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Who’s the Worst Fighter in UFC 4? A Critical Look

by Marcin Wieclaw
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worst fighter in ufc 4

The UFC 4 rankings by EA have sparked some heated discussions. Fans are upset that Paulo Costa, who is the second best in the Middleweight division, ranks almost last. Ronda Rousey, ranking higher than Tatiana Suarez, has also left people wondering. In the Strawweight group, Suarez is fourth but Rousey is ranked above her, stirring the pot.

Fighters such as Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor, and others find themselves in unexpected spots. Even legends like GSP and Daniel Cormier have ratings that seem off. All this has led to a lot of talk and a bit of outrage among the game’s followers.

Deciding who the worst fighter in UFC 4 is can be tricky. It all depends on what we consider important. Looking at how EA has rated its top 50 fighters can help us understand these issues better. Through this discussion, we aim to shed light on the game’s ranking system. We’ll see how it changes the game and affects the overall fun.

Inaccurate Rankings and Gameplay in UFC 4

In UFC 4, players face big issues that spoil the fun. The game’s stamina system is not realistic. Fighters seem to have endless energy, which isn’t true to real-life. This takes away the feel of real fighting and makes the game less strategic.

Also, the way fighters move and punch is odd in UFC 4. Their motions are not smooth like in real fights. The way they throw punches is off, making things look bad. It’s these small details that really matter and make the game feel right. Sadly, they’re missing, making the game less enjoyable.

The part of the game where fighters fight on the ground is boring for many players. Fans of MMA usually love this part for its deep strategy and tactics. But in UFC 4, it’s too simple and dull. This makes many fans not want to play that part.

Players are really upset about the strength of counter punches. Counter moves do too much damage, making other fighting styles not as good. This unbalances the game, making it less fun and fair. Many players want this fixed so the game is more about skill than just using one move.

The problems in UFC 4 go beyond just how the game plays. Some say that matches are fixed, making the game feel fake. If true, this makes players lose trust in the people who make the game. It damages the game’s reputation, too.

Even as players get more into UFC 4, the issues with how fighters move and hit stay obvious. From the stamina to the way punching works, everything feels off. Fixing these problems is key to making the game really feel like UFC. This way, players can enjoy the game more, feeling like they’re really part of the fighting world.

Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of EA Sports or the UFC.

The Worst Title Fights in UFC History

UFC fights usually promise thrills, but some title matches haven’t delivered. These bouts are often seen as boring or too one-sided. Whether it’s due to fighters not taking risks or not showing real heart, fans have felt let down. These fights fall short of the excitement and energy a title fight should bring.

One such fight was Anderson Silva versus Thales Leites at UFC 97. Silva, with his sharp skills, was the clear favourite. However, the match became dull with Leites playing defensive. Fans expected more from these titans of the sport.

“I was very disappointed with that fight. There wasn’t a whole lot of action, and it seemed like Leites was content with just surviving and not engaging in any meaningful exchanges. It was definitely one of the worst title fights I’ve ever seen in the UFC.” – UFC fan

Then there’s the Arlovski vs Sylvia fight at UFC 61. Lasting five rounds, it bored many with its repetitive clinching. There were few exciting highlights, leaving fans wishing for more.

Rousey vs Correia at UFC 190 showed vast difference in skill. Rousey’s victory in mere seconds was impressive but didn’t offer much fight time. This left fans wanting more in terms of competition.


The UFC has seen its share of title fights that lacked excitement or seemed one-sided. This has disappointed fans, expecting more drama. In the next section, we dive into analysis of UFC 4, outlining its issues and the impact on its fights.


The analysis of UFC 4 shows it has faced some issues. It’s not clear who the worst fighter is because of ranking problems. This makes fans argue. People criticized the game for having too much stamina and awkward moves.

Also, title fights in the UFC have been dull. Fans are bored with fights that aren’t close or exciting. Although UFC 4 tries to be real, it falls short sometimes.

But, UFC 4 is still loved by those who follow MMA. There are problems in the game’s rankings, gameplay, and big fights. People want these issues fixed in future updates. They also hope for a better, more real experience when playing.


What is the current controversy surrounding the rankings system in UFC 4?

The UFC 4 rankings system by EA is under fire. For example, Paulo Costa is unfairly ranked low, despite being a top contender. Ronda Rousey’s placement is also questionable, appearing above other highly skilled fighters like Tatiana Suarez. This has sparked heated discussions amongst fans.

What are some of the gameplay issues in UFC 4?

Players are not happy with the stamina system in UFC 4. All fighters seem to have endless stamina, making the fights unrealistic. They also move oddly and throw awkward punches. This, along with issues like boring ground fights, makes the gameplay less enjoyable. Many feel counter punching is too strong, and scripted matches undermine the experience.

What are some examples of historically bad title fights in the UFC?

The UFC 4 reveals its fair share of badly rated title fights. These matches were often either dull or very one-sided. Fans citing long, uneventful fights and lack of action have been left wanting. It’s the lack of thrilling or close competition that makes these bouts forgettable.

What is the overall conclusion regarding the worst fighter in UFC 4?

Deciding who the worst fighter is in UFC 4 can be tricky. The rankings have been widely criticised for their inconsistencies. Unrealistic gameplay, including issues with stamina and movements, hasn’t helped. Add in the history of lacklustre title fights, and the game’s challenges become clear. Despite these, UFC 4 remains popular with many MMA fans.

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