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Choosing the Best Walkout Songs in UFC 4 for Fighter Hype

by Oliver Taylor
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ufc 4 best walkout songs

The walkout songs in UFC 4 are key for building excitement. They make the fighter’s entrance memorable. With the right song, a fighter can feel like a true hero. It’s not just about the music – it’s about the feeling it gives.

We’ll look into what makes a great walkout song in UFC 4. These are more than tunes. They’re sounds that get everyone pumped. Together, let’s find the songs that really make a fighter stand out.

But before we dive into the songs, let’s see why they matter. These tracks are part of a fighter’s expression. They make the UFC’s atmosphere buzz with energy. Join us to learn all about it.

The Importance of Walkout Songs in the UFC

Walkout songs are key in the UFC. They go beyond being just music. Fighters choose them to show who they are and connect with the fans.

A fighter’s walkout song sets a dramatic scene. It pumps up the crowd, getting everyone ready for the fight ahead. This makes their entry an important moment in every match.

Walkout songs also help fighters get mentally ready. They act as a personal anthem, boosting their confidence and getting them in the fighting spirit. For them, it’s a way to carry their journey and victories with them.

Choosing the right song can affect the fight mentally too. It can intimidate opponents, showing the fighter’s strength before they even start. This can give a big advantage to the one walking in to the sound of the right music.

Let’s look at Conor McGregor as an example. He once used “The Foggy Dew” to highlight his Irish roots. It showed his courage and fired up his fans. This choice made his entrances unforgettable.

“A great walkout song can set the mood and give the fighter an emotional edge that can carry over to their performance in the cage. It’s a chance to express who they are as individuals and show the world what they’re made of.” – Dana White, UFC President

Choosing a walkout song also tells a lot about fighters. Some pick fast, lively songs, while others choose emotional tunes. These reflect the fighter’s style and story.

For fighters, picking their walkout song is like a personal statement. It can be from their culture, music they love, or special songs that speak to them. It’s their way of sharing their story with everyone watching.

In short, walkout songs do a lot more than we think. They’re part of what makes a fight exciting and personal. These songs are vital in creating the atmosphere that makes UFC matches so thrilling.

Memorable Walkout Songs in UFC 4

Fighters in UFC 4 have chosen truly memorable walkout songs. These songs show off the fighter’s style and make the octagon experience better.

Anderson Silva, known as “The Spider,” uses DMX’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” to make a big entrance. The song’s powerful beats help create an atmosphere of dominance. This sets the scene for Silva’s strong performance.

Conor McGregor, an Irish star, uses the traditional war song “The Foggy Dew” for his walkouts. This choice reminds everyone of his Irish roots and adds determination to his entrances.

Erick Shelton, Kevin Lee, and Kevin Holland, on the other hand, pick energetic songs to pump up the crowd with Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard”. The song’s energy and aggressive vibes get everyone excited, making their entrance thrilling.

Tim Kennedy and Jon Fitch, however, go for classic hits. Kennedy chooses Alice in Chains’ “Rooster” and Fitch selects Johnny Cash’s “Rusty Cage”. These songs reflect their fighting styles and personalities.

These are just a few examples of UFC 4’s diverse walkout songs. Each fighter picks a song that connects to their unique background and style. From hip-hop to traditional and classic hits, these songs make the UFC entrance unforgettable for fighters and fans alike.

A fighter’s entrance, combined with the right walkout song, creates a special atmosphere for a UFC match. These walkout songs in UFC 4 show how music brings out a fighter’s true spirit. It makes the octagon experience more thrilling for everyone.


The choice of walkout songs in UFC 4 is crucial for a thrilling atmosphere. Fighters pick songs that match their style, culture, and personality. These songs can boost the audience’s spirit, fuel intense performances, and possibly affect the fight’s outcome.

Top walkout songs in UFC 4 range from tough rock to swift rap and even ancient war tunes. Their main aim is to hype up the fighters and the crowd. For example, Anderson Silva’s version of DMX’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” Conor McGregor’s war chant “The Foggy Dew,” and “Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby used by Erick Shelton, Kevin Lee, and Kevin Holland. These picks stay in fans’ memories long after the fight is over.

The moment fighters enter with their chosen song, the mood is set. These walkout songs boost excitement for both athletes and fans. They inspire and boost the athletes’ spirits, making the entire UFC event more exciting and memorable.


How important are walkout songs in the UFC?

Walkout songs are key in the UFC. They set the mood, making fans and fighters excited. What’s more, they let fighters express their unique style.

How do fighters choose their walkout songs?

Fighters pick songs that mirror who they are and where they come from. A good song can pump up the crowd and even affect the fight’s result.

Can walkout songs intimidate opponents?

Yes, they can scare off opponents. Certain songs are chosen to get the crowd loud and make the fighter look unbeatable from the start.

What are some of the most memorable walkout songs in UFC 4?

Memorable UFC 4 songs include DMX’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” for Anderson Silva. Conor McGregor went with “The Foggy Dew.” Notable choices by Erick Shelton, Kevin Lee, and Kevin Holland are Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard.” Tim Kennedy chose Alice in Chains’ “Rooster,” and Jon Fitch went with Johnny Cash’s “Rusty Cage.”

How do walkout songs impact the atmosphere in the octagon?

Walkout songs change the octagon’s feel. They get the crowd riled up and build up the excitement. This makes the night intense for both fans and fighters, adding to the buzz of the event.

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