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Who is the Shortest Fighter in UFC 4? An Overview

by Marcin Wieclaw
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shortest fighter in ufc 4

The UFC is a top sports league where fighters face tough physical and mental hurdles. Being short doesn’t mean you can’t succeed there. Many fighters, even the shortest ones, have done very well.

In the UFC, Montserrat Ruiz is known for her toughness at just 5 feet tall. She fights in the straw-weight class. Hector Sandoval holds the title for the shortest male UFC fighter ever. There are others like Andrade and Nakai, who have excelled in their weight divisions despite their height.

Montserrat Ruiz – The Shortest UFC Fighter

Montserrat Ruiz is the shortest UFC fighter, at just 5’0″. She fights in the straw-weight division, the lightest for females. Here, the weight limit is 115 pounds.

Ruiz has an impressive fight record, with 10 wins. Three of these were by knockout, and two by submission.

Ruiz’s UFC journey shows her skill and strong will. It proves that small size doesn’t limit success in the Octagon. Her incredible fights show that being the shortest doesn’t stop her from top-level competition.

Hector Sandoval – The Shortest Male UFC Fighter

Hector Sandoval is known as “Kid Alex.” He holds the record for being the shortest male UFC fighter, at 5’3″. He shows that you don’t need to be tall to succeed in the Octagon.

Sandoval has won 15 fights in the UFC and lost four. His skill and determination have helped him beat tough opponents. This shows his ability to fight at a top level.

While many fighters focus on knocking their opponents out or making them submit, Sandoval wins on points. He uses clever tactics to outsmart his rivals. This has won him the respect of his fans and fellow fighters.

Hector Sandoval’s story is important. It proves that height is not everything in fighting. Sandoval’s hard work, talent, and spirit are inspiring to others. He shows that with the right attitude, you can achieve great things no matter how tall you are.

Learning about UFC fighters like Sandoval is eye-opening. Their success teaches us about the importance of working hard and staying dedicated. It encourages everyone to aim for excellence in whatever they do.

Other Notable Short Fighters in the UFC

The UFC has more than Montserrat Ruiz and Hector Sandoval. It also has several other short, but impressive, fighters. These fighters have beaten the odds to achieve big success in their weight classes. They’ve shown great skills and determination in the Octagon.

Jessica Andrade

Jessica Andrade is just 5’2″ but is a powerful force in the UFC. She fights in the straw-weight division. Andrade is known for her aggressive style and has won many fights by KO/TKO and submissions. Fans love watching her fight because of her unending fight for victory.

Rin Nakai

Standing at 5’1″, Rin Nakai competes in the bantamweight division. She’s shorter than most but shows great strength and toughness. Nakai wins fights with her grappling and ground game. She’s earned respect for her unbreakable resolve in the Octagon.

David Teymur

David Teymur is 5’8″ but is often among the shorter fighters in his weight class. He competes in the lightweight division. Teymur excels in striking and has won fights by KO/TKO. His quickness and accuracy make him a challenging competitor.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes stands at 5’8″. She’s not exactly a short fighter, but her dominance in two UFC divisions is unmatched. Nunes is a champion in both bantamweight and featherweight divisions. She has victories over many top opponents.

Dennis Bermudez

Dennis Bermudez stands at 5’6″ and fights in the featherweight division. He’s known for his exciting style and has a strong record. Bermudez wins fights by KO/TKO, submissions, and judge’s decisions. Fans love him for his non-stop drive and versatile skills.

Michel Prazeres

At 5’6″, Michel Prazeres shines in the lightweight division. He’s good at grappling and submissions. Prazeres has many wins by using his technical skills. Despite his height, he always shows impressive techniques in his fights.

Dalcha Lungiambula

Dalcha Lungiambula is 5’9″. He stands tall in the light heavyweight division because of his strength and power. Winning fights by KO/TKO, Lungiambula has a standout performance. His aggressive style has made him quite popular.

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett is much taller at 6’3″, and he’s a heavyweight fighter. He brings a lot of technical skills and experience to the UFC. Barnett is known for his powerful submissions. He has greatly influenced the heavyweight division.

Height isn’t everything in the UFC. The success of these short fighters shows that. Despite being shorter, they have shown they’re among the best in their weight classes. Their skill, determination, and talent have earned them much respect in the UFC.

Short fighters in the UFC


Height is useful in the UFC, but it’s not everything. Montserrat Ruiz, who’s just 5’0″, and Hector Sandoval, along with many other shorter fighters, prove this. They show that in the Octagon, what matters most is skill, technique, and heart. They’ve overcome their size with talent and never-give-up spirit, shining in the UFC.

The UFC welcomes fighters of all sizes, reflecting a wide range of abilities. It shows that being the shortest or the tallest doesn’t limit your success. In the Octagon, everyone, no matter their height, fights with their own special flair and grit. This diversity keeps UFC fans hooked, everywhere.

So, UFC 4 highlights the sport’s rich variety. Fighters like Montserrat Ruiz have broken barriers, showing anyone can be a star. It’s all about the skills you bring and the heart you have. This game celebrates these traits, pushing the true meaning of being a champion in MMA.


Is there a height requirement for UFC fighters?

No, there isn’t a height rule for UFC fighters. Both tall and short fighters can join the UFC. It’s all about skill and dedication.

Who is the shortest UFC fighter?

The shortest UFC fighter is Montserrat Ruiz. She stands at just 5’0″ tall.

In which weight division does Montserrat Ruiz compete?

Ruiz fights in the straw-weight division. This division is for the smallest female fighters in the UFC.

Who is the shortest male UFC fighter?

Hector Sandoval is the shortest male UFC fighter. He measures at 5’3″ in height.

Who are some other notable shorter fighters in the UFC?

Notable shorter UFC fighters include Jessica Andrade, Rin Nakai, and David Teymur. Also, Amanda Nunes, Dennis Bermudez, Michel Prazeres, Dalcha Lungiambula, and Josh Barnett are among them.

Are shorter fighters successful in the UFC?

Yes, they are. Fighters like Montserrat Ruiz and Hector Sandoval have done well. They’ve shown that height doesn’t stop you in the UFC.

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