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Complete Guide to Submissions in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to our complete guide on UFC 4’s submissions, your ticket to mastering the game’s immense submission arsenal. Put on your virtual gloves and prepare to reign over opponents with powerful joint subs, chokes, flying attacks, and more.

This in-depth tutorial, brought to you by EA SPORTS, will teach you how to pull off submission moves perfectly in UFC 4. You’ll learn the button combos and tactics, as well as the impact these moves have on stamina.

It’s made for anyone, whether you’re already a pro or just starting out. With detailed steps and top tips, you’ll soon be a submission expert, ready to tackle any opponent.

Let’s explore the world of joint, choke, and flying submissions, plus strikes, chains, and slams. Get set to unleash your true power in the Octagon with submissions.

Joint Submissions in UFC 4

Joint submissions are crucial in UFC 4. They target the opponent’s joints, like arms or legs. This makes them give up by putting heavy pressure on those areas.

Using these techniques, players can wear down their opponent’s stamina. They also cause serious damage. To do well in the game, it’s important to know and use different joint submission moves.

Accuracy and timing matter a lot in joint submissions. Skilled players can win big by applying perfect joint locks. To be great at submissions in UFC 4, you need to enter the right button combos every time.

Mastering Joint Submissions

To be good at submissions, you must learn some key joint submission techniques in UFC 4:

  1. Armbar – A move that aims to straighten the opponent’s elbow too far.
  2. Triangle Choke – It tightens around the opponent’s neck and arm, making their blood and air flow stop.
  3. Kimura Lock – This puts a lot of pressure on the opponent’s shoulder joint, making them give up.

To improve, really understand how each technique works. Practice makes perfect, so time your moves well and press the right buttons in tough situations. This gives you the best shot at winning.

“The key to successful joint submissions is precision and awareness. Stay focused, anticipate your opponent’s movements, and strike at the opportune moment to secure victory.” – UFC 4 Champion

Keep working on your joint submissions to become unbeatable in the Octagon. Getting really good at joint submissions in UFC 4 gives you an advantage. With these skills, you can beat your rivals and celebrate great wins.

Joint Submissions in UFC 4 Inputs
Armbar Left Stick Right + LB (Hold) + RS Clockwise
Triangle Choke LB (Hold) + RS Right, Right
Kimura Lock LB (Hold) + RS Up, Up

Choke Submissions in UFC 4

Chokes are vital in UFC 4. They stop opponents from breathing right, making them pass out or give up. There are many choke moves you can use in the game. Each one needs special buttons to work.

Using these chokes well can quickly change who wins. It’s key to know many choke moves and when to use them. Moves like Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine, and Anaconda Choke help you control the fight.

Choke Submission Techniques Inputs
Rear Naked Choke Down, Down, Right Punch (R1)
Guillotine Down, Down, Right Kick (R2)
Anaconda Choke Down, Down, Left Punch (L1)

Mastering chokes lets players lead in the Octagon in UFC 4. It takes skill, right timing and tactics to use choke moves well. The secret is to know and use all choke moves smartly.

UFC 4 Choke Submissions

Flying Submissions in UFC 4

Flying submissions in UFC 4 mix both danger and the chance for victory. They let players end a match quickly if done right. By taking to the air, fighters can surprise their rival and lock them in a move that forces them to give up.

In UFC 4, players can wield various flying submission skills. Yet, pulling off these aerial tricks is not easy. It takes timing, precision, and knowing what your opponent might do next.

“When you perform a flying submission in UFC 4, you’re proving how daring and skilled you are. It’s risky but rewarding. Succeed, and your fans will cheer louder while your reputation as a master grappler grows.”

Top players in flying submissions need to be quick thinkers. They wait for that one opening to use a flying armbar or a flying choke. Doing this well can lead to an incredible win.

For help, here are some flying submission moves in UFC 4:

  1. Flying Armbar
  2. Flying Triangle Choke
  3. Flying Guillotine Choke
  4. Flying Peruvian Necktie
  5. Flying Kimura

Each move has its own way to perform it. To get good, keep practicing these techniques. Learn from your mistakes, improve your timing, and success will follow.

Enjoy the excitement of flying submissions in UFC 4. Show off your skills and make a big impression on your opponents.


Learning how to submit in UFC 4 is key for those wanting to win. The game features a variety of submissions like joint and choke holds. By studying each move, players can surprise their rivals with clever tactics.

Following a complete guide helps players shine in UFC 4. They can become tough challengers by mastering various submissions. Practising these moves helps them on their journey to victory.

Becoming a submissions expert in UFC 4 is rewarding. With hard work, you can improve your skills and stand out. So, get to know the world of UFC 4 submissions for a thrilling Octagon experience.


What types of submissions can players learn in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, players can explore many submission moves. These include joint holds and choke grips. There are also strikes designed for submissions. Stamina effects come into play as well. Special submissions are in the mix too.

How can joint submissions be used in UFC 4?

Joint submissions in UFC 4 focus on attacking limbs like arms. The goal is to make the opponent quit. Players must study various techniques for these moves. They need to input the right commands to make them work.

What are choke submissions and how are they utilized in UFC 4?

Choke submissions aim to make the opponent pass out or give up. They work by blocking air. Players need to practice different chokehold styles. They have to input the correct commands to pull them off.

How do flying submissions work in UFC 4?

Flying submissions in UFC 4 are bold tactics. Players take to the air to surprise and trap their rival. To use them, players must master jump methods. They need to put in precise commands.

Why is mastering submissions important in UFC 4?

Being good at submissions in UFC 4 is key to winning. It allows players to use many different game plans. Learning the techniques and commands for each move is vital. This knowledge can give players the upper hand by surprising their foes.

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