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Loyal Companions: Duke – Your New Best Friend in Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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fallout 4 duke your new best friend

Welcome to the world of Fallout 4, where having a loyal friend is crucial. Among the game’s companions, Duke stands out. He is known for being extremely loyal and brave, making him the perfect friend in the post-apocalyptic world.

Duke is a trustworthy friend in Fallout 4. He is determined and always has your back. With Duke, even the most dangerous adventures are safer. He ensures you can survive the wasteland’s challenges.

Duke is different from other companions in Fallout 4. His loyalty is unmatched. He will always support you, protect you, and bring some laughter in hard times. His loyalty creates a strong, unbreakable bond between you and him.

Choosing Duke means adding a unique element to your game. With his abilities, he finds hidden loot, spots enemies, and helps with quests. Having Duke makes every part of the game more interesting and fun.

If you need a loyal and supportive companion, Duke is the best pick in Fallout 4. His loyalty and friendship are invaluable. Join Duke to learn about true loyalty and friendship in Fallout 4.

How Companions React to Legate Lanius in Fallout 4

Companions in Fallout 4 have different feelings toward Legate Lanius. He is a mysterious and feared character. Each companion has a unique view of Lanius when they meet him. Some, like Cait and Hancock, admire his fighting abilities and show him respect. Others, such as Curie and Piper, disapprove because of his links to slavery and violence. Meanwhile, some companions, like Codsworth and Dogmeat, stay neutral. Nick Valentine and Paladin Danse, however, approach Lanius with caution.

Now, let’s look closer at how some Fallout 4 companions respond to Legate Lanius:

Cait: Curiosity and Respect

“Bloody hell, that man knows how to fight! I wouldn’t mind having him on our side.”

Hancock: Admiration for a Worthy Opponent

“You’ve got to respect his skills, even if you don’t agree with his methods. Lanius is one tough bastard!”

Curie: Distrust and Disapproval

“I find it difficult to understand how anyone could support someone like Lanius. Slavery and violence, it’s all just so wrong.”

Piper: A Dislike for Brutality

“Lanius represents everything I stand against. His actions are despicable, and I can’t help but feel a sense of disgust in his presence.”

Codsworth: Indifference and Neutrality

“I can’t say I have strong feelings one way or another towards Lanius. He’s just another person trying to survive in this wasteland.”

Dogmeat: Loyalty Unaffected

*Dogmeat remains loyal to the player and doesn’t show any specific reaction to Legate Lanius.*

Nick Valentine: Caution and Skepticism

“Keep an eye on that one, my friend. Lanius seems like someone who knows how to play the game, and I don’t trust him one bit.”

Paladin Danse: Guarded and Suspicious

“We need to be careful around Lanius. His ties to certain factions and his brutal reputation make him a potential threat to our mission.”

Each companion adds a layer of story and depth to the world of Fallout 4 with their diverse reactions to Legate Lanius.

Companion Reactions to Legate Lanius

Companion Reaction
Cait Curiosity and Respect
Hancock Admiration for a Worthy Opponent
Curie Distrust and Disapproval
Piper A Dislike for Brutality
Codsworth Indifference and Neutrality
Dogmeat Loyalty Unaffected
Nick Valentine Caution and Skepticism
Paladin Danse Guarded and Suspicious


The mod “Everyone’s Best Friend” truly changes things in Fallout 4. Players can have both Dogmeat and another companion at the same time. This makes gameplay more fun as you have a four-legged friend and another companion with you in the wasteland.

This mod makes it easier to explore. With Dogmeat and a companion, you can discover more secrets. Also, you are better prepared to face challenges.

Companions react differently to characters like Legate Lanius. This adds depth to the story. You see each companion’s unique personality and opinions.

Mods like “Everyone’s Best Friend” help build strong bonds with companions. This makes Fallout 4’s journey unforgettable. So, start your adventure and let your companions be your loyal friends.


What is the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod in Fallout 4?

The “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod lets players keep both Dogmeat and another companion in Fallout 4. It’s safe, using only the game’s tools. There’s no need for cheats or commands.

Is the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod compatible with the base game?

Yes, this mod works with the base Fallout 4 game.

Do I need any dependencies to use the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod?

You won’t need any extra stuff for this mod to run.

In what languages has the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod been translated into?

The mod’s in lots of languages, like Mandarin, Portuguese, and more. It includes Spanish, Russian, Italian, Czech, German, and Polish, too.

Where can I download the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod?

You can get the mod from Nexus or Bethesda.net.

How do the companions in Fallout 4 react to Legate Lanius?

Each companion has a different reaction to this character. Their response is based on their own unique views and experiences.

Which companions are intrigued by Legate Lanius?

Companions like Cait and Hancock admire Lanius’ fighting abilities. They show him respect.

Which companions distrust Legate Lanius?

Companions like Curie and Piper do not like Lanius. They see him as linked to bad things like slavery and cruel acts.

How do neutral companions react to Legate Lanius?

Companions like Codsworth and Dogmeat don’t particularly like or dislike Lanius. They remain neutral.

How do cautious companions react to Legate Lanius?

Nick Valentine and Paladin Danse are careful around Lanius. They have a more guarded attitude towards him.

How does the “Everyone’s Best Friend” mod enhance the companion system in Fallout 4?

This mod brings something new. Players can have Dogmeat and another companion at the same time. It changes gameplay and opens up new ways to enjoy the game’s world.

What do companion mods like “Everyone’s Best Friend” add to Fallout 4?

Mods like this help players bond with their companions. They add depth to the game, making the journey more personal and exciting.

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