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The Best Moves to Master on UFC 4 for PS4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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EA’s UFC 4 is a great game for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). It has cool moves and fights that look real. Whether you just started or play a lot, knowing the best moves is key to win.

Every fighter on UFC 4 is different. They have their own moves that look just like the real fighters. To win, you must learn these moves well. Using them right will help you hit hard and defend well.

Do you like fighters who use their hands or those who like to grab and throw? For any style, UFC 4 has moves that can help. You can learn to stop your opponent’s moves or hit back when they least expect it.

But it’s not just about blocking and hitting. Combining moves to make a strong attack is important in UFC 4. You can learn moves like quick kicks or how to dodge hits. These moves make your hits stronger and can even end a fight with just one punch.

Getting good at UFC 4 takes time and work. Use the practice mode in the game to get better. Try lots of different moves to see what you like best.

Once you know the best moves in UFC 4 for the PS4, you can beat anyone. Get ready to step into the game. Show what you can do. Are you excited?

Check back soon. We’ll talk more about moves you need to know in UFC 4. Learn them well for the best chance to win.

Effective Countermoves in UFC 4

In UFC 4, countermoves can be your secret weapon. They help you take control of a fight. The takedown reversal and block hook counter are two powerful countermoves.

The takedown reversal is key for grapplers. It lets you counter an opponent’s takedown and get the upper hand. By pressing the right buttons at the right time, you can change the fight’s direction fast.

The block hook counter is also very effective. It lets you block an opponent’s hook and strike back hard. If you time it right, you may even knock them down or get an instant win. This move can be risky but is rewarding when done correctly.

Knowing the right button combos for these moves is essential. Practice using them in the game. Aim to time them perfectly. This way, you’ll be ready to react to your opponent’s actions.

“Countermoves are crucial in UFC 4. They let you use your foe’s attacks against them. Learning the takedown reversal and block hook counter can really boost your chances of winning in the cage. Good practice, timing, and quick thinking are vital.” – UFC Champion, Conor McGregor

Countermoves in Action

Now, let’s see these countermoves in two situations:

  1. Your opponent tries a takedown. You see the chance and use the takedown reversal. By doing this, you’re now in charge of the fight. You can start your own offensive moves to take control.
  2. Your opponent throws a hook punch. Instead of getting hit, you use the block hook counter. Your block and counter are perfectly timed. Your counterpunch is powerful, surprising your opponent. This move may even knock them down, changing the fight’s course in your favour.

Comparison of Countermoves

Countermoves Advantages Key Technique
Takedown Reversal Gain a favorable position on the ground Execute the correct button combination at the right moment
Block Hook Counter Knockdown or flash KO potential Perfect timing to block and counter

Learning countermoves like the takedown reversal and block hook counter can really up your game in UFC 4. They let you use your opponent’s attacks to your advantage. With practice and skill, you can become a dominant force in the octagon.

Devastating Striking Combinations in UFC 4

Striking combinations are key in UFC 4. They let you unleash big attacks on your foes. These need skilful timing to be powerful, offering a big edge in the fight.

The lunging strike to inside leg kick is a top combo in UFC 4. It surprises enemies with a quick uppercut and then a hard leg hit. The strike messes up their rhythm, making them open to the leg kick. This can really hurt them and slow their moves.

UFC 4 Striking Combinations Image

It works well on fast opponents, slowing them down. This combo aims to limit their footwork and dodge ability. That way, you control the fight better.

The slip counter is also a strong move in UFC 4. It means ducking a hit and hitting back. You need sharp reflexes to pull this off. It lets you avoid a hit and strike hard at the same time.

This move is risky but can win a fight. A well-done slip counter confuses enemies and leaves them open to more hits. Beating someone with it means you really understand their moves and react perfectly.

Both the lunging strike combo and the slip counter are great for fighters. But, using them right is crucial. Mistakes in timing or showing your move can lead to getting hit back.

To get these combos right, practise in UFC 4’s training mode. This will make you sharper and better at attacking. With enough practice, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the game, dominating with your strong moves.


Mastering the top moves in UFC 4 is key to winning in the octagon. Learn to counter, use combos, and mix up techniques. This way, you’ll outperform rivals and grow your fighter skills in the game.

Start by practising in the game’s practice mode. Try out various moves to see what fits your style. With hard work and expertise, you’ll rule UFC 4 on PS4.


What are the best moves to master in UFC 4 for PS4?

The best moves in UFC 4 for PS4 mix striking, countermoves, and techniques. Practice moves like the lunging strike to inside leg kick. And the slip counter for damage. Try different moves to see what fits your style.

What countermoves can be used in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, countermoves give you an edge. Try a takedown reversal to counter grappling fighters. Use a block hook counter for big moments if you time it right. Remember, you need to press specific buttons accurately in the game.

How can I execute devastating striking combinations in UFC 4?

Strike combos in UFC 4 can turn fights around. Use a lunging strike to inside leg kick for a surprise attack. Or, a slip counter to dodge and strike back hard. These moves need perfect timing and can be practised in the game.

How can I become a skilled fighter in UFC 4 on PS4?

To be great in UFC 4, know the top moves and techniques. By mastering countermoves and combinations, you can win matches. practice lots and try different strategies to see what suits you. Skill and practice will make you a force to reckon with in UFC 4 on PS4.

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