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The Top Walkout Songs in UFC 4: Player Favorites

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best ufc 4 walkout songs

In UFC 4, the walkout song you choose is key. It sets the mood for your fighting career. This article shares ten awesome walkout songs for UFC 4. Each one is picked to boost your fighter’s spirit and leave a mark in the UFC. They range from songs with great lyrics to those with strong beats. Let’s dive into the top walkout songs in UFC 4.

Stay tuned for more on the UFC 4 soundtrack. We’ll cover different music genres and top artists. Like UK rap, rock, and hip-hop? You’ll find something you love. These tracks are sure to get you moving and feeling ready to fight.

UK Rap Takes Center Stage

The soundtrack of UFC 4 shines a light on UK rap artists. Many songs from this scene are top choices for walkout music. “Higher Power” by Avelino has powerful words and a tough beat. It motivates you to face hardships and reach your goals. The song “Kumite Theme Artificial Intelligence” honours the soundtrack of the 1989 movie Bloodsport. It prepares you for a fierce battle with its music.

“Godzilla” by Eminem and Juice WRLD is full of energy. It blends fierce aggression with skilful wordplay. Together, these tunes from the UK rap scene add a special touch to UFC 4’s soundtrack.

UK Rap Walkout Songs in UFC 4

Song Artist
Higher Power Avelino
Kumite Theme Artificial Intelligence Various Artists
Godzilla Eminem ft. Juice WRLD

Diverse Genres and Legendary Artists

In UFC 4, the walkout songs cover a wide range of genres. They highlight the skills of well-known artists. You’ll hear everything from energising rock to thoughtful hip-hop. These tunes show who the fighters are as they head to the ring. A top choice is “Bum Rushed INST” by STEMM. This rock song celebrates the roots of UFC and motivates fighters.

“Middle Child” by J. Cole is perfect for those facing tough times. It explores the challenges between different ages, pushing fighters to beat any hurdles. Then, “Mount Everest” by Labrinth brings a slow, strong vibe, making fighters feel unbeatable at the top of their game.

For those who love to celebrate success, “Routine” by Wale with Rick Ross & Meek Mill is ideal. This track from the stars of hip-hop matches the UFC’s high-energy feel. It reflects fighters’ drive and ambition as they aim for the top.

These songs, including many more in UFC 4, show off a variety of music styles and artist talents. By mixing different genres, UFC 4’s walkout songs make a connection. They bring a special kind of excitement to both fighters and the fans.

In the game, players can pick their perfect walkout song. It can be a rock song that pumps up the adrenaline, a hip-hop tune that’s deep and thoughtful, or a victory track that celebrates success. The top walkout songs in UFC 4 create unforgettable moments in every fight.

Look at the table below to see the varied genres and legendary artists in the UFC 4 soundtrack:

Genre Title Artist
Rock Bum Rushed INST STEMM
Hip-Hop Middle Child J. Cole
Alternative Mount Everest Labrinth
Hip-Hop Routine Wale ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill

The top walkout songs in UFC 4 bring depth and personality to the game. Players can really connect with their fighters. With a mix of music genres and big-time artists, every fighter can find their perfect walkout song. This sets the stage for an exciting and memorable UFC experience.

Diverse Genres and Legendary Artists


Choosing the right walkout song in UFC 4 can really boost your mood and focus. This article has a great selection of walkout songs, covering UK rap, rock, and hip-hop. Each song adds its own vibe and meaning to your walk to the octagon. Pick a song that speaks to you. It will help you stand out in the UFC. Your entrance in UFC 4 will be more exciting and your fighter will feel more confident with these songs.


What is the importance of selecting the right walkout song in UFC 4?

A good walkout song in UFC 4 is vital. It sets the mood for a fighter’s journey. The right song can energise, focus, and boost confidence.

Can you give me an overview of the top walkout songs in UFC 4?

Top songs in UFC 4 are from various genres with famous singers. You can find energetic rock like “Bum Rushed INST” by STEMM. For a thinking mood, try J. Cole’s “Middle Child”.

Are there any UK rap songs included in the top walkout songs in UFC 4?

Yes, UK rap is part of UFC 4’s great music. Songs like Avelino’s “Higher Power” and Eminem’s “Godzilla” with Juice WRLD mix strong messages with great beats.

How can the diversity of genres and legendary artists in the top walkout songs enhance my UFC 4 entrances?

There’s plenty of variety in the top UFC 4 walkout songs. Whether you like rock, like STEMM’s “Bum Rushed INST”, or prefer J. Cole’s thought-provoking “Middle Child”, you’ll find something cool. These songs can raise your spirit and focus in the fight.

How can I use the curated list of top walkout songs in UFC 4 to enhance my performance?

Pick your walkout song from the best in UFC 4 to make your entry strong and confident. Each song adds its special touch. Find one that fits your fighting style and mindset.

How can I find the perfect walkout song in UFC 4?

To spot your ideal walkout in UFC 4, go through this list’s top picks. Listen to each to find the one that feels right for you. It should match your vibe and fighting drive.

Can I use my own walkout song in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you must pick from the game’s set list for your walkout. But, the variety and famous artists there means you’ll likely find one that clicks with your fighting spirit.

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