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Tracy Cortez in UFC 4: Skills and Strategies

by Marcin Wieclaw
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is tracy cortez in ufc 4

Tracy Cortez is a well-known fighter in mixed martial arts. She has become famous in UFC 4 with her amazing skills and strategies. Her performances in the octagon are truly impressive.

With a perfect record of 4-0, Tracy Cortez is winning over many fans and critics. She stands out with her grappling and control techniques. These skills have led her to win consistently, making her a star in DFS.

Tracy Cortez focuses on using powerful grappling on her opponents. This tactic has been key to her success. It allows her to take dominating positions and earn vital points in her matches. She has an outstanding score average of 87.4 points in DFS.

Tracy Cortez is gearing up to fight Jasmine Jasudavicius in UFC 4. Her advanced grappling skills are likely to give her an advantage in the fight. Tracy’s control of the mat has shown she can be very tough to beat.

Keep an eye out for Tracy Cortez in her fight. You’ll see her excellent skills and smart strategies at work. She’s truly leaving her mark in UFC 4.

Tracy Cortez’s UFC Journey

Tracy Cortez began her climb in the UFC Women’s Flyweight division back in 2019. With a wonderful record of 4-0, she quickly made a name for herself.

Each of Tracy’s wins demonstrates her incredible skills and fierce determination. She’s known for her ability to adjust and plan in each bout, exciting fans every time.

Despite facing tough challengers, Tracy has stayed on top in the Women’s Flyweight division. Her achievements have gained her admiration worldwide, showing she’s a powerhouse.

Tracy’s success comes from her never-ending hard work and focus. Every match helps her improve, inspiring other fighters with her dedication and strength.

Tracy Cortez’s Record in the UFC:

Opponent Result Date
Opponent 1 Win DD/MM/YYYY
Opponent 2 Win DD/MM/YYYY
Opponent 3 Win DD/MM/YYYY
Opponent 4 Win DD/MM/YYYY

Tracy’s journey proves her skill, drive, and never-give-up attitude. Fans look forward to seeing more of her, knowing she always brings her best to the octagon.

Tracy Cortez’s Fighting Style and Techniques

Tracy Cortez has an amazing fighting style. She mainly focuses on grappling. This means she’s really good at wrestling and controlling the fight on the ground.

She’s great at stopping her opponents from taking her down. But, when she sees a chance, she’s quick to turn the tables. She then takes them down and gets into a position where she’s in control.

Tracy’s strategy on the ground is to not let up. She keeps hitting her opponent or looking for ways to make them submit. Her hard work at these tactics makes her a big name in the UFC.

But Tracy Cortez isn’t just about grappling. She also stands out with her striking. She uses punches and kicks to prepare for her takedowns. This mix of skills keeps others unsure of what she’ll do next.

Tracy Cortez’s mix of striking and grappling sets her apart. Her smart moves in a fight make her tough competition in the UFC.

Tracy loves martial arts and works hard to get better. Her efforts show in her fights. Fans and other fighters admire her for her wins and her skills.

Watching Tracy Cortez fight is the best way to see what she’s about.

As Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Tracy Cortez shows what real commitment means in her sport. It’s led her to success in the UFC.

Tracy Cortez’s Grappling Mastery

Tracy is known for her ability to grapple. She controls fights on the ground with skill. Her opponents find it hard to escape from her grip.

Striking and Takedown Setup

Her stand-up fighting skills are also key. Tracy uses these to make takedown opportunities. This helps her keep control of the fight on the ground.

Submission Threats

Tracy is a master of submissions. Her quick moves and solid technique keep her rivals worried. They know a small mistake could mean a submission loss.

Fighting Style that Inspires

Tracy Cortez is an inspiration for those in the fight game. Her Octagon performances show her skill and her never-give-up attitude. She’s a top player in the UFC.

In Conclusion

Tracy Cortez has made a big mark in the UFC 4. Her special techniques and smart plans in fights have made her stand out. Tracy’s focus on grappling and tough ground hits help her win more.

Her best skill is following her plans to beat others. She always does well, showing how good she is. Her hard work is showing results, making her a top player in the UFC.

Now, all Tracy’s fans and other fighters are excited to see what she does next. Each match, she shows new skills, making a strong mark. She is also motivating new fighters to work on their techniques and plans.


Who is Tracy Cortez?

Tracy Cortez is a UFC fighter known for her unique skills. She has competed in UFC 4.

What is Tracy Cortez’s record in the UFC?

She boasts an undefeated 4-0 record in the UFC. Cortez aims to keep climbing the ladder of success.

What is Tracy Cortez’s fighting style?

Her style revolves around grappling. This means she’s very skilled on the ground when fighting.

What is Tracy Cortez’s average score in DFS?

Tracy is a strong scorer, with an average of 87.4 points in DFS. She’s known for her reliability.

Who is Tracy Cortez’s upcoming opponent in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, Jasmine Jasudavicius will face Tracy Cortez. Cortez is tipped to outperform in the grappling area.

When did Tracy Cortez make her UFC debut?

She entered the UFC platform in 2019, to be precise, in the Women’s Flyweight division.

What is Tracy Cortez’s record in the UFC?

Cortez has a spotless 4-0 record since joining the UFC.

What is Tracy Cortez’s fighting style?

Known for her grappling, Cortez uses her wrestling. She controls the ground to dominate her fights.

What skills does Tracy Cortez possess in the octagon?

Tracy stands out with her takedown defense and ground skills. She’s relentless with ground and pound, aiming to wear her rivals down.

She often secures wins with submissions or ground strikes.

What can we expect from Tracy Cortez in the future?

Fans and fellow fighters anticipate seeing more of Tracy’s unique skills and strategies in the UFC.

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