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Action Bronson’s Unexpected Role in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Rapper and chef Action Bronson has surprised many by appearing as a playable character in UFC 4. The game, made by Electronic Arts, lets fans dive into the world of mixed martial arts. This move to add Bronson in patch 13.0 amazed players, drawing attention to what he’ll do in the Octagon.

Action Bronson shines in both music and cooking. Now, he’s also making waves in the UFC universe. Even though some fans questioned his spot, Bronson fits well. This is because he loves martial arts and worked hard to get in shape.

Many noticed that some top UFC fighters are still not in UFC 4. This made people give EA Sports some heat. But Bronson adds something fresh with his charm and personal style.

Besides playing, Bronson appears in the UFC 4 trailer. This underlines his passion for fighting and his wish to amuse fans in different ways.

Let’s look at how Action Bronson as a character in UFC 4 created a buzz. Especially his match against Jorge Masvidal. Also, the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live event caught the interest of fans around the world. It was a unique experience where celebs and athletes faced off in the virtual ring.

Action Bronson’s Fight in UFC 4 against Jorge Masvidal

At a UFC 4 promotional event, Action Bronson fought Jorge Masvidal in the game everyone had been waiting for. Masvidal was skilled, but Bronson chose Georges St-Pierre, a legendary character to fight. Masvidal showed his true ability, winning over Bronson’s GSP.

The UFC 4 game felt real and let players dive into the MMA world. Masvidal’s athleticism made him a tough opponent, leading to his victory over GSP. He aimed at GSP’s legs, causing heavy damage and winning with a knockout.

This fight scene in UFC 4 highlighted the need for both skill and strategy to win. It showed the game’s exciting mix of athleticism and tactical play. Masvidal’s win was a smart and impactful move in the Octagon.

UFC 4 provides a true-to-life simulation of mixed martial arts with stunning visuals and smooth controls. The Bronston vs. Masvidal fight was thrilling, showcasing the game’s intense battles. It truly brought the action and fun of UFC to the players.

EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live

EA Sports marked the launch of EA Sports UFC 4 with a big event. This was the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live. It had exciting virtual fights where famous people battled it out. Fans couldn’t wait to watch.

The standout matches included Behzinga versus Spice Adams and the Bella Twins wrestling. There was also Kenny Omega challenging Lirik, Max Holloway versus Hannibal Buress, and Jorge Masvidal taking on Action Bronson.

These thrilling bouts were broadcast on ESPN2, the UFC Twitch, and YouTube. This let supporters from everywhere enjoy the show and see their favourite stars take on each other.

The event didn’t just offer great fights. It also shared sneak peeks about EA Sports UFC 4. Viewers got to know the game better and had chances to win cool prizes through social media.


Who is Action Bronson?

Action Bronson is both a rapper and a chef. He surprised everyone by appearing in UFC 4 as a playable character.

When was Action Bronson added to UFC 4?

He was added in the latest update, patch 13.0, from Electronic Arts.

What has been the reaction to Action Bronson’s inclusion in UFC 4?

Fans had mixed feelings when they saw Action Bronson in UFC 4. Some were thrilled, while others had complaints.

Are all high-profile UFC fighters included in the UFC 4 roster?

Not all top UFC fighters are in UFC 4. This absence has made some fans criticise EA Sports.

Does Action Bronson have experience in martial arts?

Action Bronson includes martial arts in his daily life. He has even trained with big names in MMA.

In addition to being a playable character, what else did Action Bronson contribute to UFC 4?

He also added his voice to the UFC 4 trailer. This brought a unique touch to the game.

Who did Action Bronson fight against in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, Action Bronson and Jorge Masvidal fought each other.

Who controlled their own character in the fight between Action Bronson and Jorge Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal managed his character, and Action Bronson chose Georges St-Pierre (GSP).

How did the fight between Action Bronson and Jorge Masvidal in UFC 4 turn out?

Jorge Masvidal’s plan was focused on GSP’s leg. This strategy led to GSP being knocked out by Masvidal.

What does the fight between Action Bronson and Jorge Masvidal demonstrate about UFC 4 gameplay?

This battle in UFC 4 showed how well the game blends athleticism with strategy for players to succeed.

What was the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live event?

It was a big promotion for UFC 4. It included virtual fights among famous stars and athletes.

Who participated in the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live event?

The event had battles like Behzinga and Spice Adams, the Bella Twins, Kenny Omega and Lirik, Max Holloway and Hannibal Buress, Masvidal and Action Bronson, plus Idris Elba and Tyson Fury.

Where were the fights from the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live event streamed?

These fights were aired live on ESPN2, UFC Twitch, and UFC YouTube, making it easy for fans to watch.

Were there any additional activities during the EA Sports UFC Virtual Fight Card Live event?

Yes. Viewers learned about EA Sports UFC 4. They also got the chance to win prizes by joining in on social media.

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