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Guide to Creating Custom Characters in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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In UFC 4, players love making their own characters. These are called Create-A-Player’s UFC 4 CAF’s. It’s a favourite because the process is fun and fair for everyone.

Before, players would spend a lot of time making sure every tiny detail was exactly right. Now, they pick from 12 archetypes instead. This change makes sure that online fights are fair for every character. It also gets rid of any cheating that could happen. Your custom fighters can battle anyone online and still be unique and strong.

The part where you make your character looks better too. Now, there are loads of new hairstyles, beards, different bodies, and tattoos. You can also choose what your fighter wears and how they act. This adds to their style and personality.

UFC 4 lets you change your fighter in many new ways. You can create their face with UFC 3’s sculpting tools again. More hair and beard choices make them look even more unique. You can also pick a body shape that fits your idea best.

There’s new cool stuff your fighter can wear, like fancy shorts, and even masks and crowns. You can use emotes to show your fighter’s style. Emotes are actions that let them express themselves. You can use them before and after you fight, or even during the match.

In UFC 4, you can choose one fighter to be your Universal Avatar. This fighter can change in size to fit any weight class. This makes them fit in all types of fights. They’ll still have the right skills, no matter their size.

Your Universal Avatar can also change their fighting style at any time. This helps you beat any opponent you face. So, your fighter always has the best chance of winning. This makes your custom fighters more interesting and fun to play with.

The Enhanced Customization Options in UFC 4

UFC 4 brings character customization to a whole new level. It allows players to craft fighters that are truly one-of-a-kind. With tools like sculpting and lots of hair options, you can make your fighter exactly how you want.

Players now also get to pick different body types. This means you can create fighters that look just like you imagine. UFC 4 really lets you personalise your character in many ways.

But there’s more than looks. The game also offers tons of cool clothes. You can dress your fighter in anything from normal shorts to wild items like animal masks or even crowns. This lets you show off your fighter’s style in the ring.

There are emotes, too. These let your fighter express themselves before or after a fight. You can use in-fight taunts to show off or try to get an edge over your opponent. It adds fun and strategy to the game.

UFC 4 is all about making your fighter unique. Every small choice, from their face to their clothes, matters. Whether you want your fighter to look tough or fun, UFC 4 helps you make a character that stands out.

Universal Avatars and Adaptive Archetypes in UFC 4

UFC 4 lets you make a Universal Avatar, your gaming character for all modes. This avatar can change size to fit any weight class you pick. So, you can use the same character across different weights, showing off various skills.

These avatars can also change their fighting style quickly. This change lets you adjust your skills to fight specific opponents better. It makes creating and using your character more exciting.

By adding this feature, UFC 4 has brought a new level of customisation to the game. Now you can truly play how you want. It’s about finding the right strategy, whether by changing your fighter’s size or their abilities, to win.


How do I create custom characters in UFC 4?

To make your own UFC 4 character, use the Create-A-Player’s UFC 4 CAF’s tool. There are 12 archetypes to pick from. This decision helps keep the game fair online.

The character-making is easier. You can pick hairstyles, facial hair, and body types. There are also many options for clothes, tattoos, and more.

What enhanced customization options are available in UFC 4?

UFC 4 lets you shape your character’s face with special tools. You’ll find more choices for hair and beards, too.

When it comes to looks, you can choose from various body types. This includes adding your own style with unique shorts and gloves. You can even wear fun items like animal masks.

Show your fighter’s personality with emotes. This can be during fights or in celebrations.

How do Universal Avatars and adaptive archetypes work in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can assign a Universal Avatar. This character can change size to fit any weight class and their skills will adjust too.

Your Universal Avatar can also change their skills to match different opponents. This brings a new level of strategy to the game.

Overall, this system makes custom characters in UFC 4 very flexible and interesting to play with.

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