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Leon Edwards in UFC 4: Gameplay and Fighter Breakdown

by Lucas Grayson
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Leon Edwards is a top player in UFC 4, with a rating of 4.5. His skills make him a tough opponent. We’ll look closely at how he plays and what makes his fighting style unique.

Edwards is ranked 41st in the welterweight division. He’s great at both striking and ground fighting. His all-round abilities in the ring are impressive.

He’s famous for his skill in stopping takedowns. He’s very good at keeping opponents away, using kicks, knees, and elbows. This makes him stand out.

When someone tries to take him down, Edwards knows how to counter it. He uses moves like the wall walk and butterfly sweep. His wrestling skills help him control the fight, showing his adaptability.

Edwards has defended his welterweight title twice. With a winning streak of 11 fights, he is a major player. He has beaten tough challengers, proving his talent.

Next, we’ll look at Edwards’ skills against wrestling. We’ll also see what challenges he might face as a champion in the future.

Leon Edwards’ Anti-Wrestling Techniques

Leon Edwards, a top welterweight in UFC 4, is known for his anti-wrestling skills. He has a strong set of moves to stop wrestlers from taking him down. This has made him a very versatile and powerful fighter in the UFC.

Against fighters like Kamaru Usman, Edwards uses various tactics to stop their wrestling. He’s great at avoiding takedowns with his speed and timing.

“I try to mess up their timing and keep them far away,” Edwards says.

One of Edwards’ methods is using push kicks. These kicks help him make space and stop his opponents from wrestling. Keeping people at a distance lets him stay in charge of the fight.

If they get close, Edwards changes to a clinch. There, he uses knees and elbows to stop their moves and find chances to hit back.

“The clinch is where I shine,” he mentions. “I like to control the wrist, throw knees, and step back when it helps.”

Even if someone takes him down, Edwards stays cool. He has moves to stand back up quickly, like the wall walk and butterfly sweep. This lets him keep control of the fight.

“My skills against wrestling keep me in charge. I stop their moves, and I lead the fight,” Edwards says with confidence.


“I focus on disrupting their rhythm and maintaining distance.”

“The clinch is my playground. I utilize techniques like controlling the wrist, throwing knees, and strategically breaking away when advantageous.”

Leon Edwards’ ways of fighting against wrestling are very effective. They let him stop wrestlers from getting him down, and he does it well. Whether he’s dodging, using push kicks, or controlling in the clinch, Edwards shows he knows how to deal with wrestling. This puts him as a strong figure in UFC 4’s welterweight division, always controlling the fight.

Leon Edwards’ Championship Reign and Future Challenges

Leon Edwards is a leading figure in the UFC welterweight division. He has defended his title twice, showing great strength. Edwards has won 11 fights in a row, leading victories over high-ranking opponents such as Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.

In the face of future challenges, Edwards is open to upcoming fights. He could have a rematch with Belal Muhammad, a past rival from a controversial match. Edwards is also looking forward to fighting other aspiring contenders in the division. He aims to show his skill and status against these new foes.

Confidence shines in Edwards’ approach to potential fights. He is willing to take on anyone, his skills and determination known far and wide. In the welterweight division, Edwards is a key figure to watch out for, remaining ready for whatever comes next.


What is Leon Edwards’ overall rating in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, Leon Edwards scores a 4.5 overall rating.

What are Leon Edwards’ main strengths as a fighter in UFC 4?

His strengths include strong striking and ground skills. He also boasts excellent stamina and health in UFC 4.

What is Leon Edwards’ ranking in the welterweight division?

Currently, Leon Edwards holds the 41st spot in the welterweight division.

What are Leon Edwards’ anti-wrestling techniques?

Leon Edwards uses a mix of skills to counter wresting. He intercepts and evades, uses push kicks, and defends takedowns with knees and elbows in the clinch.

Has Leon Edwards won the UFC welterweight championship?

Yes. He has not only won but also defended the UFC welterweight championship twice.

Who are some of the top contenders that Leon Edwards has defeated?

He has beaten high-level fighters such as Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.

Is Leon Edwards open to future challenges as the champion?

Absolutely. Leon Edwards is keen on new challenges, possibly a rematch with Belal Muhammad or facing other standout contenders.

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