close or from a distance.

What makes the Alistair Overeem stance powerful?

The Alistair Overeem stance is strong for strikers and kickboxers. It lets you throw powerful punches and be accurate. Aim to hit hard and be precise to tire out your opponent.

How can I maximize the Nate Diaz stance’s movement and footwork?

The Nate Diaz stance is for fighters who move a lot. It helps you dodge strikes and land hard hits. Move constantly and use your feet to find open shots.

What is the key to using the Jon Jones stance effectively?

The Jon Jones stance works for fighters who stay far away and surprise their opponents. Use its long reach to your advantage. Throw unusual strikes to keep the other fighter unsure.

How should I approach using the Eddie Alvarez stance?

The Eddie Alvarez stance is for those who like to push forward. It uses fast punches to break down the opponent. Keep moving towards your opponent, attack fast, and move your head to avoid hits.

What makes the Ovince Saint Preux stance great for kickboxers?

The Ovince Saint Preux stance, used by Israel Adesanya, is perfect for those who kickbox. It confuses the opponent with various strikes. Use a mix of punches and kicks. This keeps your opponent guessing.

Why is the Henry Cejudo stance considered the best overall stance in UFC 4?

The Henry Cejudo stance offers a balanced mix of striking and grappling. It’s seen as the best all-round stance. Be good at both striking and grappling. This lets you control the fight better.

How can I find the boxing stance that best complements my preferred fighting style?

Choose the stance that suits how you like to fight by trying many stances. Use the ones based on real fighters to see what fits. Then, stick to the one that feels right and practice with it.

How can mastering my chosen boxing stance give me a competitive edge in UFC 4?

Becoming great with your chosen stance makes you a better fighter. You’ll learn how to use your stance well and predict your opponent’s moves. This means you’ll fight smarter and do better in the game.

What is the best way to approach selecting a boxing stance in UFC 4?

Think about how you like to fight when picking a stance. Try different stances and pick the one that matches your style best. Learn everything about that stance to be ready for any fight.

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