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Executing the Best Combos on UFC 4 for PS4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best combos ufc 4 ps4

UFC 4 on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a favourite fighting game for many. It features various fighters with their own styles and moves. To win, you need to learn the best ways to combine these moves. This is key to success in the game, whether you play alone or against others.

In UFC 4, you can use intense punches and kicks to win. By mastering certain combos, you can outsmart your opponents. This guide will focus on the most effective punching and Muay Thai moves. They’ll help you become a true champion in the UFC’s virtual world.

Best Punching Combos on UFC 4 for PS4

UFC 4 on the PS4 is all about perfecting your punch combos. These right mixes can lead you to victory by outplaying your opponent. Let’s dive into some top punching combos that work wonders in the game:

  1. Jab, Straight, Cross: It’s a simple yet powerful one-two-three. Begin with a quick jab, then hit with a straight, and finally cross for a strong finish.
  2. Lead Hook, Rear Upper Hook: Surprise your opponent with a lead hook, then quickly strike with a rear upper hook. This can really shake them up.
  3. Uppercut, Cross: When you’re in close, use the uppercut-cross move. Start with an uppercut and then a cross to continue the attack.
  4. Lead Hook, Cross, Uppercut: For an aggressive approach, start with a hook, then a cross, and finish with an uppercut. It keeps your opponent on their toes.

In UFC 4, getting your timing and aim right is vital. Train with these combos to get them down perfectly. Once you do, you’ll have a strong set of moves to use against anyone.

Expert Tip:

Mix up your punches and add feints to stay unpredictable. This keeps your challenger guessing, giving you an edge.

Now, equipped with these UFC 4 punching combos, it’s time to enter the arena. Focus hard, stay quick, and keep honing your technique. With these combos, you’re closer to being a UFC champ in the gaming world.

Best Muay Thai Combos on UFC 4 for PS4

Mastering Muay Thai on UFC 4 lets you take your game to the next level. It gives you an edge over your rivals. By using the right techniques, you can hit hard. This leaves others shocked and struggling to fight back.

The lead elbow strike into a clinch and knee is a powerful combo. You surprise your foe with a lead elbow. Then, you quickly grab their head in a clinch. While holding them, hit them with strong knee strikes.

Try the teep kick then a roundhouse for another strong combo. Start with a teep kick to push them back and throw them off balance. Before they recover, land a heavy roundhouse kick on them. This move packs a punch and shows off your speed and accuracy.

The push kick and sweep combo is great against aggressive enemies. Push them back with a push kick. Then, make them fall by sweeping their legs as they step back. This technique helps you stay in control and puts your opponent on the back foot.


What is UFC 4?

UFC 4 is a top fighting game found on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console.

What does UFC 4 offer?

It comes packed with many fighters who have unique styles and special moves.

Why are punching combinations important in UFC 4?

Punching combos matter a lot in the game’s offline and online matches.

What are some of the best punching combos in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can use several powerful punching combos. These can do a lot of damage.

How can mastering Muay Thai combos help in UFC 4?

Mastering the top Muay Thai combos gives players an advantage.

What are some of the best Muay Thai combos to try in UFC 4?

Here are some top Muay Thai combos to experiment with in UFC 4.

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