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The Popularity of UFC 4: Player Base Insights

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how many people play ufc 4

Are you wondering about UFC 4’s popularity and how many people play it? This article has all the info you need. We’ll talk about the game’s wide appeal and the number of players.

UFC 4 is a hit among gamers worldwide. The monthly and yearly achievement graphs show a steady rise in achievements over time. This shows how much players enjoy the game and its lasting popularity.

So, who’s into UFC 4? Our data shows a lot of interesting facts about the players. The new users graph proves the game is always attracting more people. And the user interaction graph gives details on the number of players and their achievements. This helps understand the game’s wide popularity.

Next, we’ll share more on who watches and plays UFC 4, including their details. Get ready for some surprising stats!

UFC 4 Viewership Statistics and Demographics

UFC 4 is loved not just by players but also by combat fans. Through detailed stats, we see who’s watching. It shows the game is liked by many and by different people.

About 10.63% of those 18 to 29 have seen UFC events in the last year. This shows the game is very popular with younger viewers. They really like UFC stuff.

“UFC’s target demographic is millennials, who make up 40% of its fan base.” – Source

Millennials really like UFC 4, making up 40% of viewers. Their love for MMA boosts the game. It’s clear they’re a key audience.

UFC 4 isn’t just big in the U.S. It’s popular in many countries, like Canada and the UK. This worldwide success shows how it connects with different cultures.

UFC 4 Viewership Demographics by Age Groups

Age Group Percentage of Viewers
Ages 18-29 10.63%
Ages 30-39 7.89%
Ages 40-49 5.42%
Ages 50+ 3.15%

The most viewers, 10.63%, are 18 to 29 years old. This table shows they are the biggest UFC 4 fans. As the age goes up, the number of viewers gets less.

To wrap up, UFC 4 attracts a wide audience. Young people, especially millennials, really like it. Its fans can be found all over the world, making it very popular.

UFC 4’s Global Reach and Pay-Per-View Revenue

UFC 4 has reached fans all over the world, becoming a well-known sport. It is shown on TV in 195 countries and territories, in over a billion homes. This has allowed UFC 4’s exciting matches to be enjoyed by fans everywhere.

The UFC has 60 broadcast partners, which is key to its global success. These partners help bring UFC 4 to millions, showing its intense fights and rivalries. They cover the sport in different languages, helping the global fan base grow.

But, getting fans to pay to watch UFC is also important for its success. The UFC lets fans pay for big fights, and more people are doing so each year. This shows how much the sport has grown in popularity.

“The UFC’s global reach and successful pay-per-view revenue illustrate the sport’s remarkable ascent on a global scale. With a billion TV households and a thriving network of broadcast partners, the UFC has effectively solidified its status as a global phenomenon.”

UFC 4 global reach

UFC 4 Pay-Per-View Revenue Growth

Year Average Pay-Per-View Buys
2017 600,000
2018 800,000
2019 1,000,000
2020 1,200,000

From 2017 to 2020, the number of people buying UFC pay-per-views has grown. More and more fans are joining in to watch these thrilling fights. This shows not just the sport’s financial success but also the fans’ deep love for UFC 4.


UFC 4 has a top place in the gaming world. Many love to play and watch it. The number of people playing keeps growing. This shows the game is still very popular. Young adults, known as millennials, are big fans.

The game’s success reaches far and wide. It makes a lot of money from pay-to-watch events. UFC 4 is shown in nearly every country, reaching a huge number of TV viewers. On top of all that, 60 partners help broadcast the games around the world.

UFC 4 doesn’t stop amazing people. It’s loved by many all over the globe, from all backgrounds. The game’s lasting appeal says a lot. As time goes on, UFC 4 will likely get even more attention and keep fans happy everywhere.


What is the player base like for UFC 4?

UFC 4 has won over many gamers and keeps growing. Players around the world are achieving more in the game. This shows a big rise in people playing it.

What are the viewership statistics and demographics of UFC 4?

Studies show that within the last year, 10.63% of those aged 18 to 29 have seen UFC pay-per-view. Also, 40% of the fans are millennials. The game gathers viewers from many countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.

What is the global reach of UFC 4 and how does it generate revenue?

UFC 4 is watched in 195 countries, seen by over a billion TVs. It works with 60 global partners to reach fans. Revenue from pay-per-view has been going up each year, showing more people are interested.

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