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Enhancing Gameplay: The Best Mods for UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Make UFC 4 more exciting with top mods. These mods can make you better at the game. They’re great for both new and experienced players, helping you learn new moves and beat your opponents.

UFC 4 has a detailed damage system. It looks at your fighter’s weight, the type of hit, and where it lands. Knowing this can help you win. Mods for UFC 4 make this even more powerful.

Mods can tweak how much damage you do. They adjust your stance, power, and skill level. This means you can hit harder and better, increasing your chances of winning.

Use these UFC 4 mods to improve how you play. They can make your hits stronger or help you defend better. With these changes, you can sharpen your fighting skills and rise as the UFC 4 champion.

Joe Rogan Exits EA Sports UFC 4 Commentary

Joe Rogan, known for his UFC commentary, won’t be in EA Sports UFC 4. He wasn’t happy with his previous UFC game voiceovers. So, he’s decided not to join UFC 4. But, fans will still enjoy new commentary from Daniel “DC” Cormier and Jon Anik instead.

With Rogan gone, there’s a chance for something new in UFC 4. Now, you’ll hear insights from Daniel “DC” Cormier, a UFC champ. Jon Anik, a well-known commentator and journalist, also joins. Their commentary will add depth and excitement as you play UFC 4.

Having Cormier and Anik means UFC 4 will have realistic and thrilling commentary. It will make your virtual fighting experience feel alive. Whether you’re landing a knockout or a submission, their words will make each moment more exciting.

The Expert Commentary Team:

Commentator Expertise
Daniel “DC” Cormier Former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion
Jon Anik Experienced commentator and journalist

Experience Authentic UFC Action with UFC Mobile 2

Get ready to jump into the Octagon with UFC Mobile 2. It’s the best MMA fighting game for your phone. Immerse yourself in UFC’s world. Fight with real athletes from different weight classes.

UFC Mobile 2 puts UFC’s excitement right on your screen. Every fighter comes with special skills. As they get stronger, you can customise how you fight. Whether you like to hit hard or take it to the ground, you’ll find your match.

Join campaigns, special events, and raids for rewards. These help you on your journey to UFC greatness. Challenge others and show your skills in real-time battles. Work with your guild to win and climb to the top.

UFC Mobile 2 gives you MMA’s power. Download it now. Feel the thrill of UFC anytime, anywhere.


What is the impact of strikes in UFC 4?

UFC 4’s fighting system is multi-layered. It factors in many elements like the fighter’s weight class and the type of strike they use. This system also considers where the strike hits and the fighting position.

Many things influence the damage a fighter’s strike does, such as their fighting stance and their power. Knowing how these factors work helps players make the most out of different situations in fights. It also makes their fighting experience more rewarding overall.

Why is Joe Rogan not featured in EA Sports UFC 4?

Joe Rogan isn’t in UFC 4 despite his well-known UFC commentary. He didn’t want to do voiceover work for the UFC games anymore. That’s why he’s not part of the game.

The game now features a new commentary team. It includes Daniel “DC” Cormier and Jon Anik. This gives players new voices to listen to, adding a fresh spin on the game’s commentary.

What can players expect from UFC Mobile 2?

UFC Mobile 2 is an exciting fighting game for mobile phones. It allows players to fight with UFC stars across different weight classes. Each fighter has special powers that grow stronger as they level up.

Players can join in campaigns, events, and raids to win rewards. The game mixes RPG elements with real-time fighting. This lets players become UFC champions in a fun and realistic way.

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