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Techniques and Tips for Executing Greco Takedowns in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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greco takedowns ufc 4

Welcome to the UFC 4 world, where knowing Greco takedowns is key to winning. Takedowns help you control your fight and set the pace. With the right moves, you can take your opponent down and dominate the match.

In UFC 4, starting takedowns away from the cage is best. You have many moves like single and double leg takedowns, ankle picks and more. These moves let you switch from striking to grappling smoothly, surprising your opponent.

But, learning to take someone down is just step one. It’s also important to know how to stop your opponent’s takedown attempts. This keeps you in control and stops them from getting the upper hand.

This guide will give you all you need to master Greco takedowns in UFC 4. It’s for both beginners and pros. It will help you win fights in the game. Ready to learn the secrets of Greco takedowns in UFC 4? Let’s get started!

How to Execute Takedowns in UFC 4

To do takedowns in UFC 4, learn the controls first. The controls change based on the takedown you pick. Below are the controls for each type of takedown:

  1. Single Leg Takedown: For a single leg takedown, press X/Square while holding LT/L2.
  2. Double Leg Takedown: Perform a double leg takedown by holding LT/L2 and hitting Y/Triangle.
  3. Power Singles and Power Doubles: For power takedowns, hold LB/L1 and LT/L2. Then tap any face button.

While in a clinch, you can use different takedown moves too:

  • Ankle Picks: Use a mix of buttons for ankle picks.
  • Head Lock Hip Tosses: Use special buttons to do head lock hip tosses.
  • Lead Leg Trips and Back Leg Trips: For trips, mix the right buttons while clinching.

It’s vital to practice these moves for good takedowns in fights. Get to know each technique well. Get good at them to win more often.

But, learning the controls is just step one. Knowing when to use each move is as key. The next part will go deeper into the smart ways to do takedowns in UFC 4.

How to Defend Against Takedowns in UFC 4

Stopping takedowns in UFC 4 is vital to stay ahead. It’s all about timing and the right buttons. First, hold LT/L2 and RT/R2 for defense. If your foe tries to take you down then, do a takedown drive back.

When someone is aiming to take you down, push the left stick the other way. This keeps you steady and on your feet. If you’re a bit slow, move the left stick opposite the takedown’s direction. This helps you stay up. Being quick and good at defending keeps you in charge of the match.

Practise your defense and timing. These skills are key in UFC 4. Good defense lets you control the fight. Being great at defense means you’re well on your way to dominance in the game.


What are the different types of takedowns available in UFC 4?

UFC 4 has several takedowns you can do. These include single and double leg takedowns. You can also do power singles and doubles, ankle picks, head lock hip tosses, and various trips.

How do I execute takedowns in UFC 4?

To do a takedown, learn the controls first. For a single leg, hold LT/L2 and press X/Square. For double, hold LT/L2 and press Y/Triangle. For power moves, hold LB/L1 and LT/L2, then any face button. Combine buttons for ankle picks, trips, and tosses in the clinch.

How do I defend against takedowns in UFC 4?

Defending takedowns needs right timing and buttons. To start defense, hold LT/L2 and RT/R2. Use the stick to stop your opponent’s moves. A good defense may lead to a chance for you to takedown your opponent.

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