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Mastering EA Sports UFC 4 Controls for Enhanced Gameplay

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ea sports ufc 4 controls

Ready to jump into EA Sports UFC 4 and feel the excitement of the Octagon? This game brings MMA to life with its realistic fights. But, to really win, you must get the controls down.

EA Sports UFC 4 came out in August 2020. It made the game easier for both new and expert players. The new ground game helps make things clear. But how can you be the best in UFC 4?

Start by training and getting to know the controls well. Spend time practising different moves and combos. Make them feel like second nature to you.

Don’t just use powerful hits in fights. Aim for quick, precise hits. These create chances for strong counterattacks. Protect yourself by learning how to block body shots. Also, practice countering headshots effectively.

Managing your stamina is vital for winning. Avoid using all your power moves quickly. This will tire you out fast. Save up your stamina. Use it when you can land big hits or dodge attacks.

But getting the controls right is only the start. To really win in UFC 4, you need solid plans. Learn how to counter your opponents and use the clinch wisely. Knowing submissions is also a game-changer.

Look out for more tips coming your way. We’ll talk about training well, the best striking moves, and how to defend yourself. Get set for the most intense Octagon battles you’ve ever experienced!

Tips for Effective Training in UFC 4

To get better at UFC 4, you need more than talent and quick moves. Real success comes from putting time and effort into training. By honing your skills and knowing the game well, you’ll up your game. Here’s how to boost your training and games in UFC 4.

1. Practice Specific Moves, Punches, and Combos

UFC 4 has loads of moves, punches, and combos that can be tricky at first. A good way to learn them is by taking time to practice each in the training area. By doing this a lot, you’ll train your muscles to remember, making the moves easy in fights.

2. Adjust the Opponent’s AI

In UFC 4, you can change how your opponent fights to practice against different styles and skill levels. This lets you work on your defense and counter attacks. It’s a great way to get better at handling various fight styles in the game.

3. Learn from Experts

Online, there are lots of videos and guides made by top UFC gamers, ready for you to watch and learn from. They share their best strategies and game styles. Learning from their tips can help you get better and win more.

4. Analyze Your Matches

To improve, record your fights and then watch them closely. Look at what you did well and where you could do better. This will help you spot your weak points and find new strategies to beat them next time.

5. Join Online Communities

Joining online groups or forums can connect you with other UFC gamers. You’ll meet lots of fans who love sharing tips and tricks. This can really boost your training and skills in the game.

Keep training hard and smart to do well in UFC 4. Use these tips to make your game stronger and own the Octagon!

Training Tip Description
Set Training Goals Define specific goals for each training session to stay focused and motivated.
Warm-Up Routine Start each session with a dynamic warm-up to prevent injuries and improve flexibility.
Shadow Boxing Perform punches, footwork, and defensive movements without a partner to refine your technique.
Partner Drills Work with a training partner to practice combinations, counters, and defensive maneuvers.
Conditioning Exercises Incorporate strength, endurance, and cardio exercises to enhance your physical fitness.
Sparring Sessions Engage in controlled sparring sessions to apply your skills in a realistic simulated environment.
Cooldown and Stretching Finish each training session with a cooldown and stretching routine to aid recovery and prevent muscle soreness.

Key Strategies for Effective Strikes and Defense in UFC 4

In UFC 4, winning means owning striking and defence skills. By using the right moves, you lead the fight.

Moving Away from Power Strikes

Quick and accurate strikes beat powerful ones in UFC 4. Aiming with jabs, hooks, and straights opens your rival’s defence. This lets you land dangerous combos.

Protecting the Body and Countering Headshots

Offence matches defence in UFC 4’s importance. Shield your body and strike back at headshots for an edge. Perfect blocking and parrying helps against hits, and counter with aim and strength.

Maintaining Stamina and Avoiding Big Move Spamming

In UFC 4, keeping energy high is key. Don’t overuse stamina-draining moves. Save energy for well-placed strong strikes.

Avoiding Overusing Dodging

UFC 4 striking thrives on perfect timing over dodging use. Limit dodging to save stamina, focusing on counters and combos. This preserves your strength for fight domination.

“Effective striking and defense in UFC 4 require a balance of technique, precision, and strategy.”

To be better, focus on your skills in UFC 4. Use quick, accurate strikes. Protect your body and hit back at headshots. Don’t tire out early. Striking at the right moment is the key.

UFC 4 Striking

Striking Strategy Defense Strategy
Focus on quick and accurate strikes Protect the body and counter headshots
Avoid spamming big moves Maintain stamina and conserve energy
Avoid overusing dodging Utilize well-timed counters and combos


Getting good at EA Sports UFC 4 is all about knowing the game’s controls. Spend time on training and perfect your strikes and defense. Also, learn to use powerful strategies. Doing this will make you a stronger player.

It’s not just about the basics, though. You must also learn to counter your rival’s moves. Understand how submissions work, and know when to use the clinch. These skills give you an advantage.

Use these tips and tricks to really get into EA Sports UFC 4. It’ll let you enjoy an exciting and thoughtful game. So, prepare to enter the virtual Octagon. Show everyone what you’re made of!


How can I improve my gameplay in EA Sports UFC 4?

To get better at EA Sports UFC 4, spend time in training. Work on specific moves and combos. Adjust the opponent’s AI setting. This will make the moves like a reflex, boosting your game skills and performance.

What strategies should I focus on for effective striking and defense in UFC 4?

To beat your challengers in UFC 4, focus on quick, precise strikes and good defense. Refrain from just using power moves. Always guard your body and learn to block and counter head strikes. Keep your stamina up. Don’t overuse big moves. Use combos to set up big hits.

What are some key techniques to master in UFC 4?

For success in UFC 4, master counter attacks, the submission system, and the clinch. Knowing when and how to counter can give you a big advantage. Using the submission system and clinch wisely can turn the game in your favour when you’re in a pinch.

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