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Creating the Best Fighter Build in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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best build in ufc 4

In UFC 4, making the best fighter build is key to winning fights. This game uses archetypes which are like templates for your character. You get to pick from various styles that boost your abilities.

Each style comes with its own pros and cons. This means they excel in different parts of the game. You can choose from well-rounded fighters to those with unique skills. Here are the five best builds in UFC 4:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Fighter Build

Every fighter build in UFC 4 has its special ups and downs. Knowing these can guide your choice. It helps you pick the one that fits your style best. Let’s look at the top five builds and what they offer.

1. Balanced Build

The balanced build lets you tackle all sorts of fights. It’s great for handling any situation. It stands out for:

  • Having a good mix of strikes and grappling
  • Being quick and nimble
  • Adapting to varied fight styles

Yet, this build also has its downsides:

  • Not being the best in specialised areas
  • Can fall short against more focused opponents
  • Needs smart play to win

2. Power Striker Build

The power striker is all about strong hits and dominating fights. It’s known for its:

  • High chance of knocking opponents out
  • Powerful strikes
  • Quickly causing a lot of damage

But, it has weaknesses too:

  • Might find hard times against strong defences
  • Depends a lot on effective timing and striking
  • Can get caught in counterattacks

3. Grappler Build

The grappler excels on the ground, controlling and submitting foes. It’s strong in many ways:

  • Is great at takedowns and locking positions
  • Controls the fight on the ground
  • Can stop opponents who rely on striking

But, it also faces challenges:

  • May struggle against those who are very good at avoiding takedowns
  • Needs to be up close to use its full strength
  • Forces grappling in a stand-up fight

4. Defensive Specialist Build

The defensive specialist frustrates foes by avoiding hits and striking back. It’s benefits include:

  • Great at dodging and countering hits
  • Strong in counter attacks
  • Makes opponents tired by hard to get hits in

However, this build has its own issues:

  • Needs careful timing and precision to strike back effectively
  • Might struggle against non-stop aggressive foes
  • Depends heavily on defence, which limits attack chances

5. High-Flyer Build

The high-flyer uses flashy moves to wow the crowd and hurt opponents. It’s known for:

  • Entertaining style that’s also effective
  • Success in catching rivals off guard
  • It’s potential for amazing knockouts or submissions

Yet, it has its own set of weaknesses:

  • Demand exceptional athleticism and impeccable timing
  • Leaves some room for opponents to counterattack
  • It’s a style that’s both risky and rewarding

Knowing the pros and cons of each build in UFC 4 helps you pick wisely. Try different ones to see which fits you best.


In UFC 4, the top fighter build is up to you and how you like to play. You can pick from many styles to find the perfect fit. Whether you want to be a balanced fighter, use flashy moves, play defensively, or hit hard, there’s a build for you.

Each of the top five fighter builds has its ups and downs. It’s key to think about these when choosing. Understanding what each build is good at and not so good at can help you win more fights in UFC 4.

There’s no single best fighter build in UFC 4 for everyone. It all depends on what you enjoy and how you play. Try out different builds, work on your skills, and pick the one that feels right for you. By sticking with it and practicing, you can make a winning fighter build in UFC 4.


How important is it to create the best fighter build in UFC 4?

Having the best fighter build is key in UFC 4. It makes you stronger and gives you the upper hand in fights. This lets you play the game how you want.

What is the archetype system in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the archetype system offers various pre-designed styles. Players can pick these to better their fighter’s skills and style.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each fighter build in UFC 4?

Every fighter build comes with its own pros and cons. Knowing these helps in choosing wisely. It’s about finding what fits you and your way of playing.

How do I choose the best fighter build in UFC 4?

To select the best build, think about how you like to play. Everyone has different strengths and ways they enjoy playing. Let that guide your choice.

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