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Choosing the Best Stance for Your Fighter in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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best stance for ufc 4

In UFC 4, your fighter’s stance is key. It greatly affects how you fight – striking, grappling, and defending. Picking the right stance unleashes your fighter’s true skill, helping you rule the Octagon. We’ll look into the top stances in UFC 4 and why they’re excellent picks.

Top Stances in UFC 4 – Striking and Grappling Combined

In UFC 4, picking the right stance is key to your fight style and strategy. It affects how you strike, grapple, and defend. Choosing the best stance helps you unleash your fighter’s full power and win in the Octagon.

For a mix of striking and grappling, certain stances in UFC 4 shine. These stances let fighters move smoothly between striking and grappling. They are perfect for those who want to mix up their fight game.

Andrei Arlovski’s Blend of Striking and Grappling

Andrei Arlovski’s stance combines striking and grappling well. It’s great for landing takedowns and surprising opponents. This stance is strong against weaker grapplers and catching foes with unexpected takedowns. It supports a wide variety of techniques, keeping opponents off balance and letting you lead the fight.

Alistair Overeem’s Striking Powerhouse Stance

Alistair Overeem’s stance is ideal for strikers, especially kickboxers. It focuses on powerful punches and has strong boxing skills. This stance is known for its power, especially for southpaws. Fighters using it can deliver heavy strikes, overwhelming their enemies.

These stances give fighters many options. They enable moving smoothly between striking and grappling. Whether you’re after balance or pure striking force, these stances are the key to Octagon success.

Stances for Stand-Up Fighting and Boxers

In UFC 4, picking the right stance is key for stand-up fighting and boxing. The Diaz brother stance and Jon Jones style are excellent for this. They give unique benefits to improve your striking abilities. Let’s look into these stances more:

The Diaz Brother Stance

Nate and Nick Diaz stand out for their boxing and unique fighting styles. Their stance is great for boxers wanting to stay tall in the ring. It enhances your movement, lets you move your head well, and helps dodge hits. By using this stance, you can surprise your opponent and land strong counter punches. Plus, it boosts your cardio, perfect for lasting through a fight.

The Jon Jones Stance

Jon Jones, a top UFC fighter, uses a tall stance perfect for mixing punches and kicks. It’s excellent for those who like kickboxing. This style offers many striking moves and lets you attack an opponent’s weak spots. So, you can adjust to different styles and keep on the offensive.

The Diaz and Jon Jones stances are both great choices for boxers and stand-up fighters. They help with movement, protecting your head, and landing powerful hits. Using these stances can improve your performance in UFC 4.

Having covered stances for stand-up fighting and boxing, let’s look at a stance that can improve your overall fighting approach. This next section focuses on a flexible stance.

The Versatile and Well-Rounded Stance

Looking for a balanced fighting style in UFC 4? Eddie Alvarez shows us the way with his well-rounded stance. It’s great for both boxing and putting pressure on your opponent. This makes it a top choice for many fighters.

Alvarez’s stance has some key benefits. It helps fighters move around the fighting area quickly and sharply. This is important for those looking to counterattack. Moreover, it’s good for blocking hits. So, fighters can easily defend themselves when needed. The stance also boosts a fighter’s ability to strike fast and accurately. This lets them throw powerful boxing moves one after the other.

For kickboxers, Ovince Saint Preux’s stance is a strong option. This stance is well-known in the sport, even used by the great Israel Adesanya. It’s perfect for mixing up different strikes. Opponents find it hard to predict, making the fighter’s attacks more effective.

About well-rounded stances, Henry Cejudo has one that stands out. It’s ideal for those who want to balance striking and grappling. By combining different fighting techniques, the fighter can surprise their opponents. They can also gain an advantage in the fight.


Why is choosing the right stance important in UFC 4?

Choosing the right stance is key in UFC 4. It affects your style and strategy. Your stance helps decide how well you can strike, grapple, and defend. This is crucial for facing different opponents.

What are some of the top stances in UFC 4?

Top stances in UFC 4 are those used by skilled fighters. These include styles from Andrei Arlovski, Alistair Overeem, and others such as the Diaz brothers, Jon Jones, and more. Each brings a unique approach to fighting.

What makes the stances used by Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem great choices?

Arlovski’s stance works well for both striking and grappling, important against certain fighters or in later rounds. Overeem’s stance benefits strikers, especially those who focus on kickboxing. It gives power in punches and strong boxing skills.

What makes the Diaz brother stance recommended for stand-up fighting?

The Diaz brother stance is favoured if you prefer stand-up fighting. It aids in movement and offers good head movement. Boxers can dodge hits while keeping a high posture. Plus, it helps with stamina.

Why is the style used by Jon Jones a great choice for kickboxing enthusiasts?

Jon Jones’ style is great for kickboxers. It’s a tall stance, perfect for mixing up punches and kicks. This strategy is very effective for those who enjoy kickboxing.

What makes the stance used by Eddie Alvarez great for boxers and pressure fighters?

Alvarez’s stance is perfect for boxers and those who like to keep up the pressure. It’s flexible, supporting quick movements and strong blocks. The stance also allows for swift, accurate strikes, ideal for fighters who apply pressure with fast boxing combos.

Why is the Ovince Saint Preux stance recommended for kickboxers?

Saint Preux’s stance, also used by kickboxing champ Israel Adesanya, is top-notch for kickboxers. It features a wide range of strikes. These can confuse and hurt your opponent. It’s a strong choice for those in the kickboxing scene.

What makes the style used by Henry Cejudo an excellent choice for fighters?

Cejudo’s style is versatile, blending striking and grappling well. It suits different fighting methods. This keeps opponents on their toes with a mix of tactics.

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