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Choosing the Best Weight Class in UFC 4 for Your Play Style

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Ready to take over the Octagon and be the top champ in UFC 4? Picking the right weight class is key. It tells which skills, power, and speed you’ll fight with.

Every UFC 4 weight class has its own skills and styles. Think about what’s important to you. For speed, or for being a master in technique, there’s a class for you.

Let’s look at two well-liked weight classes in UFC 4: Women’s Strawweight and Men’s Flyweight. They show the amazing variety in the game.

Come with us and find your perfect match in UFC 4. Prepare to show your best, change up your moves, and be the champion in UFC 4.

Women’s Strawweight

The women’s strawweight division in UFC 4 is the lightest at 115lbs. It combines quickness and skill, with fighters having fast reactions and many techniques. They are amazing at showing their talent in the Octagon.

There’s a big difference in skills between the fighters in this division. It’s packed with high-level athletes like Weili Zhang, Rose Namajunas, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk. They excel in both striking and grappling, doing it all with amazing skill.

Jiu-jitsu specialists are key in the women’s strawweight division. They have top-notch grappling skills and can switch between striking and grappling easily. They make a big impact in fights.

Picking the women’s strawweight division in UFC 4 means you need to up your game. Jiu-jitsu is vital, and you must be good at both striking and grappling. Here, you have to be flexible and skilled in all MMA areas.

Men’s Flyweight

In UFC 4, the men’s flyweight division shines with its amazing mix of speed and know-how. Even though they’re the lightest, these fighters pack a powerful punch. They show off skills that are just as good, if not better, than those in heavier categories.

Men’s flyweight fighters are known for moving like lightning and having sharp reactions. Their speed and agility make it hard for their rivals to keep up. This lets them hit with accuracy and use wrestling moves smoothly.

Being really good at the technical side of fighting is key for men’s flyweights. They use their footwork to stay in the best positions and find openings to attack. Their movement helps them avoid hits and get ready for counter-punches and takedowns.

Men’s flyweight fighters stand out for their sharp striking skills. They put strikes together in a beautiful, effective way. Their series of hits surprise their opponents, hitting fast and hitting true.

They’re also great at grappling, showing how flexible and clever they are on the ground. They know a range of wrestling moves, switching between locks, throws, and holding better positions. This lets them dominate ground fights and be a real danger to who they fight.

For a fighter to do well in this division, they have to be ready for fast, complex fights. The mix of high speed, precise moves, and smart ground fighting makes a very intense scene. Here, one small mistake could end the match in an instant.

If you love the beauty and skill of fighting, watching the men’s flyweight division in UFC 4 is a real treat. You’ll see these athletes give their all, using their incredible talent and fitness to win in the ring.

Men's Flyweight


Choosing the best weight class in UFC 4 is key to dominating the Octagon. You must decide if you prefer the quickness of the women’s strawweight or the skill of the men’s flyweight. It’s important to know each class’s strengths and challenges.

Consider your fighting style and the fighters in each weight class. Look for what fits you best. This way, you’ll improve your chances of winning and becoming the champion in UFC 4.

Your success journey starts with the right choice. Aim to be the best in the Octagon. Make an impact on your fans and rivals. Whether you like the fast pace of flyweights or the finesse of strawweights, choose carefully. Overcome every challenge. Now, pick your ideal weight class and start your UFC 4 legacy!


What is the importance of choosing the best weight class in UFC 4?

Choosing the right weight class in UFC 4 is key for a great fighting experience. It lets you take control of the Octagon. Each class has its own styles, levels of skill, strategies, power, and speed.

What is the women’s strawweight division in UFC 4 known for?

The women’s strawweight in UFC 4 is all about speed and agility. Fighters here are known for their fast reflexes and varied techniques. Top fighters like Weili Zhang and Rose Namajunas show off their exceptional skills.

What skills are necessary to compete in the women’s strawweight division?

Competing in women’s strawweight means you need to be skilled in jiu-jitsu. You should also have both striking and grappling skills. The best in this division use these skills in creative ways.

What is the men’s flyweight division in UFC 4 known for?

The men’s flyweight division in UFC 4 is the lightest for men, but it’s powerful. Fighters in this category are incredibly fast and agile. This lets them move quickly and hit hard, despite being smaller in size.

What skills are necessary to compete in the men’s flyweight division?

Men’s flyweight is about being technically skilled. Fighters excel in footwork, striking, and grappling with great fluidity. This division features fights that are both speed-filled and highly technical, with amazing striking moments.

How do I choose the best weight class in UFC 4?

Pick the right weight class in UFC 4 by looking at your own fighting style and skills. Consider the fighters in each class too. Knowing the pros and cons of each helps you find the one that matches your style. This increases your chance of winning and being the champ.

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