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Effective Strategies for the Top Sprawl Position in UFC 4

by Julia Blackwood
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The top sprawl position in UFC 4 is a key move for defence. It helps get away from takedowns to beat your foe. Having strong strategies here can help control the fight.

Some gamers might find it hard to use certain moves, like the d’arce choke, from top sprawl. But exploring different methods is vital for success. It’s all about knowing your options in UFC 4.

Getting good at the top sprawl position can really give you an advantage. You protect against takedowns well and get a dominant spot. This lets you lead the fight and aim for the win.

Later on, we’ll talk about tips and tricks to make the most of the top sprawl position.

Unlocking the D’arce Choke in UFC 4

Players in UFC 4 may find it hard to use the d’arce choke from top sprawl. The game suggests this move but doesn’t show how to do it. This has surprised many fans. They thought they could use the d’arce choke from other top positions like the professionals do. So, it’s smart to check out other moves like the anaconda choke or armbars in this position.

Finding other moves can help in UFC 4. Even if you can’t do the d’arce choke, there are other wins. The anaconda choke is a great example. It can surprise your opponent and win the match. Just put your arm under your opponent’s neck, lock your hands, and they might tap out or pass out.

“To unlock the d’arce choke in UFC 4, players need to try new things,” says MMA coach Mike Brown. “The game doesn’t show this move well, but there are many other good moves to use from the top sprawl position.”

Using armbars is a good idea too. From top sprawl, you can control an arm and make your opponent tap with the right move. It takes skill, but it can turn the game in your favour.

Adapting and trying new things is the secret in UFC 4. Even if the d’arce choke isn’t the easiest move to use, other submissions like the anaconda choke and armbars are there. Using these can help you win and beat your opponents.

Executing the Sprawl Technique in UFC 4

In UFC 4, knowing how to do the sprawl is key for stopping takedowns. When your opponent grabs your leg, the sprawl helps you keep your balance. You’ll move your hips back, kick your legs out, and grab their head to stop them.

It’s a vital move as it stops your opponent from tackling you. If you time it right, you’ll be in a strong position over them. But if you’re too early or late, you make it easier for them to take you down.

Getting good at the sprawl means standing right, using your hands well, and knowing when to expect a takedown. If you practice these, you’ll stop takedowns easily, annoy your foes, and stay winning in the fight.

Example Sprawl Technique

Here’s an example of how the sprawl technique can be effectively used in UFC 4:

  • As your opponent goes for a leg takedown, quickly move your hips back, creating distance between you and your opponent.
  • Simultaneously, swing your legs away from your opponent, making it difficult for them to maintain a grip on you.
  • Reach for your opponent’s head and try to control it with your hands, destabilizing their balance.
  • As you maintain this position, look for opportunities to transition into a more dominant position or counter-attack.

Becoming a sprawl master takes effort, focus, and knowing what your rival is up to. By using this move a lot, you will take charge in UFC 4. You’ll stop takedowns and control how the fight goes.

Advantages Disadvantages
+ Prevents opponent from taking you down – Requires proper timing and execution
+ Puts you in a dominant top sprawl position – Limited offensive options
+ Allows for transitions and counter-attacks – Can be countered by skilled opponents


The top sprawl position in UFC 4 offers many chances for control in a fight. It might be hard to do some moves, like the d’arce choke, from this spot. But it’s vital to find other submission moves that work well.

Knowing how to sprawl helps stop your opponent from taking you down. It also keeps you ahead in the fight. With the right moves and good timing, you can make your UFC 4 game stronger. You’ll stand out as a tough player in the digital octagon.


What is the top sprawl position in UFC 4?

The top sprawl position helps you avoid takedowns and get a better spot on your opponent.

What are effective strategies for the top sprawl position in UFC 4?

Good moves for the top sprawl are knowing how to sprawl well, moving at the right times, and looking into different holds.

Can I unlock the d’arce choke from the top sprawl position in UFC 4?

You can’t do the d’arce choke from the top sprawl in UFC 4. But you can try other holds like the anaconda choke or armbars.

How do I execute the sprawl technique in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, sprawl by pushing your hips back, kicking your legs off your opponent, and grabbing their head when they go for a takedown.

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