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Top Perks to Enhance Your Fighting Strategy in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best perks in ufc 4

Ready to step up your game in UFC 4? You need the best perks in UFC 4. They are made to enhance your fighting strategy. These unique abilities can give you an edge in the octagon.

In UFC 4, perks are vital. They add a lot to a fighter’s skills and give clear advantages. Whether it’s local or online matches, knowing your fighter’s perks is key to success.

The Crafty perk is a lifesaver for strikers who need better defence on the ground. It helps you get out of tough spots and stand your ground in fights.

Crazy Legs is great for kickboxers. It makes your roundhouse and switch kicks super powerful. This can really hurt your opponents.

Working on your punches? You’ll love the Laser Focus perk. It makes your straight and spinning punches better. You’ll hit harder and more accurately.

If speed and agility are your strengths, get the Marathoner perk. It saves stamina, keeping you fast all fight long.

Need to save stamina early? Choose the Out The Gates perk. It lowers stamina use for punches and kicks in the first two rounds. This can be a game-changer early on.

Strategic fighters should pick the Higher Altitude perk. It helps you keep stamina for later rounds. You’ll be able to stick to your plan when it counts.

These are just some of the amazing perks in UFC 4. Each one offers unique benefits. Trying out different perks is crucial. See which ones match your style and plans best.

So, if you want to rule in UFC 4, perks are a must. Learn them well and see yourself grow in the octagon. Good luck!

Additional Perk Suggestions and Ideas From the Community

The UFC 4 community keeps digging into the game’s perks area. They’ve shared some cool ideas. One of these is a perk for fighters good at using standing knees. This would help gamers who love playing as Cowboy or Paul Felder, as they’re known for their strong knee strikes in the clinch.

Then there’s the idea of tweaking Conor McGregor in the game. They suggest giving him a bit less power overall. But, to make up for it, they recommend a new perk. This perk, called “That left hand shot,” would make his straight left punch stronger. It would push gamers to try the Southpaw stance and use Conor’s famous move in a smart way.

But there’s more to come. The game’s community is asked to keep the flow of perk ideas going. Through talking and sharing, these discussions allow them to influence UFC 4’s future. This way, the game becomes even better for everyone, offering a deeper gaming thrill.


Perks are key in UFC 4, making gameplay better and helping fighters improve. The Recharger perk is great for stamina between rounds, boosting a fighter’s staying power. Crazy Legs makes kicks stronger, while Marathoner cuts stamina use when moving, suitable for anyone fighting.

Next, Crafty helps with submission defence, giving a ground advantage. Wake Up Call speeds up recovery from stuns, assisting in crucial moments.

Then there’s Frontal Assault, which powers up front and side kicks for strong hits. Fast Hands makes punches quicker and more precise, perfect for boxing. Taekwondo quickens spinning kicks, adding surprise to moves.

Higher Altitude decreases stamina use in later rounds. Predator makes moving faster side-to-side or forward, useful for aggressive combos.

It’s smart for players to try various perks to see what fits their style. This UFC 4 perk guide can help choose the right perks for success in the game. It’s all about improving gameplay, strategy, and upping your chance of winning the fights.


What are perks in UFC 4?

Perks in UFC 4 are skills that help fighters. They provide benefits during matches.

Why is it important to know the perks of my selected fighter?

It’s key to know your fighter’s perks in both local and online games. They can give you an advantage.

What does the Crafty perk do?

The Crafty perk makes it easier to defend when on the ground. It’s great for those who prefer striking.

What does the Crazy Legs perk do?

The Crazy Legs perk is for those skilled in kickboxing. It makes their roundhouse and switch kicks better.

What does the Laser Focus perk do?

The Laser Focus perk boosts your punches’ accuracy and speed. It applies to straight, superman, and spinning punches.

How can the Marathoner perk be beneficial?

The Marathoner perk is perfect for quicker fighters. It helps them use less stamina when moving.

What does the Out The Gates perk do?

The Out The Gates perk lowers stamina use for punches and kicks in the first two rounds.

How can the Higher Altitude perk be helpful?

The Higher Altitude perk helps tactical fighters by reducing stamina loss later in fights.

How can the Fast Hands perk enhance my striking?

The Fast Hands perk makes hooks, uppercuts, and overhands faster and more accurate. It’s great for improving your striking game.

What does the Weathering Storms perk do?

The Weathering Storms perk makes blocking more effective when moving back and sideways.

What does the Recharger perk do?

The Recharger perk helps fighters by restoring some health between rounds. It’s especially useful for those who throw a lot of strikes.

What does the Frontal Assault perk do?

The Frontal Assault perk sharpens the accuracy and speed of front and side kicks.

What does the Slippery perk do?

The Slippery perk makes it harder for others to grapple with you and easier for you to escape.

How can the Wrestle Clinic perk benefit strikers?

The Wrestle Clinic perk beefs up your ground defense. It’s particularly handy for strikers facing wrestling opponents.

Are there any perk suggestions from the community?

Yes, the community suggests adding a perk for standing knees. It’d benefit fighters like Cowboy and Paul Felder.

Is there a perk suggestion to balance Conor McGregor?

Yes, the idea includes balancing Conor McGregor by reducing his power overall. This would add a unique “That Left Hand Shot” perk to boost his straight left punch in Southpaw stance.

How can players share their own perk suggestions?

Players can share their own ideas by joining the community discussions.

How important are perks in UFC 4?

Perks are very important in UFC 4. They help you enhance your game and improve your fighter.

How can the Recharger perk boost stamina recovery?

The Recharger perk speeds up your stamina recovery between rounds. This helps you keep going in fights.

What does the Crazy Legs perk improve?

The Crazy Legs perk makes your roundhouse and switch kicks better. This enhances your striking combos.

How can the Marathoner perk benefit different styles of martial artists?

The Marathoner perk benefits all martial artists by lowering stamina use when moving. This helps with any fighting style.

What does the Crafty perk enhance?

The Crafty perk boosts your fighting defence. This gives you an upper hand on the ground.

What does the Wake Up Call perk do?

The Wake Up Call perk makes you recover faster after being stunned or knocked down. It’s a useful recovery tool.

How can the Frontal Assault perk enhance striking opportunities?

The Frontal Assault perk makes front and side kicks faster and more accurate. It creates great chances for powerful strikes.

How can the Fast Hands perk enhance boxing exchanges?

The Fast Hands perk makes your boxing hooks, uppercuts, and overhands better. It’s ideal for sharper boxing exchanges.

What does the Taekwondo perk do?

The Taekwondo perk makes your spinning kicks faster and more precise. It adds surprise to your attacks.

How can the Higher Altitude perk help fighters in longer fights?

The Higher Altitude perk helps fighters use less stamina in later rounds. This is key for lasting longer in fights.

What does the Predator perk enable?

The Predator perk makes you move faster when approaching or sidestepping. This supports aggressive yet strategic fighting.

What should players do with perks in UFC 4?

Players should mix and match their perks. This helps find the best ones for their style and win in UFC 4.

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