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Mastering Core Clinch Moves in UFC 4 for Combat Advantage

by Marcin Wieclaw
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EA Sports UFC 4 hit the scene in August 2020. It’s the newest MMA game from EA and is loved by new players and pros alike. To get ahead in fights, you need to perfect the core clinch moves in the game. This means practising in the training area and mastering how to protect your body. Focus on your stamina and steer clear of just using powerful strikes.

Also, don’t overuse major moves. Be sure to dodge attacks and learn the perfect time to counter. Understanding how to use the submission mechanic can really boost your game.

Keep reading to uncover top tips for enhancing your clinch skills in UFC 4. Get ready to dominate in combat by gaining the upper hand.

Practice in the Training Area

Why is practice in the training area so important in UFC 4? It lets you work on your skills in a focused way. You can set up your opponent to use specific moves with the right timing. This helps you get better at defending and countering these moves, making your game stronger.

It’s a great way to get used to dealing with tricky attacks, like overhand rights. By practising against them repeatedly, you’ll be ready to face them in real fights. This kind of training isn’t just useful, it’s essential for becoming great at UFC 4.

Benefits of Practice in the Training Area:

  • Improved skill development
  • Enhanced ability to avoid, block, and counter specific moves and combos
  • Development of muscle memory
  • Better understanding of defending against common attacks, such as overhand rights

When you spend time practising in the training area, your fighting moves get better. You’ll start to notice a big difference in your UFC 4 matches. This kind of training prepares you for success in the game.

Move Away from the Power

Flash knockouts in UFC 4 can surprise players. They often happen when gamers get too close to their opponent’s power moves. To dodge this, you must move in the opposite direction of where your opponent is attacking.

If you see your opponent loves using a left kick to the body, step your fighter to the left. This makes the kick miss you. Then, you have a chance to hit back hard. This might lead to a quick win.

Learning to move out of harm’s way and knowing the space around you is vital. These small actions give you a big advantage in UFC 4. You will stay safe while landing solid punches.

move away

Getting the timing right to avoid power strikes is very important. Study your opponent’s moves. Use their habits against them. If you master dodging, you can change the course of a fight for the better.

Learn How to Protect the Body

Body shots in UFC 4 can drain stamina and even lead to a KO. It’s vital to practice defending in the training area to avoid these.

Practice against common attacking moves, like a one-two followed by a hook. This helps you learn to better protect your body and lessen the strike’s impact.

Learn to dodge moves like Jon Jones’ spinning back kicks to the body. Avoiding these lets you strike back and find openings in your opponent’s defence.

Defending your body is crucial for lasting in the fight and aiming for victory. Mastering defensive moves and improving your skills increases your protection in UFC 4. It also boosts your chances of winning matches.


How can I improve my skills in UFC 4?

To get better at UFC 4, practice in the training area. Change your opponent’s AI to move and hit as you find challenging. This helps you avoid their moves and counter them well. Doing this over and over builds muscle memory, making you a stronger player.

What should I do to avoid flash knockouts in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, avoid getting hit hard by not moving into your opponent’s strikes. Say your opponent favours a left body kick. Try stepping your fighter to their left. This cuts off their attack. Then, quickly hit them back. If done right, your counterpunch could do big damage or stun them.

How can I protect myself against body shots in UFC 4?

Body shots are tough in UFC 4. They take away your stamina and can lead to a knockout. Train against common attack combos like a one-two and a hook to the body.

Also, learn to dodge long fighters’ body kicks. This makes you less vulnerable. Keeping your body safe is key to surviving and winning in UFC 4.

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