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Max Holloway in UFC 4: Tactics for Top Performance

by Julia Blackwood
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Max Holloway is the UFC featherweight champion. He has a 19-3 record and has won 12 fights in a row. His skills in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai are top-notch. Plus, he’s known for his cool style, making him stand out.

This article looks into what makes Holloway a champion in UFC 4. If you’re into Holloway or want to up your video game fighting, you’re in the right place. We’ll share the tactics that set him apart from the rest.

We’ll talk about his five special moves, his great game in UFC 300, and how he wins with strategy. Stick around to learn what makes him the BMF champion.

We’re going to break down how Holloway fights in UFC 4. We want to show you his winning moves and strategies. Let’s learn from the best so you can do your best, too.

The Five Moves of Max Holloway

Max Holloway is the unstoppable UFC featherweight champion. His skills make him a strong fighter. He mixes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Muay Thai in the Octagon. Here are Holloway’s top five moves that show his agility and technique.

  1. Jab: The jab is Holloway’s key move. It lets him hit accurately with his front arm. This opens his opponents to more powerful attacks.
  2. Cross: After using jabs, Holloway moves in with a strong cross punch. It surprises and harms his opponents greatly.
  3. Slap: His ‘slap’ move is a unique surprise tactic. It helps him surprise his foes and make room for other attacks.
  4. Flying Knee: The flying knee is Holloway’s flashy, yet powerful move. He leaps into the air to strike with his knee, stunning his rivals.
  5. Switch Kick: Holloway’s switch kick targets the head well. He quickly changes position, hitting with his left leg. This move confuses and stuns opponents.

Holloway uses a variety of strikes to keep his enemies on their toes. These tactics have made him a dominant figure in the Octagon.

Max Holloway on His Signature Moves

“I’ve spent countless hours perfecting these moves. It’s about mixing technique, speed, and surprise. With my special tactics, I defeat my rivals and win.”

Max Holloway’s Dominant Performance in UFC 300

Max Holloway showed his amazing skills at UFC 300. He won the title of “BMF” champion by defeating Justin Gaethje in a fifth-round knockout. This was a big win for him.

Holloway used smart fighting tactics to get ahead in the match. He used the right moves and stayed aggressive. Even after getting poked in the eyes, he kept going.

He was very good at boxing and was very fast. His punches were accurate and showed his fighting talent. This helped him win against his opponent.

Although Gaethje landed a knockdown in the fourth round, Holloway came back strong. He hit Gaethje hard just before the match ended, securing his win with that move.

Holloway’s win in UFC 300 has cemented his place in history. It shows his skill and his love for the sport. He is now known as one of the best in the featherweight division.


Max Holloway’s success in UFC 4 comes from his mastery of many tactics and techniques. His strong jabs and flashy flying knee are just part of what makes him great. After winning the “BMF” champion title at UFC 300, he proved he’s one of the best featherweights ever.

Learning from Holloway, fans of MMA can become better in UFC 4. By looking at his footwork, boxing, and controlled aggression, we understand Octagon strategies better.

Holloway inspires both those who want to fight and those who love video games. His success in UFC 4 shows that hard work pays off in mixed martial arts. Whether we’re in a real fight or playing UFC 4, Holloway’s story teaches us about the power of skill, hard work, and smart planning.


How many wins does Max Holloway have in his UFC career?

In the UFC, Max Holloway has won 19 matches and lost 3.

What is Max Holloway’s current title in the UFC?

He is the undisputed UFC featherweight champion. This means he is the best at that weight.

What are the top five moves that Max Holloway utilizes in the Octagon?

Max Holloway’s key moves in the Octagon include the jab, cross, slap, flying knee, and switch kick.

How did Max Holloway win the “BMF” champion title in UFC 300?

In UFC 300, Max Holloway became the BMF champion by knocking out Justin Gaethje in the fifth round.

How did Max Holloway showcase his dominance in UFC 300?

Max Holloway showed his power in UFC 300 by cleverly using angles. He also showed his great speed and clean boxing.

What makes Max Holloway a dominant fighter in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, Max Holloway stands out with his strong jabs and flying knee. These skills make him a powerful fighter.

What can fans of MMA learn from Max Holloway’s strategies and techniques?

Watching Max Holloway in UFC 4 can teach MMA fans how to improve their game. His tactics are great to learn from.

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