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Identifying the Best Fighting Type for Success in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Ready to rule the UFC 4 octagon? Picking the perfect fighting type can be the key to triumph. Thanks to the new archetype system, you can now choose a style that matches how you like to play.

This article will focus on the top 5 archetypes in UFC 4. We’ll look at their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you pick the right one for you and boost your success chances.

Be it grappling experts or knockout kings, every style is covered. Ground and pound lovers as well as those who enjoy flashy wins will find their match.

Now, let’s look at the Vanguard archetype. It’s famous for its great grappling and submission defence. The Powerhouse archetype is all about hitting hard. The Sniper will surprise foes with precise strikes. And the Razor archetype takes on a Muay Thai style, using sharp kicks and knees.

By the end, you’ll know which fighting type is best for your style. Get ready to show your battle skills and win in UFC 4!

Vanguard – The Grappling Specialist

The Vanguard archetype in UFC 4 is a grappling-based class. It’s great at stand-up, grappling, and stopping submissions. Vanguard’s skills like “Nightmare” and “Craft” help improve defense in grappling and submissions. This makes it hard for foes to win by submission.

It suits players who love using grappling and like controlling fights on the ground. Vanguard’s strong moves, especially on the ground, help it stand out in the Octagon.

This class gives you many submission-based moves and skills. From arm bars to guillotines, Vanguard can use them all to make others tap out.

Yet, Vanguard might find it tough in stand-up fighting. Its main focus is defence against submissions and grappling. This means fighting smart when up against great strikers is a must.

In the end, Vanguard offers something special for fans of ground combat. It’s a class that’s all about grappling and winning by putting others in submissions. It gives players the fun of smartly beating their opponents on the ground.

Vanguard Archetype Strengths Weaknesses
Grapple-focused playstyle Effective stand-up and ground control Struggles in the stand-up game
Excels in grappling and submission defense Wide range of submission-based moves Requires a defensive playstyle

Notable Perks for Vanguard Archetype

  • Nightmare – Boosts defense in grappling
  • Craft – Enhances submission defense

Powerhouse – The Striking Powerhouse

The Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 is all about big punches. It’s perfect for fighters wanting to focus on hitting hard. It boosts your punch speed, accuracy, and lets you block better.

This build shines at countering strikes and pulling off impressive knockouts. Yet, it finds grappling tough. Opponents strong in grappling could be a real challenge.

Enhanced Striking Skills

This archetype turns you into a master of striking. You get quicker punches and hit your target dead-on with the “Fast Hands” perk. It makes you a strong force in the game when it comes to punching power.

What sets this archetype apart is its ability to ‘sway’. By moving your head and feet to the side, you can dodge hits. This creates chances to hit back with your own powerful blows.

Landing Flashy Knockouts

Players love this archetype for its bold knockouts. The unmatched strength in striking lets you pull off jaw-dropping punches. These skills are not just fun but also really satisfying to watch and play.

“The Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4 allows players to showcase their striking skills to the fullest, delivering flashy knockouts that leave opponents reeling.” – John Smith, UFC Analyst

Vulnerable to Skilled Grapplers

However, grappling experts can give Powerhouse users a hard time. They might take you down to the mat, where striking is less effective. To counter this, Powerhouse fighters need a good defence against grappling.

In general, the Powerhouse archetype is great for those who love striking in UFC 4. It’s packed with benefits for hitting hard, and the flashy knockouts are a bonus. Just remember, grappling-focused fighters might present a challenge.

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful strikes Vulnerable to skilled grapplers
Enhanced punch speed May struggle in close-quarters grappling
Pinpoint accuracy Requires a defensive approach against grappling-based opponents
Flashy knockouts

Sniper – The Precision Striker

The Sniper archetype in UFC 4 is all about precision and speed. It lets players use well-planned strikes to surprise their opponents. Focusing on quickness and hitting the target, Sniper builds make kicks faster and more powerful.

It’s great for those who like to play slow and smart. They wait for the perfect moment to hit. By countering the other player’s moves carefully, Snipers make their opponents slip up. Then they strike with precision to change the fight’s course.

“Precision is the key to success in the octagon. As a Sniper, you have the ability to read your opponent’s movements and execute precise strikes that leave them dazed and confused. Catching them off guard is your specialty, and the element of surprise can be a game-changer in the heat of battle.”

Mastering Precision Strikes

Snipers depend on being fast and accurate to win. They use special skills to make their kicks quicker and more targeted. This throws off their opponents and breaks their plans. This way of playing highlights timing and skill, giving Snipers ways to win through strategy.

Staying cool under pressure is key for Snipers. By staying patient and watching, they can guess what their rival will do. Then, they hit at just the right time. This approach needs a good understanding of what the other player usually does. This insight helps Snipers find and use their rival’s weak spots.

