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Cross-Platform Play Between PS4 and PS5 in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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is ufc 4 cross platform ps4 and ps5

Are you into UFC 4 and wondering about playing across PS4 and PS5? Sadly, UFC 4 doesn’t offer this feature as of 2024. This means players can only challenge those on the same type of console online, be it the PS4 or PS5.

Games like UFC 4 often include playing with friends on other consoles. But UFC 4 chose not to for some good reasons. Mixing these plays faces many hurdles, from tech to permissions. These could explain why EA chose not to mix things up for now.

Yet, UFC 4 brings in other cool features to make gaming better. While it lacks direct cross-play, your progress and buys can move between consoles with the same EA account. So, if you go from PS4 to PS5, all you’ve gained stays with you.

Also, you can keep playing UFC 4 on the latest tech without buying it again. This is thanks to the game supporting cross-generation play. It’s a smart move by the developers to let past buyers enjoy their game on new consoles.

Though full cross-play for UFC 4 isn’t here yet, watch for news. The chance of cross-play in the game’s future isn’t ruled out. For now, enjoy UFC 4’s current features, like keeping up with your progress and getting to upgrade your gaming system without losing your game.

In UFC 4, you might not match up with those from other consoles for now. But it’s still a great opportunity to dive into the exciting world of MMA. Show your gaming skills, and have a blast on the console you’ve got.

The Challenges and Limitations of Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4

Adding cross-platform play, like in UFC 4, faces many hurdles. These include making sure the game is fair and runs well. Not all games mix players from different systems. UFC 4 has chosen to stay on this path.

Creating this mix is technically hard. Each console, like the PS4 and PS5, is built differently. Making everything work together smoothly needs a lot of work. Sometimes, this work is just too much for the game makers to handle.

Getting the rights to share the game is also tricky. Companies, like PlayStation and Xbox, have their own rules. Making deals, keeping all versions up to date, and playing by the rules can eat up a lot of time. This is another reason why UFC 4 keeps to its own platforms.

When people play each other, everyone should have a fair chance. Mixing different player types can throw this off. Some might have an easier time because of their system or how well they connect. Game makers have to really think this over. They need to make things even for everyone.

Though it’s tough, linking players from all systems could be really cool. It might grow the game’s community. Yet, UFC 4 has stayed away from this for now. The game might change in the future. New updates could bring everyone together, no matter their console.

Key Challenges and Limitations:

  1. Technical complexity in optimizing gameplay across different hardware architectures
  2. Software licensing agreements and coordination with multiple platforms
  3. Concerns about game balance and fairness among players using different platforms

Notable Quotes:

“Introducing cross-platform play in UFC 4 poses technical and licensing challenges, along with concerns about game balance and fairness.” – Industry Expert

Challenges and Limitations of Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4

Challenges Solutions/Considerations
Technical complexity Extensive modifications and optimizations, resource-intensive development
Software licensing Negotiating agreements, complying with multiple platforms
Game balance and fairness Careful considerations of hardware capabilities, input methods, and network connectivity

Note: The challenges and limitations mentioned above are specific to UFC 4 and may not apply to other games that offer cross-platform play.

Cross-Progression and Cross-Generation Play in UFC 4

UFC 4 doesn’t have cross-platform play. But it does have two handy features. Cross-progression and cross-generation play are quite exciting. They let gamers move between consoles and keep playing their game smoothly.


Cross-progression is a game-changer. It lets players move from, say, a PS4 to a PS5. They don’t lose any progress or things they bought. They just need their EA account. This way, you can keep your game stuff, no matter what platform you use.

If you own UFC 4 for PS4, there’s good news for you. With cross-generation play, you can still play on a PS5. You don’t have to buy the game again. This makes switching consoles a breeze. You can enjoy better features and graphics on your new console without starting over.

But, there’s a catch to look out for. UFC 4 doesn’t do split-screen. So, to play with friends on one console, you might need extra controllers. And everyone has to have their own account. This keeps the multiplayer experience alive but with some extra steps.

The Future of Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4

UFC 4 doesn’t yet let players on PS4 and PS5 play together. But, there’s a chance this could change in future updates. As tech grows, so might the features that make gaming more fun for everyone.

Even without cross-platform play, there are other cool things to enjoy in UFC 4. For example, there’s cross-progression. This lets you keep playing seamlessly from a PS4 to a PS5. So, you can keep all your game progress and items when you upgrade your console.

There’s also cross-generation play in UFC 4. This means if you have it on a PS4, you can also play it on a PS5. You get to experience better graphics and features without buying the game again.

Right now, we’re not sure when cross-platform play might come to UFC 4. It’s best to wait for official news from the game’s developers. Keep an eye out for update announcements, as there may be more good news to come.


Does UFC 4 support cross-platform play between the PS4 and PS5 consoles?

In 2024, UFC 4 doesn’t allow playing across PS4 and PS5. You can only play with those on the same console.

Why doesn’t UFC 4 have cross-platform play?

Designing games like UFC 4 for crossplay is hard. Mixing different platforms faces technical and legal barriers. EA might have chosen to not have crossplay to maintain the game’s fairness.

Does UFC 4 support cross-progression?

Yes, UFC 4 supports cross-progression. This means your progress moves with you if you switch consoles but use the same EA account.

Can I play UFC 4 on a next-gen console if I bought it on an older console?

Yes, with UFC 4, you can play on newer consoles if you started on an older one. This is called cross-generation play and avoids buying the game again.

Does UFC 4 support split-screen gameplay?

No, UFC 4 doesn’t allow split-screen gaming.

Will UFC 4 add cross-platform play in the future?

Future UFC 4 updates might bring crossplay for PS4 and PS5. But for now, we have cross-progression and cross-generation play. Wait for official news about crossplay’s future in UFC 4.

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