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Acrobat Moves in UFC 4: How to Perform High-Flying Techniques

by Lucas Grayson
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UFC 4 is praised for letting gamers show off acrobat skills in the Octagon. Learning these moves can really help you win matches. This is true for anyone playing the game, whether they’re just starting or have lots of experience.

Every fighter in UFC 4 has their own special moves that are true to real-life performances. This makes the game feel real as you pull off cool moves.

Imagine jumping through the air with flying knees, doing spin kicks, or bouncing off the cage to hit hard. These moves will amaze everyone watching, including your opponents. They’re not just for show. They can help you beat the other player too.

We’ll share details about specific fighters and their special acrobat moves in UFC 4. This will give you the hints and skills you need to excel in this kind of fighting.

Dominick Cruz’s Unique Footwork: Mastering the Art of Counterpunching

Dominick Cruz is famous for his amazing footwork in UFC 4. He adds a special touch with his agility and hard-to-hit style. Skilled players know Cruz’s movements help him avoid hits and land powerful counterpunches. This makes him a top fighter in the game.

Cruz’s moves need quick fingers. Players need to tap LB or L1 and wiggle the Right Stick fast in different ways. Timing is key. His footwork helps players dodge straight hits. This opens chances for strong hooks and kicks.

His unique footwork allows him to evade punches and kicks from all angles while creating openings for devastating counterpunches.

Using Cruz’s footwork can help players win battles. Avoiding punches and then striking back can change the fight’s outcome.

Mastering the Footwork Techniques

Understanding how Cruz moves in UFC 4 is essential. Pressing LB or L1 starts Cruz’s quick dodges. Then, players need to flick the Right Stick the right way to escape attacks.

For instance, turning the Right Stick right helps Cruz dodge to the right. The same with left, turning it left makes him dodge left. Players should try different ways with the Stick to learn all of Cruz’s moves.

  • Hold LB or L1
  • Rotate Right Stick clockwise: Right-sided evasion
  • Rotate Right Stick counterclockwise: Left-sided evasion
  • Other variations include diagonal Stick motions

Timing is crucial, as the window for executing these animations is small.

Timing is everything when using Cruz’s footwork. You must guess when attacks will come and dodge with the Right Stick to win. It’s thrilling and a test of your quick thinking and game skills.

After mastering Cruz’s moves, you can react to punches with well-timed hits. Shielding yourself from one punch and then hitting back with a surprise move works wonders. This leaves your opponents open to more attacks.

Unleash the Power of Cruz’s Footwork

Cruz’s way of moving can truly change the match in UFC 4. With practice and the right timing, you can take control. Move skillfully to avoid hits, then strike back accurately. It’s a winning strategy in the Octagon.

Fighters Power (Out of 5) Footwork (Out of 5)
Dominick Cruz 3 5
Conor McGregor 5 3
Jon Jones 4 4

Running Strikes and Flying Kicks: Adding Flair to Your Arsenal

In UFC 4, running strikes and flying kicks make your fighting style more thrilling. They surprise your opponents. To do a running strike, tap the LS twice and hold it towards your opponent. This lets you start the round with a strong attack. Flying kicks need different moves based on your fighter.

Fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Fabricio Werdum have special running strikes. These moves look like their real fights. They can do a lot of damage but you need to be careful. Don’t use them too often or your opponents will see it coming.

Mastering these moves gives you an exciting advantage. They make your game cooler and let you surprise others. So, try new things and make these moves a part of your fighting style. It will make playing UFC 4 even more fun!


How can I perform acrobat moves in UFC 4?

To pull off acrobat moves in UFC 4, you’ll hold LB or L1. Then, move the Right Stick in different ways. This lets you do cool, high-flying moves like a real-life acrobat in the UFC.

What is unique about Dominick Cruz’s footwork in UFC 4?

Domnick Cruz has special footwork in UFC 4 that’s really powerful. It helps him dodge blows and set up powerful counterattacks. Players use the LB or L1 and Right Stick combo for his moves. This method is key to counter straight hits and kicks effectively.

How can I add flair to my fighting style in UFC 4?

Wanna make your fighting style stand out in UFC 4? Try running strikes and flying kicks.
Tap LS forward twice to run at your opponent and strike.
For flying kicks, the moves vary by fighter but are worth learning. They surprise your opponent and make your fighting style more exciting.

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