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Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4: PS4 and Xbox Compatibility

by Marcin Wieclaw
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is ufc 4 cross platform ps4 and xbox

Do you love gaming and want to challenge players on other consoles? If you have a PlayStation 4 (PS4) or an Xbox and play UFC 4, this might interest you. Sadly, UFC 4 can’t be played across PS4 and Xbox at the moment.

But, there are still cool features in UFC 4 to make your game time fun. It supports cross-progression and cross-generation play. This lets you enjoy UFC 4 in different ways.

Even though you can’t play cross-platform, you can keep your game progress and items if you switch between PS4 and Xbox. Just use the same EA account. So, your game stuff is safe when you change consoles.

Also, UFC 4 lets you play on a newer console, like a PlayStation 5 (PS5), if you started on an older one. This means you don’t have to buy the game again.

The missing cross-platform play in UFC 4 might upset some. But the game’s features for progression and playing across generations offer many ways for players to have fun. So, show your gaming skills, climb through the ranks, and rule the UFC 4 Octagon. Live the pulse-pounding excitement of mixed martial arts!

Why is UFC 4 Not Cross-Playable/Platform?

UFC 4 doesn’t have cross-platform play due to several reasons. The process is complex. It involves technical issues and challenges related to licenses.

This kind of play needs different systems to work together. But it’s not just about making them work. They must also play fair and give each player an equal chance. Because of this, EA didn’t make UFC 4 crossplay compatible. It’s not just about fun; there are big hurdles to cross-platform gaming.

“Implementing cross-platform play is a complex process that involves technical and licensing challenges.”

The technical side is all about linking players on various consoles. This is hard because consoles are different in many ways. There are hurdles in hardware, how they run, and how they connect.

To allow different platforms to connect, a lot of testing and tuning is necessary. This is to make sure they run smoothly, without issues.

  1. Technical Challenges: Developing cross-platform systems and integrating different console architectures

Also, agreements between big companies, such as Sony and Microsoft, are crucial. They can stop or slow down a game from being cross-platform. These agreements are about who gets to play with whom and protecting each company’s products.

  • Licensing Issues: Agreement limitations and platform holder priorities

Gameplay fairness is another issue. While reaching more players and finding matches quicker is good, fairness can be a problem. Controllers, the way games interact, and how well they run are different on each console.

This means some players may have an edge, while others are at a disadvantage.

  • Impact on Game Balance: Varied input methods, controller capabilities, and performance differences

Knowing about these issues helps understand why UFC 4 lacks this feature. It’s a disappointment to many not to see cross-play. But, it’s key to grasp the challenges and decisions that come with it. Even without cross-platform, UFC 4 still offers a great gaming experience through its other aspects.

Factors Influencing Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4

Factors Explanation
Technical Challenges Developing cross-platform systems and integrating different console architectures
Licensing Issues Agreement limitations and platform holder priorities
Impact on Game Balance Varied input methods, controller capabilities, and performance differences

Cross-Progression and Cross-Generation in UFC 4

UFC 4 doesn’t support play across different platforms. But it brings cool features such as cross-progression and cross-generation play. This makes the game more exciting and flexible for all players.

One great thing is cross-progression. With this, you can move your progress and purchases between consoles. So, if you change from PS4 to Xbox, your UFC 4 journey continues. You won’t lose any items or progress. You can start playing where you left off on any console.

Then, there’s cross-generation play. Buy the game on an older console, like PS4, and you won’t need to buy it again for new consoles like PS5. You get to see better game graphics and performance on new consoles for free.

Advantages of Cross-Progression and Cross-Generation

  • Seamless transition: Switch between consoles without losing progress or items.
  • Convenience: Play on different consoles without purchasing the game multiple times.
  • Improved experience: Enjoy enhanced graphics and performance on next-gen consoles.

EA is really focused on giving players more ways to enjoy the game. Due to these features, UFC 4 lets gamers fully dive into the action. They can do this without starting over, no matter the console they use. It’s all about making gaming a smooth and fun experience.

“Cross-progression and cross-generation play in UFC 4 give players the freedom to pick up where they left off, regardless of the platform. It’s all about convenience and ensuring that your gaming experience is seamless and uninterrupted.”

UFC 4’s cross-progression and cross-generation features show EA is all for creating games that everyone can enjoy. Although you can’t play across all platforms, these features make the game even better. They offer different enjoyable ways to play the game.

UFC 4 Cross-Progression and Cross-Generation Image


Currently, UFC 4 doesn’t let you play with friends who have a different console. This might be a let-down for those looking to challenge others on Xbox when they’re on a PS4. But, the game offers cool features like cross-progression and cross-generation play. These keep your game progress and items safe if you switch your console.

With cross-progression, you can move your progress and stuff between consoles. So, if you change from a PS4 to an Xbox, you won’t lose anything. This lets you carry on gaming, no matter your device.

UFC 4 is also cool because it works across different console generations. If you started playing on a PS4, you can still play on a PS5. And you won’t have to buy the game again.

Even without playing across different consoles, UFC 4 offers a fun gaming world. So, gather your friends on a single console. Then, prepare for some thrilling fights in the Octagon.


Does UFC 4 support cross-platform play between the PS4 and Xbox?

Currently, UFC 4 does not let players on the PS4 and Xbox play together. This means those on the PlayStation can’t join matches with Xbox users and the other way round.

Why doesn’t UFC 4 offer cross-platform play?

The hurdle to cross-platform play in UFC 4 comes from various issues. Setting it up faces technical hurdles and the need for platform owners to agree. It also must ensure fairness in the game, which considering these challenges, EA decided against.

What other features does UFC 4 offer instead of cross-platform play?

UFC 4 makes up for no cross-platform play with other cool features. It supports cross-progression and cross-generation play. With cross-progression, your game progress moves with you across consoles. This means switching from PS4 to Xbox or the other way around won’t lose your game data.

Also, if you move from an older to a newer console, UFC 4 lets you play without buying the game again. It’s known as cross-generation play. So, despite the cross-platform play’s absence, UFC 4 still provides a great gaming experience.

What is the summary regarding cross-platform play in UFC 4?

To sum up, UFC 4 doesn’t let PS4 and Xbox gamers play against each other yet. But, it gives other benefits like keeping your game status when switching consoles. This alongside the chance to play on newer consoles without buying the game again, makes UFC 4 quite engaging.

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