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Top Bantamweight Fighters in UFC 4: A Comprehensive Ranking

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to our list of the best bantamweight fighters in UFC 4. This is the top fighting simulation game. It lets players act as their favourite fighters. You get to battle against top opponents. For both new and experienced gamers, knowing the best fighters is key to winning.

We looked closely at real fights and their game performance. Their striking moves, grappling techniques, and health all matter. Only active UFC fighters are ranked. This keeps our list current with the latest fighters.

Experts from media who love combat sports helped rank the fighters. They voted to decide who’s best. Our list updates as the top 100 members change their minds. So, it really shows who the fans and experts think are the top fighters.

Which fighters made it to the top of the bantamweights in UFC 4? Let’s dive into the rankings. Discover who stands out in this fiercely competitive division.

Rankings in UFC 4 Bantamweight Division

The UFC 4 Bantamweight Division’s rankings are decided by media members. They vote for the finest fighters. The champion and interim champion can’t be voted for here, but they may be in the overall best fighter ranking. The better fighters in the bantamweight division emerge from these rankings, continually being updated by community lists.

“The UFC 4 Bantamweight Division’s rankings are key to spotlighting top talents in this tough weight class. They’re crafted by a panel of esteemed media members. Their views on the fighters’ performance and skill levels offer insights to the best contenders. This information is vital for players wanting to take on the finest in the game.”

Here’s the current lineup of top fighters in the UFC 4 Bantamweight Division:

Rank Fighter Nationality Record
1 TJ Dillashaw American 17-4
2 Aljamain Sterling American 20-3
3 Petr Yan Russian 14-2
4 Cory Sandhagen American 14-3
5 Marlon Moraes Brazilian 23-8-1

“The current top contenders have consistently shown their strength and spirit in every fight. Each one presents a different skill set and approach. This makes the bantamweight division particularly thrilling and full of competition in UFC 4.”

So, watch out for these fighters. They keep striving to reach the top in the Bantamweight Division rankings in UFC 4.

Fighter Ratings in UFC 4

In UFC 4, every fighter gets a rating. This score shows how good they are at striking, grappling, and staying healthy. These ratings are key for figuring out who would do best in the bantamweight class.

They look at power, skill, and how long a fighter can keep going. So, players know which fighter is strong where. This helps in picking the right fighter for the job.

Certain bantamweight fighters in UFC 4 really stand out for their skills. Cody Garbrandt is tops in striking. Dominick Reyes does well in both striking and grappling defense. Ronda Rousey shines in ground moves.

Knowing these ratings helps players make smart plans. They can choose the best strategy based on their favourite style. Whether you prefer striking or grappling, UFC 4’s ratings let you dive into the bantamweight class’s abilities.

UFC 4 Fighter Ratings Image


The best bantamweight UFC 4 fighters list helps players know who’s on top. Media pros pick who shines in striking, grappling, and health. These rankings get updated a lot so you always know who’s leading.

Looking at these rankings helps players pick and create win-win plans to battle against the top fighters. For example, you could learn how Cody Garbrandt strikes, how Dominick Reyes grapples, or how Ronda Rousey stays strong. Knowing each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for virtual octagon victory.

Thanks to this detailed ranking, players can dive into UFC 4’s bantamweight world boldly. Keep up with the newest rankings, tweak your strategy, and aim high in the bantamweight league. It’s a chance to show you’re up for the challenge against the best bantamweight UFC 4 features.


How are the rankings of the top bantamweight fighters in UFC 4 determined?

The top bantamweight fighters in UFC 4 get their rankings from media members. They look at recent fights and how well the fighters perform in different fighting areas, like striking and grappling.

Who is eligible for voting in the rankings?

Only fighters who are currently active in the UFC can get voted on for the top rankings in UFC 4.

How often are the rankings updated?

The rankings get updated all the time. They change with the latest votes from the 100 most active list members.

How are the top contenders in the bantamweight division determined?

The top contenders are chosen by looking at the rankings of the best fighters in the division.

Can the champion and interim champion be voted in the weight class rankings?

No, the champion and interim champion can’t get votes for their weight class rankings. But, they might still appear in the rankings for the best pound-for-pound fighters.

How are the fighter ratings in UFC 4 determined?

In UFC 4, fighter ratings reflect their skills in striking, grappling, and how healthy they are. Attributes like strength and skill, as well as stamina, are checked. This decides ratings for areas like how they attack and defend on the ground and on their feet, plus their overall condition.

Who are some of the top-rated bantamweight fighters in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, highly rated bantamweights are Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Reyes, and Ronda Rousey.

How can players use the rankings to enhance their gameplay?

The rankings help players make smart choices and plan their fighting movements. This way, they can challenge and outplay the best in the game.

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