Sniper archetype

Key Strengths

Snipers are known for surprising moves that can change the fight’s path. They have several strengths because of their careful and well-timed style:

  • Unpredictability: By waiting for the best moment to act, Snipers can keep their rivals unsure and make chance for big strikes.
  • Striking Accuracy: Snipers are very good at hitting exactly where it hurts most, making their attacks very effective.
  • Tactical Awareness: They are quick at spotting their rival’s weak points, turning them into their own advantages.
  • Patience and Defense: The Sniper way focuses on defense and striking back. This helps in avoiding risky moves and prepare for the best times to hit.

Sniper Archetype Summary

For players into careful planning and seizing the right moment, Sniper is an exciting and thoughtful choice. Mastering precise hits keeps opponents guessing and helps Snipers win when the chance shows up.

Strengths Weaknesses
Accuracy Weak grappling defense
Counterattacking Requires patience and precise timing
Unpredictability May struggle against aggressive opponents

Razor – The Muay Thai Warrior

The Razor archetype in UFC 4 shows the fierce moves of Muay Thai. It’s all about powerful kicks and knees that can weaken rivals and bring stunning wins. Players with the Razor style get special abilities like “Crazy Legs” and “Razor Wire.” These boost their speed and aim in attacks.

This style includes standing knees, roundhouse kicks, and switch kicks. They help the Razor beat enemies in close fights. If you love strong, up-close combat, the Razor archetype is tailored for you.

With Muay Thai from the Razor archetype, players attack constantly. They aim at their rival’s body with hard kicks, breaking through defences. This style loves to deal damage and end fights with knockouts. It’s a great choice for those who like fights centered around striking.

Yet, the Razor may have a tough time against grapplers. Players need to watch out for takedowns and submission moves. The Razor style is mostly about striking, so it’s best to be strong there.

Choose the Razor archetype and master Muay Thai in UFC 4. Show off in the ring with your powerful kicks and knees. Make your rivals respect your superb striking skills.

  • Focuses on delivering devastating kicks and knees.
  • Enhanced speed and accuracy of standing knees, roundhouse kicks, and switch kicks.
  • Perfect for aggressive players who enjoy standing and exchanging strikes.
  • May struggle against opponents with strong grappling skills.


In UFC 4, the best fighting type is the one that suits you best. It depends on what you like to do in the game. For some, grappling and defence work well. For others, it’s all about hard hits. Some prefer precise moves or style with strong kicks and knees. Each type has its own benefits.

Choosing the right style for you is key to winning in UFC 4. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. Trying out different styles is important. This lets you see what makes you shine. Do you want to win on the ground, with big punches, smart moves, or powerful strikes?

Getting good at UFC 4 takes work and focus. Learn your style’s strengths well. Then, use these against your opponents. Being smart is just as important as being tough. Remember, your skills matter more than your fighting type. Use them wisely and you can win big. So, get ready, show what you’re made of, and rise in UFC 4.


What is the new archetype system in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the new archetype system lets players pick from different styles. These styles help improve their way of playing.

How many archetypes are there in UFC 4?

UFC 4 has many archetypes. Each one comes with its strengths and weaknesses, giving players various options.

What is the Vanguard archetype in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the Vanguard archetype focuses on grappling. It’s great at stand-up fights, grappling, and stopping submissions.

What perks does the Vanguard archetype have?

Vanguard’s perks include “Nightmare” and “Craft.” These help improve defense when grappling or trying to stop submissions.

What is the Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4?

The Powerhouse archetype is about boxing in UFC 4. It’s designed for opponents who aim to strike hard with their fists.

What perks does the Powerhouse archetype have?

Powerhouse comes with benefits like “Fast Hands” and “Bulldog.” They increase punch speed, precision, and the ability to block.

What is the Sniper archetype in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the Sniper archetype is known for its speed and accuracy. It focuses on well-aimed kicks and countering enemy shots.

What perks does the Sniper archetype have?

“Crazy Legs” and “Frontal Assault” are Sniper’s perks. They make kicks faster and more precise, improving the fighter’s skill in kicking.

What is the Razor archetype in UFC 4?

The Razor archetype adopts a Muay Thai approach in UFC 4. It specialises in powerful kicks and knee strikes.

What perks does the Razor archetype have?

Razor’s advantages include “Crazy Legs” and “Razor Wire.” They upgrade the speed and precision of standing knees, roundhouse kicks, and switch kicks.

Which archetype is the best fighting type in UFC 4?

The top fighting type in UFC 4 varies by player. The Vanguard, Powerhouse, Sniper, and Razor are all well-loved options depending on your style.

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