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Solving Screen Tearing Woes: A Guide for Fallout 4 Players

by Oliver Taylor
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Are you a big Fallout 4 fan? If so, you might have noticed screen tearing. It’s annoying and can ruin the fun. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you how to beat screen tearing in Fallout 4. You’ll be back to playing smoothly in no time.

Screen tearing happens when your game’s graphics and your screen don’t match up perfectly. This leads to weird lines appearing as you play. It’s the worst during exciting parts of the game. There, it can really break the experience.

But, you can fix this problem. Our expert tips will help you take charge. We’ll tell you how to turn off V-Sync, limit the frame rate, and make your mouse work better. This not only stops the screen tearing. It also makes everything play better.

If you’re fed up with screen tearing in Fallout 4, keep reading. We’ll share the answers you need. You’re just moments away from a smoother gaming world. Goodbye, annoyances. Hello, undisturbed adventure!

Disabling V-Sync and Limiting Framerate

In Fallout 4, V-Sync is always on by default. This setting can cause input lag. But, we’re able to turn off V-Sync by changing the game’s config files. We can also set a max framerate. By doing this, we get rid of screen tearing. It also makes the game feel smoother to play.

Turning off V-Sync is key to stop screen tearing in Fallout 4. V-Sync makes sure the game’s frames match the monitor’s refresh rate. This helps stop screen tearing but adds some input lag. Without V-Sync, you get to choose how fast the game runs. And you can enjoy high frame rates without the bad effects.

Here’s how to disable V-Sync and set a frame limit:

  1. Find the Fallout4Prefs.ini file in the game folder.
  2. Open it with Notepad or Notepad++.
  3. Find iPresentInterval=1 and change it to iPresentInterval=0. This turns off V-Sync.
  4. Add a line under that, e.g. iFPSClamp=60 for a 60 FPS limit.
  5. Save and close the file.

After these steps, start Fallout 4 for a smoother game. Keep in mind your computer must be able to reach the set frame limit. This prevents any slow-downs.

Benefits of Disabling V-Sync and Limiting Framerate

Disabling V-Sync and setting a frame limit in Fallout 4 has good points:

  • Eliminate Input Lag: Turning off V-Sync lowers input lag. This means better control and smoother gaming.
  • Prevent Screen Tearing: No V-Sync and a frame limit stop screen tearing. This gives a clear, smooth display.
  • Optimize Performance: A frame cap eases your hardware’s work. It results in better, even gameplay.
  • Customize Framerate: You can choose the perfect frame cap for your liking and your computer’s power.

Follow these steps to disable V-Sync and limit frames. This way, Fallout 4 runs better without tearing or lag. Dive into its world, uninterrupted.

Enhancing Mouse Accuracy and Removing Lag

In Fallout 4, screen tearing is not the only issue. For a top-notch game, nailing mouse accuracy and removing lag is key. These can mess up your aiming and quick reactions. Luckily, there are ways to fix this and make your mouse move smoothly and fast.

Disabling Mouse Acceleration

Mouse acceleration changes how your mouse moves, depending on how fast you’re moving it. This can mess with gamers who need smooth, predictable mouse movement. To stop this in Fallout 4, you just need to tweak a few game settings.

To turn off mouse acceleration, do this:

  1. Go to where Fallout 4 is saved on your computer.
  2. Find the “Fallout4Prefs.ini” file there.
  3. Open it with Notepad or similar.
  4. Look for the line saying “bMouseAcceleration=1”.
  5. Change this to “bMouseAcceleration=0”.
  6. Save and close the file.

Following these steps gets rid of mouse acceleration. Then, you’ll have steady and precise control of your mouse in Fallout 4.

Improving Mouse Sensitivity and Consistency

Stopping mouse acceleration is not the only fix. You also need to make sure your mouse’s X and Y sensitivity settings are even. If they’re not, aiming can be all over the place, messing up your game.

Here’s what to do to tweak your mouse for better accuracy:

  1. Go to the Fallout 4 folder on your computer.
  2. Find the “Fallout4Prefs.ini” file.
  3. Open it with Notepad or similar.
  4. Look for the lines about “fMouseHeadingXScale” and “fMouseHeadingYScale”.
  5. Set both to the same value, like “0.0200”, to keep it balanced.
  6. Save and close the file.

Adjusting these settings makes your mouse move smoothly and aim accurately in Fallout 4.

Image: Improve Mouse Accuracy and Remove Lag

Mouse Accuracy Tips

Tip Description
Use a Gaming Mouse Invest in a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI settings and a high polling rate to enhance precision and responsiveness.
Optimize Mouse Surface Ensure that you’re using a mouse pad or surface that provides consistent tracking and reduces friction for smooth movement.
Try Different Mouse Grips Experiment with different mouse grips, such as palm grip, claw grip, or fingertip grip, to find the most comfortable and accurate grip style for you.
Adjust In-Game Sensitivity Tweak the in-game sensitivity settings to find the perfect balance between precision and swiftness based on your personal preferences.
Regularly Clean Your Mouse Keep your mouse clean from dust and debris to maintain smooth tracking and prevent any interference with its sensor.

By using these tips and making the right adjustments in Fallout 4, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your aim. Say goodbye to input lag and play Fallout 4 like a champ. Don’t let mouse issues slow you down; take charge and dominate the game.


By following this guide, Fallout 4 players can get rid of screen tearing and lower input lag. They can also make their mouse movements more accurate.

Turning off V-Sync, setting a framerate limit, and fixing mouse acceleration help a lot. These steps stop screen tearing and make your game smoother. Adjusting how sensitive your mouse is makes playing better too. It means your mouse moves exactly as you want.

With these tweaks, Fallout 4 can be a lot more fun. Say goodbye to screen tearing problems. Dive into the game’s amazing world without any annoying breaks. Now, you’re ready to enjoy Fallout 4 to the fullest. Happy gaming!


What is screen tearing in Fallout 4?

Screen tearing happens when the screen’s image splits. This occurs because the game’s frames per second and the monitor’s refresh rate don’t match up.

How does disabling V-Sync solve the screen tearing problem?

Turning off V-Sync stops the graphics from trying to sync, which reduces screen tearing. However, it can cause a delay in your actions, known as input lag.

How can I disable V-Sync in Fallout 4?

To switch off V-Sync in Fallout 4, you need to change the game’s settings. Follow our guide for step-by-step instructions on this process.

What is framerate limiting and how does it help with screen tearing?

Framerate limiting sets a cap on how fast your game runs. This stops the graphics from outpacing your monitor, cutting down on screen tearing.

Can I limit the framerate in Fallout 4?

Sure, you can set a limit on the framerate in Fallout 4. Check our guide for easy steps on how to do this.

How does mouse acceleration affect gameplay in Fallout 4?

Mouse acceleration causes your cursor to move inconsistently. This makes aiming accurately in Fallout 4 troublesome.

Can I disable mouse acceleration in Fallout 4?

Yes. Our guide shows you how to edit the game’s files to turn off mouse acceleration. This will make your mouse movements smooth and consistent.

How does adjusting sensitivity settings enhance mouse accuracy?

Balancing X and Y sensitivity means your mouse moves more evenly. This fine-tunes your aiming, improving accuracy in Fallout 4.

Will following these steps completely eliminate screen tearing in Fallout 4?

These steps should cut down on screen tearing a lot, but some differences may appear based on how your system is set up. Still, our guide will definitely make your Fallout 4 adventure smoother.

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