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Crafting the Best UFC 4 Build for Dominant Gameplay

by Lucas Grayson
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the best ufc 4 build

Ready to take on the virtual octagon in UFC 4? Crafting the best build for your style is key. You can be a well-rounded fighter or opt for flashy moves. The choice is yours, and it makes a big difference.

In UFC 4’s Create-a-Fighter mode, you pick from 12 archetypes. This ensures fair gameplay online and stops fighters from being too strong. Each one lets you play in your own way, making the game more competitive.

Choose the Top Dog archetype for a fighter who can handle any fight. This type focuses on defence and smart attacks. They have great boxing skills and heal fast. Your Top Dog fighter will be tough and hard to beat.

Want to fight with flair? Pick the Showboat archetype. It’s all about moving well and landing powerful hits. Use cool kicks and punches and dodge well. Your Showboat fighter will wow the crowd and be super agile.

Getting your UFC 4 build right is crucial. You need to know the archetypes well to make the best fighter for you. Experiment with builds like Top Dog or Showboat to find what works. This is how you really bring out your fighter’s potential.

Get ready for the octagon with your perfect UFC 4 build. With the right one, being a champ is possible. It’s your time to shine and show everyone your fighting skills in UFC 4.

Tips for Building a Versatile Fighter with the Top Dog Archetype

The Top Dog archetype in UFC 4 gives you a balanced fighter. This is great for being good at everything in the game. It focuses on being good at defense and picking the right shots. Players get a strong guard and quick recovery to block and counter well. They are also better at boxing and get more health back. With good defense, you can make a fighter that wins in many ways.

For a Top Dog fighter, focus on being defensive. Put your points in things like block, clinch defence, and moving well. This helps you avoid hits and stay strong.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” This line from Muhammad Ali sums up a Top Dog’s style. Use your fighter’s movement to not get hit and tire the other player. This helps you win the fight over time.

The Top Dog can heal faster than others. So, use this advantage to stay healthy by being a good defender. This means blocking and hitting back right to not get hurt much.

For the most versatile fighter, mix up your striking. Learn more than just boxing. Try kicks, elbows, and knees. This surprises your enemy and makes you ready for different fights.

To wrap up, the Top Dog archetype is key for a fighter that does well in every part of UFC 4. It’s about being good at defence, picking your shots, and being ready for anything. By using defence, moving well, and having many ways to hit, you’ll have a fighter that can beat anyone.

Unleash Flashy Strikes with the Showboat Archetype

The Showboat archetype in UFC 4 is ideal for those eager to flaunt their strike skills. It centres on constant movement and landing fight-ending hits through clever head moves. With this style, you can deliver deadly spinning kicks and accurate straight punches.

It enhances head movement, which is perfect for counterattacks. This not only looks great but is also powerful. By choosing this archetype and focusing on distant attacks, players can be the deadly whirlwind they imagine.

Key Features of the Showboat Archetype

This archetype in UFC 4 lets fighters impress with dazzling moves and tricky strategies. Its key points include:

  • Movement Mastery: Showboats are known for their quick moves and the ability to make strategic strikes.
  • Spinning Strikes: They excel in spinning kicks and elbows, capable of turning the fight around with devastating hits.
  • Head Movement: Their skill in dodging makes countering easier, adding a layer of defence to their style.

“The Showboat archetype lets you become a true showman in the cage. With lightning-fast spins and stylish strikes, you’ll leave your opponents in awe.” – UFC commentator

To make a great Showboat fighter, focus on making them quick and nimble. Choose a fighting style that works well with this archetype, like Kickboxing or Striking.

Showboat Archetype Ability

The Showboat archetype’s special trait is Fancy Footwork. It lets fighters quickly get close to their rivals. This is key for landing those eye-catching strikes with accuracy and style.

Ability Effect
Fancy Footwork Boosts agility and speed, helping the Showboat dodge hits and unleash quick combos.

In short, the Showboat archetype in UFC 4 lets you show off incredible strikes and catch rival’s eyes with an exciting fight style. From dynamic spinning moves to sharp counters, it’s all about both impressing and winning. For an unforgettable UFC 4 experience, the Showboat archetype is your top pick.


Finding the best UFC 4 build is key to being a top player. Knowing the different fighter types lets you make a fighter that fits how you like to play. You can pick from all-round fighters to those who show off a lot. Trying out various types and plans helps you get the best build for winning.


What changes have been made to the Create-a-Fighter mode in UFC 4?

Players no longer tweak every detail. Now, they pick from 12 archetypes. This keeps online play fair and stops fighters from being too strong. Archetypes increase variety and balance for fights between real and made-up fighters online. The system also makes creating fighters easier and offers more looks and items to choose from.

What is the Top Dog archetype in UFC 4?

The Top Dog archetype gives a well-rounded build. It focuses on defence and making smart moves. Players with this build have a good guard and can bounce back fast. They do best in boxing and recover health quicker than the opponent.

Can I showcase my striking skills in UFC 4?

Absolutely! Pick the Showboat archetype to show off your striking skills. This build is all about being quick and setting up big hits with clever movement. It lets you do dangerous kicks and accurate punches. The extra movement means you can make strong counters, making your fights look amazing and effective.

How important is crafting the best UFC 4 build?

Creating a strong UFC 4 build is key for winning. Knowing the different archetypes helps you tailor your fighter to your style. You can go for something versatile like Top Dog or flashy like Showboat. Trying out various archetypes and plans helps you discover your perfect build, giving you a top gaming experience.

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