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Tracy Cortez in UFC 4: What to Know About Her Fighting Technique

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Tracy Cortez is climbing the ranks in the UFC with her fantastic fighting style. She’s an American pro in mixed martial arts, impressing everyone since her start in 2019. Tracy has won 11 fights and lost just once, standing out in the flyweight category for women.

The Challenges of Training during Quarantine

Tracy Cortez, a talented UFC fighter, faced many challenges during quarantine. She, like other athletes, had to change her training because of COVID-19. In an interview, Cortez talked about the hard times she dealt with.

“Finding a routine was one of the biggest challenges,” Cortez said. Gyms were shut, and outdoor activities were limited. This made sticking to a training plan tough. She needed to be creative, finding different ways to train and improve.

The absence of proper training partners was another issue for Cortez. She couldn’t train with her usual sparring partners and coaches because of restrictions. Without them, she found it hard to develop and get better as an athlete.

Cortez, however, didn’t let these issues stop her. She came up with new ways to train. This included working out at home, doing drills alone, and joining online training with coaches and teammates.

In an interview, Cortez was thankful for the chance to continue fighting amid the pandemic. She said, “I’m just thankful to be able to continue doing what I love and showcase my skills in the Octagon.” Her positive attitude and hard work were major factors in her success in UFC 4.

Training during quarantine was a test for both body and mind for athletes like Tracy Cortez. Cortez’s adaptability, creativity, and persistence show her deep love for her sport. Now, as the world moves past the pandemic, Cortez’s story inspires the resilience of athletes everywhere.

Tracy Cortez’s Approach to Fights

Tracy Cortez stands out for her unique fighting style. She can fight well in any position, making her a tough challenge in the UFC.

Her skills in jiu-jitsu and judo play a big part in how she fights. By mixing techniques from these, she gains an advantage. This shows off her skill, strong training, and drive to win.

Cortez always works to make her fights go her way, not her opponents’. This strong focus, with her great skill, makes her very powerful.

UFC’s Dana White has praised her for being skilled and dedicated. He has highlighted her ability to do both striking and grappling well.

“Tracy Cortez is a true martial artist. Her ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling is something to behold. She constantly evolves and adapts, proving herself as an elite competitor in the UFC.” – Dana White

Tracy Cortez’s Key Attributes:

  • Versatility in both striking and grappling
  • Adaptability to different fighting styles and game plans
  • Meticulous preparation and technical proficiency
  • Unyielding commitment to imposing her own will

In UFC 4, Cortez has done very well with her style. Her growth as a fighter shows she has a bright future ahead.

Tracy Cortez’s Fighting Style Key Features
Versatility Comfortable in both striking and grappling
Adaptability Efficiently adjusts to different styles and game plans
Ground Game Utilizes jiu-jitsu and judo techniques to control opponents
Striking Expertise in delivering powerful strikes and combinations
Imposing Will Remains committed to fighting her own fight

Tracy Cortez

Tracy Cortez’s Future in the UFC

Tracy Cortez is quickly becoming a top name in the UFC. Her hard work and skill have positioned her as a key player in the flyweight division. Cortez has proven she’s a strong competitor with her solid wins.

Cortez stands out due to her unique fighting style. Drawing from jiu-jitsu and judo, she mixes things up in the ring. This surprise element gives her an advantage against opponents.

However, Cortez is always looking to grow. Her strong ambition drives her to keep getting better. She’s dedicated to mastering her craft and adding new moves to her arsenal.

If you’re a fan, you can look forward to more great fights from Cortez. Her determination shows she’s serious about reaching the top in the UFC. Watch out for her as she leaves her mark on the world of MMA.


What is Tracy Cortez’s current MMA record?

Right now, Tracy Cortez has a great record. She’s won 11 fights and only lost 1 in her MMA career.

What is Tracy Cortez’s fighting style?

Tracy Cortez has a style that mixes jiu-jitsu and judo. This makes her a strong and diverse fighter.

How has Tracy Cortez dealt with the challenges of training during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Tracy stayed focused even when training became hard. She was thankful for every chance to compete. The pandemic made it tough to keep a regular training schedule and find partners to train with.

What are Tracy Cortez’s future aspirations in the UFC?

Tracy’s goal is to keep getting better and be a top fighter in the UFC’s women’s flyweight division.

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