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Who Are the Best Characters in UFC 4? Detailed Analysis

by Lucas Grayson
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best characters in ufc 4

Choosing the right fighters in UFC 4 is crucial for victory. The game’s makers carefully crafted a damage system. This system looks at weight class, type of attack, where the attack lands, and more. It has three main parts: base damage, a range of damage, and factors that modify damage. Each fighter has their own unique skills that make them effective in fights.

Picking fighters in UFC 4 is not just about looks. It directly affects your game play and chances of winning. To win, you need to know how this damage system works with each fighter’s moves.

At the core of UFC 4’s system is base damage. It changes based on the fighter’s weight class, type of attack, and other details. Another key part is the range of damage. This range is affected by many things, like stance and level of skill.

Knowing the range helps you understand how powerful your hits can be. Different combinations can lead to various damage results. Also, things like being blocked or stamina level can change the effect of your hits.

Now, let’s talk about the top fighters in UFC 4 and what makes them stand out. Each fighter brings something special to the game. This could be defence, speed, accuracy, or better movement. There’s a variety of skills to suit different playing styles.

Thinking about a fighter’s skills helps in making smart choices in UFC 4. It can give you an edge in the game, moving you closer to winning.

Understanding the Damage Model in UFC 4

The damage model in UFC 4 helps decide how hard strikes hit in the game. It’s key to making the fighting experience real and exciting. Knowing how this works helps players choose their moves wisely.

The starting damage of a strike is carefully set. It looks at different things like the fighter’s weight, the type of strike, and where it lands. A hit in the right place can do a lot of damage. But, a bad hit won’t be as powerful.

There are several things that can change how much damage a strike does. Your stance, power, and the level of the strike can all make a difference. Some fighters hit really hard, while others have to be quick and accurate.

Other factors also play a part in the damage a strike causes. These include how much of the hit is blocked, how close the fighters are, and if the person being hit is tired. These extra rules can either make hits harder or softer.

The UFC 4 damage model is finely tuned to mimic real combat. It rewards those who master its rules with a deeper, strategic game.

Understanding the damage model helps players know their fighter better. They can find their opponent’s weak spots and protect themselves. This can help whether they’re throwing punches or working in a clinch.

Strategic Decision-making

  • Knowing how and when to strike: With the damage model knowledge, players can figure out the best strikes to use. This lets them plan their moves to hit hard when they need to.
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities: It also lets players see where their opponent is weak. By targeting those spots, they can do more damage and get ahead in the fight.
  • Conserving stamina: Knowing about stamina is also crucial. This helps players not get too tired, keeping them strong and sharp throughout the match.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

  1. Timing strikes for maximum impact: The model tells players the best time to land a hit. By being smart about this, they can do a lot of damage and possibly win a round.
  2. Adjusting tactics on the fly: Understanding the model lets fighters change their strategies quickly. This means they can see what’s working and switch up their plans, which can lead to victory.

Becoming a master of the damage model takes time and thought. Exploring its details can really up your game. It’s a big part of enjoying the UFC 4 world.

Factor Description
Base Damage A hand-tuned value influenced by weight class, strike type, strike side, strike target, clinch position, and clinch role.
Damage Range Modifiers such as stance mod, power mod, level mod, overkill mod, sway mod, chin mod, and more contribute to a dynamic range of damage for each character’s strikes.
Damage Modifiers Blocked damage mod, strike range mod, vulnerability, current stamina mod, and other factors further affect the final impact of strikes.

Best UFC 4 Characters and Their Unique Skills

In UFC 4, some characters really stand out with special skills. Each one has its unique strengths for the fights. This means players can try different tactics and styles. Let’s delve into the top characters and what makes them so special.

Crafty – Enhanced Submission Defense

Crafty excels with superb submission defense from the bottom. This is perfect for those who love to strike but fear being caught in a hold. Crafty’s skills mean players can keep attacking without as much risk.

Crazy Legs – Devastating Kicks

Crazy Legs is known for turning kicks into high-speed, accurate weapons. Fans of kickboxing find huge value in this trait. With Crazy Legs, your kicks become incredibly fast and hit the mark every time. This gives a massive upper hand in any fight.

Laser Focus – Precise Punches

In the boxing world of UFC 4, Laser Focus is a game-changer. It amps up the precision and speed of various punches. Players upgrading with Laser Focus can strike with unmatched accuracy and strength. This boosts their chances of landing fight-ending hits.

Marathoner – Enhanced Stamina Efficiency

Marathoner is tailor-made for fighters focused on speed and movement. The ability to cut down stamina use while on the move is vital. This way, fighters can stay dynamic and sharp for longer. It lets them dodge, close in, and unleash combos with better endurance, gaining an edge.

Those mentioned characters are just the beginning of UFC 4’s diverse roster. Each one lets players try out unique strategies and utilise special skills. Crafty’s defense, Crazy Legs’ powerful kicks, Laser Focus’ precise punches, or Marathoner’s swift movement – all offer critical advantages. They help players beat rivals and enjoy the sweet taste of winning.

Best UFC 4 Characters


In UFC 4, picking the right fighter is crucial for winning. Each fighter has special skills and a different way to fight. Knowing how to use Crafty for strong defence, Crazy Legs for powerful kicks, or Laser Focus for accurate punches can help you win.

Think about the strengths of the top fighters in UFC 4. This lets you play smarter in the game. The game’s detailed injury system makes things more real. It helps you decide your moves carefully and take advantage of any chances to win. By choosing a character wisely and learning about the injury system, you can become a game master.

With top fighters in UFC 4, you can show off your fighting skills and make a name for yourself. Whether you like Crafty’s wrestling, Crazy Legs’ strong kicks, or Laser Focus’ accurate punches, there’s a fighter for you. Pick your fighter, enter the Octagon and feel the excitement of the UFC in a whole new way.


What is the significance of character choice in UFC 4?

Choosing the right characters in UFC 4 is key to winning. Each fighter has unique abilities.

How does the damage model in UFC 4 work?

The damage system in UFC 4 is detailed. It looks at many things like fighter size, the way they hit, and where they aim.

What are the components of the damage model in UFC 4?

The damage model includes three parts. These are base damage, the range of damage, and things that can change how much damage is done.

What factors influence the damage range in UFC 4?

Many factors change how hard a hit does in UFC 4. Things like how strong a fighter is, or how well they can take a hit, play a big role.

How do damage modifiers affect the impact of strikes in UFC 4?

Modifiers adjust the effect of a hit. They decide if it’s a hard, damaging strike, or if it’s easily blocked.

Which characters in UFC 4 have unique skills and abilities?

Some fighters in UFC 4 really stand out. They have special talents that make them a challenge for their opponents.

What are some examples of the best characters in UFC 4 and their unique skills?

For example, Crafty can defend against submission moves better. Crazy Legs is great at certain kicks. Laser Focus is excellent with specific punches. Marathoner is better at keeping up their energy during a fight.

How can the choice of characters enhance a player’s success in UFC 4?

Knowing the damage system and each fighter’s special skills helps a lot. It makes you better prepared for fights.

What should players consider when choosing the best characters in UFC 4?

Choosing the right character is about matching them to how you like to play. Think about their skills and how they fit your strategy.

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