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Executing Max Holloway’s Signature Combos in UFC 4

by Julia Blackwood
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max holloway combos ufc 4

Get ready to dive into the action with Max Holloway’s fierce fighting style in UFC 4. As the UFC featherweight champion, his techniques are top-notch. Whether you love the game or martial arts, learning Holloway’s combos is a great boost for your virtual fights. Unleash Max Holloway combos in UFC 4 and feel the power.

Holloway is skilled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He uses a set of five powerful moves to win his fights. These moves are jab, cross, slap, flying knee, and switch kick. Let’s look into each move and add Holloway’s unique touch to our gameplay.

Mastering Max Holloway’s Jab and Cross in UFC 4

Max Holloway is the UFC featherweight champion. He’s a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. With an impressive record and a 12-win streak, Holloway beats his opponents well. If you want to be like him in UFC 4, learn his jab and cross moves first.

The jab is a key move in Holloway’s style. It’s a straight punch to the face with the front arm. The jab helps him find distance, check his opponent, and prepare for more hits. It works for both attack and defence.

The cross is a hit with the rear arm. Holloway uses it after jabs to make a strong combo. This powerful punch can even lead to a knockout. It’s an important weapon in Holloway’s moves.

If you get good at the jab and cross, you can fight like Holloway in UFC 4. With these moves, you can copy his accurate techniques. Sending powerful hits towards your opponents can help you win.

Tips for Executing Holloway’s Jab and Cross:

  • Stand with your lead foot inward and rear foot solid for balance.
  • Stretch your arm fully for jab and cross for more power and aim.
  • Pull back your arm fast to avoid hits from your opponent.
  • Move your feet to get better angles for hitting effectively.
  • Keep practicing the jab-cross move to get it right and smooth.

Learning Holloway’s jab and cross in UFC 4 is a big first step. These moves are crucial for his powerful combos. This is the key to winning in the game’s Octagon.

Unleashing Max Holloway’s Slap, Flying Knee, and Switch Kick in UFC 4

Max Holloway uses an open-handed slap to surprise his rivals. It catches them off guard. This moves helps him find chances to land more hits. The speed and surprise of the slap often throw his opponents off their game.

The flying knee is a key part of Max Holloway’s strategy. It shows off not just power, but his style too. It’s great for close fighting or catching an enemy by surprise. This move really shines on Max’s highlight reel, showing his amazing grace and skill.

Holloway’s switch kick is also quite something. Coming from the tactics of a right-hander, this left kick is strong. It’s pretty unpredictable, especially when aimed high. The switch kick is about balance and power. It can lead to impressive results in both attacking and defending, a key part of Holloway’s toolkit.

In UFC 4, players can use Holloway’s unique moves to their advantage. By mastering these, they can mimic the current champ’s style. These moves aren’t just for show. They can surprise rivals, open up opportunities, and deal heavy hits.

By adding these tactics to their game, players can stand out. They’ll control fights better. In the virtual Octagon, Max Holloway’s moves can really make a difference.


Learning Max Holloway’s moves in UFC 4 is key to doing well. His skills and confidence have made him a top fighter. By using his punches and kicks in the game, you can fight like him and win.

The jab and cross are important parts of Holloway’s fighting style. They help him start and finish his attacks. With moves like his slap and kicks, you can surprise your opponents and control the fight.

Want to be as good as Max Holloway in UFC 4? This guide will help, whether you’re a pro or just starting. Learn his moves and show everyone you’re the champ.


Are Max Holloway’s signature combos difficult to execute in UFC 4?

Mastering Max Holloway’s signature combos takes practice. But, with dedication and skill, players can pull off these moves well in UFC 4.

How do I perform the jab and cross in UFC 4?

Perform a jab by throwing a straight punch with your front arm at your opponent’s face. For the cross, use your rear arm to make a strong punch. Combine jabs and crosses for powerful combos.

What is the purpose of Max Holloway’s slap in UFC 4?

Holloway’s slap is a strategic move. It surprises his opponents and can lead to more strikes. It’s an important trick for any fighter to use.

How can I perform Max Holloway’s flying knee in UFC 4?

To do the flying knee, jump up and push your rear knee forward. It’s a flashy yet effective attack in UFC 4.

What is the switch kick in UFC 4?

The switch kick is a key move for targeting the head. It catches opponents by surprise, especially for right-handers. Work on your timing and precision to make this kick really count.

How can I incorporate Max Holloway’s moves into my gameplay in UFC 4?

Master Holloway’s moves like the jab, cross, slap, flying knee, and switch kick. They let you fight like him and give you an advantage. Use Holloway’s style and confidence to win in UFC 4.

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