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Johnny Walker in UFC 4: Breaking Down His Style

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Johnny Walker fights in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. He’s known for his strong punches and kicks. These include jump knees and backfists, making him a top contender in mixed martial arts.

Recent fights show Walker using a more careful strategy. This approach has had mixed results but shows versatility in his skills. His tall stature and long reach help him land powerful kicks and sneak in a check hook.

Walker likes to keep a distance where his kickboxing skills shine. Using kicks like round kicks and knee stomps, he keeps rivals away. He uses tricky moves to set up his attacks, making his opponents slip up and get caught.

While he is skilled in striking, Walker also excels in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This means he is good at ground fights too. But, his ability to defend against takedowns still needs work.

In spite of recent losses, Johnny Walker is still a strong fighter. His unique style and physical advantages make him a tough matchup for anyone in the Light Heavyweight division.

Johnny Walker’s Previous Fights and Career Progression

Johnny Walker is a Brazilian fighter in mixed martial arts. He started his professional career in December 2013. Since then, he has won ten fights and lost three. This shows his skill and how hard he works in MMA.

  1. In 2018, Walker took part in Dana White’s Contender Series Brazil. It’s a stage to win a place in the famous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He won against Henrique da Silva by unanimous decision. This win got him a contract with the UFC.
  2. His first UFC fight was in November 2018. He defeated Khalil Rountree Jr. in the first round. This great victory earned him the bonus for the Performance of the Night.
  3. Walker kept up his winning streak. He beat Justin Ledet and Misha Cirkunov, both by knockout. These wins also got him Performance of the Night bonuses. His strong hits made him stand out in the octagon.
  4. Unfortunately, in November 2019, he lost to Corey Anderson by knockout in the first round. But this didn’t stop him. He showed he’s tough and continued in the sport.
  5. He then lost to Nikita Krylov in March 2020, but turned things around in September. He knocked out Ryan Spann and won the bonus for Performance of the Night again.
  6. His career kept moving forward with victories over Ion Cutelaba, Paul Craig, and Anthony Smith. Beating Smith by unanimous decision proved his growth as a fighter.
  7. In a fight against Magomed Ankalaev, a knee strike resulted in a no-contest. They had a rematch. This time, Walker lost in the second round by knockout to Ankalaev.
  8. Now, Walker is getting ready to fight Volkan Oezdemir in June 2024. It’s a chance for him to show his progress and win in the UFC light heavyweight division.


Opponent Result Method Date
Khalil Rountree Jr. Win Knockout November 2018
Justin Ledet Win Knockout February 2019
Misha Cirkunov Win Knockout September 2019
Corey Anderson Loss Knockout November 2019
Nikita Krylov Loss Decision March 2020
Ryan Spann Win Knockout September 2020
Ion Cutelaba Win Knockout December 2020
Paul Craig Win Decision March 2021
Anthony Smith Win Decision July 2021
Magomed Ankalaev Loss Knockout March 2022


Johnny Walker is a top fighter in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. His career has seen many high points and some tough moments. He’s known for his powerful fighting style.

Recently, Walker has changed his approach to be more careful, using a variety of striking moves. He’s working on strategies that let him control the fight from a distance. He’s good at hitting opponents when they attack, in close combat, and on the ground.

Yet, he still struggles with wrestling and stopping takedowns. But, he’s very talented and a strong fighter in his category. If he keeps growing, he could stand with the best in the sport. It’s clear. He is a force to be reckoned with in the UFC.


Who is Johnny Walker?

Johnny Walker is a professional mixed martial artist. He competes in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

What is Johnny Walker’s career progression like?

He started his professional MMA career in December 2013. Since then, he’s won ten fights and lost three. Walker impressed Dana White and got a UFC contract by winning in Dana White’s Contender Series Brazil. He’s had big wins and challenging matches in the UFC since then.

Does Johnny Walker have any grappling skills?

Yes, Walker has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s good at both applying submission moves and turning the tables from the ground.

What are Johnny Walker’s areas of vulnerability?

Although he’s great at striking and grappling, Walker faces challenges in wrestling and takedown defence. These can be weak points in his fights.

Is Johnny Walker still a competitive fighter?

Even after some recent losses, Johnny Walker is still a force in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight category. He’s making his fighting approach more strategic. With this, he aims to be a top competitor in the division.

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