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Secret Cheats to Advance Your Career Mode in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc 4 career mode cheats

Want to rule the career mode in UFC 4? You’re in the right place. This article will share secret cheats and tips for climbing the ranks and dominating the Octagon.

EA Sports created UFC 4, a game known for its lifelike fights and details. Even though the fighters might look the same at first, there are special moves and combos. Knowing these can put you ahead of your foes.

Learning to counter and reverse moves is key in UFC 4’s career mode. You can gain the upper hand by using advanced techniques like the Pull Back Counter and Block Hook Counter. This allows you to control fights. Mastering takedown reversals is also vital, especially against opponents who prefer grappling.

Using powerful combos and strikes is also crucial. Moves like the lunging strike to inside leg kick combo are great for surprising your rivals. Classics like the outside overhand punch and Masvidal’s running knee can also turn fights in your favour.

By adding these tricks to your game and practicing in the training mode, you’ll improve a lot. Soon, you’ll be climbing the career ladder, making a name for yourself in the virtual Octagon.

Why wait? Start using these tactics to boost your fighter’s career. Aim to be the best in UFC 4 and begin your journey to the top!

Mastering Counters and Reversals

In UFC 4 career mode, the best way to control fights is by countering and reversing opponent moves. Techniques like the Pull Back Counter and Block Hook Counter are key. They help change the fight’s momentum to your side. It’s also vital to learn takedown reversals to beat ground-focused opponents.

For counter-striking, good timing is crucial. Predict your opponent’s moves and dodge with a Pull Back Counter. Then, hit them with a powerful counterpunch. This not only defends but also sets up for a combo to cause damage.

“Timing and anticipation are key in executing successful counters in UFC 4.”

The Block Hook Counter is very useful too. It lets you block your opponent’s punch and counter with a hook. This move not only stops their attack but also surprises them, making them open to more hits.

Learning takedown reversals is a must against grappling opponents. With a skillful reversal, you turn from defence to control. Use this to block their takedowns and lead the fight your way.

To master these moves, practice and perfect your timing. Use the game’s practice mode to get better. Keep at it and you’ll see yourself winning more career mode fights.

UFC 4 Counter and Reversal Cheats Overview:

Move Description
Pull Back Counter A defensive maneuver that allows you to dodge incoming strikes and counter with a powerful punch.
Block Hook Counter A technique that involves blocking your opponent’s punch and immediately retaliating with a devastating hook.
Takedown Reversal A defensive move that enables you to reverse your opponent’s takedown attempt and gain the advantage on the ground.

Counters and reversals are powerful in UFC 4 career mode. By mastering these, you can outshine your opponents and climb the ranks quickly.

Devastating Combos and Strikes

Learning how to use strong combos and strikes is key in UFC 4 career mode. These attacks surprise your opponents and deal heavy damage. In the Octagon, the right moves can help you win and build a reputation.

Try the lunging strike to inside leg kick combo. It begins with a powerful lunging strike to shake your opponent, then a quick inside leg kick. This combo not only breaks your rival’s flow but also hurts them badly.

The slip counter is another powerful move. It needs you to dodge at just the right time and hit back with force. When you get it right, it can completely change the game.

powerful attacks in UFC 4 career mode

The outside overhand punch is a must-have in your moves. It surprises your opponent and can end a fight in one blow. Timing is everything with this strike, so use it wisely to win.

The Masvidal’s running knee is also very effective. It lets you quickly approach your opponent and hit them hard with your knee. Mastering this move could be your key to success in UFC 4.

Always remember, practice is essential. Spend time honing these moves in the game’s practice mode. This way, you’ll be ready to deliver these devastating attacks when it counts the most.

Unleash your true potential

“In UFC 4 career mode, mastering devastating combos and strikes is key to rising through the ranks and dominating the competition. With practice and the right strategies, you can unleash your true potential and achieve greatness in the virtual Octagon.”

Combo/Strike Description
Lunging Strike to Inside Leg Kick A powerful combo that throws your opponent off balance with a lunging strike, followed by a swift inside leg kick.
Slip Counter A defensive move that involves evading your opponent’s strike and countering with a precise and powerful strike of your own.
Outside Overhand Punch A devastating punch that can catch your opponent off guard and deliver a knockout blow.
Masvidal’s Running Knee A running knee strike that allows you to quickly close the distance and deliver a powerful blow to your opponent.


In UFC 4 career mode, using these cheats and strategies elevates your fighter’s abilities. They help you win against all your opponents. Make sure to practice these moves a lot. This will make you sharp in real fights.

Being a top fighter takes hard work and knowing the game well. If you keep at it and use these tips, you can be great. Show off your skills in every fight. You’ll impress everyone without fail.

To rule in UFC 4, keep getting better. Try new things and always adjust to what’s new. Success needs work and a lot of practice. Stay focused and compete with the best out there. Your journey in the career mode can make you a champion.


What are some secret cheats to advance your career mode in UFC 4?

For success in UFC 4 career mode, use special cheats and strategies. Mastering counters, reversals, combos, and strikes is key. By getting good at these, you can beat opponents and climb up the ranks.

How can I master counters and reversals in UFC 4 career mode?

To master counters and reversals in UFC 4, learn Pull Back Counters and Block Hook Counters. Using these moves well can change a fight to your favour. Also, learn takedown reversals to win against grapplers.

What are some devastating combos and strikes I can use in UFC 4 career mode?

There are many combos and strikes to surprise opponents and cause big damage. Try the lunging strike to inside leg kick combo or the slip counter. Moves like the outside overhand punch and Masvidal’s running knee are great too. Practice these in the game to master them.

How can these cheats and strategies help me dominate in UFC 4 career mode?

By using these cheats and strategies, you can greatly improve in UFC 4. Mastering counters, reversals, and powerful moves gives you the upper hand. Doing well in matches will help you be the top fighter in the game.

What should I do to ensure proper execution of these cheats and strategies in UFC 4 career mode?

To use these cheats and strategies well in UFC 4, practice in the game’s practice mode. This will train you to use them perfectly in fights. With enough practice, you’ll be ready to beat anyone in the game.

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