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Profile on the Smallest Fighter in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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who is the smallest fighter in ufc 4

In the rough world of mixed martial arts, size often matters a lot. But some fighters show us that heart and skill can beat any odds. Montserrat Ruiz is one such example. Even at 5’0″, she fights in the strawweight division of UFC 4. This is the lightest weight class for female fighters, at 115 pounds.

Size doesn’t hold Ruiz back. Her 10 wins, including knockout and submission victories, prove this. She enters the octagon with skill and determination, leaving a big mark.

Ruiz’s journey teaches us a valuable lesson. She proves that anyone, no matter their size, can find success in UFC. Her story is a powerful message for fighters everywhere. It shows that with hard work, love for the sport, and true skill, dreams can come true.

Shortest Male UFC Fighters of All Time

When it comes to fighting, being big doesn’t always win. The UFC has had many short male fighters who became stars. Let’s explore some of the smallest guys who have had big success in the UFC.

Hector Sandoval – “Kid Alex” (5’2″)

One standout is Hector Sandoval, known as “Kid Alex.” Even though he’s only 5’2″ tall, Sandoval is a big deal in the UFC. He’s scored 15 wins and just four losses. Sandoval’s quick moves and smart plays are key in his fights, showing that height isn’t everything.

Antonio Banuelos (5’3″)

Another is Antonio Banuelos, who is 5’3″ tall. He shines in the bantamweight class. Banuelos has a good track record and has won tough fights. He proves that a small size doesn’t stop you from reaching the top in MMA.

“In the UFC, it’s not about the size of the fighter, but rather the size of their heart and determination.” – anonymous

These UFC stars show us that being small doesn’t mean you can’t win. They’ve used their skills and never-give-up spirit to challenge even the biggest opponents. Their journeys encourage us to believe in ourselves and reach for our dreams, no matter what.

Shortest Female UFC Fighters of All Time

The UFC women’s divisions have some amazing fighters. These women are not the tallest in the octagon, yet they leave a huge impact. Montserrat Ruiz, standing at 5’0″, is one example. She competes in the strawweight division, the smallest weight class, at 115 pounds.

Ruiz has shown that size doesn’t determine success in the UFC. She holds 10 wins, with three by KO/TKO and two by submission. Her performances highlight that skill and heart matter more than size.

Jessica Andrade is another great fighter at 5’2″. She has 24 victories in the strawweight division. Among her wins are nine by KO/TKO and eight by submission. This shows her impressive variety of skills in MMA.

The Inspirational Performances of Short Female Fighters

Fighters like Ruiz and Andrade break the stereotype that taller fighters always win. They show that passion, talent, and a competitive spirit are key. In the UFC, these qualities are what truly matter.

They inspire people to chase their dreams, no matter the challenges. Their success proves that anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of their size.

“Size does not define us as fighters. We are here to show the world what we are capable of, and our height will never limit our passion and drive for victory.” – Montserrat Ruiz

Through their remarkable skills, these fighters motivate fans and athletes globally. They represent the essence of the UFC, where courage and talent are valued above all.

Fighter Height Division Record Wins by KO/TKO Wins by Submission
Montserrat Ruiz 5’0″ Strawweight 10-2-0 3 2
Jessica Andrade 5’2″ Strawweight 24-9-0 9 8

These fighters are an inspiration, not just for athletes, but for all. They teach us that with determination, belief, and hard work, anyone can overcome challenges. They are champions both in and out of the octagon. The UFC shows that true greatness knows no height or size limits.

shortest female UFC fighters


In UFC 4, fighters prove that size doesn’t limit success in the octagon. Montserrat Ruiz is UFC 4‘s smallest fighter, showing that skill and determination matter most. Short male fighters, such as Hector Sandoval and Antonio Banuelos, and females like Jessica Andrade inspire us with their skills.

While size might have some impact, it does not define what these fighters can do in the UFC.


Who is the smallest fighter in UFC 4?

The tiniest fighter in UFC 4 is Montserrat Ruiz.

What weight class does Montserrat Ruiz compete in?

She competes in the strawweight division, the lightest for women. It’s at 115 pounds.

How tall is Montserrat Ruiz?

Montserrat is just 5 feet tall.

How many fights has Montserrat Ruiz won?

She has celebrated victory in 10 fights.

How many of Montserrat Ruiz’s victories came by KO/TKO?

Three of her wins were by KO/TKO.

How many of Montserrat Ruiz’s victories came by submission?

Two victories were via submission.

Who is the shortest male UFC fighter of all time?

It’s Hector Sandoval. He goes by “Kid Alex.”

How tall is Hector Sandoval?

Hector stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

What is Hector Sandoval’s UFC record?

His record stands at 15 wins and 4 losses.

Who is another notable short male UFC fighter?

Antonio Banuelos. He’s also 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Who is the shortest female UFC fighter?

Montserrat Ruiz, as we mentioned earlier.

Who is another notable short female UFC fighter?

Jessica Andrade, standing at 5 feet 2 inches. She is quite skilled.

How many victories has Jessica Andrade achieved in the strawweight division?

In the strawweight division, she has garnered 24 wins.

How many of Jessica Andrade’s victories came by KO/TKO?

Nine of her triumphs ended by KO/TKO.

How many of Jessica Andrade’s victories came by submission?

Eight victories saw submission triumphs for Jessica.

Is size a determining factor in a fighter’s performance?

Size doesn’t define a fighter’s success. In UFC 4, heart and skill matter most.

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