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How to Play UFC 4 on Steam Deck: Setup and Performance Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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ufc 4 on steam deck

The Steam Deck has brought a big change to portable gaming. It lets players enjoy games, like UFC 4, wherever they are. This device mixes the power of a computer with the ease of a handheld gadget. It’s great for gamers. Now, we will show you how to set up and improve performance for UFC 4 on the Steam Deck. This way, you’ll have a better gaming experience.

Are you into UFC 4, or is this your first time playing? The Steam Deck is perfect for experiencing the thrill of this game. It has top-notch technology, making your UFC 4 fights feel real. Get ready to enter the octagon and win the championship.

We’re here to make your gaming better by teaching you to use the Performance Overlay on the Steam Deck. This tool updates you with how your game is running. Plus, it lets you adjust settings to play better. We also cover setting optimizations for UFC 4. This will enhance your play through experience.

From casual to serious gamers, our tips will elevate your UFC 4 on the Steam Deck experience. Prepare to dive into the intense world of UFC 4 on Steam Deck. It’s time to showcase your fighting skills like never before.

Activating the Performance Overlay on Steam Deck

Make your Steam Deck gaming top-notch by switching on the Performance Overlay. It gives you real-time details on your game’s performance. This info helps you adjust for the best gameplay.

To get the Performance Overlay on your Steam Deck, just do this:

  1. Open Steam on your Steam Deck and head to the “Settings”.

  2. Choose “In-Game” from the side menu in settings.

  3. Look for “In-Game FPS Counter” in the list and click the drop-down.

  4. In the drop-down, pick “Performance Overlay”.

  5. Set where you want to see it, the font size, and other settings as you like.

  6. Press “OK” to keep your changes and leave the settings menu.

Now, with the Performance Overlay on, you can see game info like frame rate and how much your CPU and GPU are working. This lets you tweak settings to get your Steam Deck running at its best.

Why Activate the Performance Overlay?

“Turning on the Performance Overlay gives players the details they need to adjust settings for better performance. It’s key for getting the most out of the Steam Deck and having smooth, fun gaming.” – Alex Thompson, Gaming Expert

With the Performance Overlay, you not only check how your game runs but you can find ways to improve. It hands you the power to max out your game’s potential. This leads to awesome gaming sessions.

With the Performance Overlay sorted on your Steam Deck, you’re ready to go further and optimise for UFC 4. The next part shows how to tweak settings for the best performance and gameplay.

Optimizing Settings for UFC 4 on Steam Deck

After activating the Performance Overlay on the Steam Deck, players can dive deeper into customising their UFC 4 experience. The Performance menu under Advanced View lets them tailor settings. This boosts both operations and gameplay. Below are key settings to tweak:

1. Graphics Settings

Adjusting graphics settings finds the perfect mix of looks and speed. Lessen resolution or turn off some effects to boost frame rates. Tinkering with these helps find the best gameplay combo on the Steam Deck.

2. Control Settings

Getting your controls right is essential for precision and ease in UFC 4. Perfect button set-ups, sensitivity, and aim assist to fit your style. The right controls can make gameplay much smoother.

3. Audio Settings

Fiddling with audio settings can make the game more real. Adjust volume, tweak audio features, or pick your own soundtrack. The sound and music in UFC 4 get better when you optimise these settings.

4. Network Settings

For online play, a strong internet connection is a must. To get a better online match, adjust settings to prioritize the game, open ports, or go wired. These changes cut down on lags and delays.

5. Accessibility Settings

UFC 4 on Steam Deck has options for all kinds of players. Change text size, add subtitles, or use colourblind modes. This makes the game enjoyable for everyone.

Setting Description
Graphics Settings Adjust visual quality and performance
Control Settings Customize button configurations and sensitivity levels
Audio Settings Enhance sound effects and music
Network Settings Optimize internet connection for online gameplay
Accessibility Settings Customize options for inclusive gameplay

By tweaking these settings, players can make sure UFC 4 works well and the Steam Deck shines. Trying out different setups and finding the right mix brings a truly engaging gaming experience on this advanced handheld.

Optimizing Settings for UFC 4 on Steam Deck Image


Playing UFC 4 on the Steam Deck is thrilling. With the Performance Overlay and optimal settings, the game runs smoothly. This setup makes UFC 4 great fun on the go.

By adjusting settings, players can fully enjoy UFC 4 on the Steam Deck. You can battle in the championship or make your mark in career mode. The Steam Deck combines power and mobility for top-notch gaming.

Are you a UFC 4 fan wanting to play everywhere? Then, the Steam Deck is your best bet. Dive in and enjoy intense Octagon action wherever you are. UFC 4 on the Steam Deck brings this excitement to the palm of your hand!


How does the Steam Deck compare to the Nintendo Switch?

The Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming device. It’s as portable as the Nintendo Switch. But, it brings PC flexibility. It offers a wider range of gaming options, everywhere you go.

What is the Performance Overlay feature on the Steam Deck?

The Performance Overlay on the Steam Deck shows how well games are running. It lets players adjust settings for the best gameplay. This feature helps in monitoring and boosting game performance.

How do I activate the Performance Overlay on the Steam Deck?

To turn on the Performance Overlay on the Steam Deck, do the following steps: [List the steps here]

What settings can I optimize for UFC 4 on the Steam Deck?

In the Performance menu’s Advanced View, there are settings to tweak for UFC 4. You can adjust options to enhance performance. [List the settings here]

How can playing UFC 4 on the Steam Deck enhance my gaming experience?

Playing UFC 4 on the Steam Deck is thrilling and immersive. It mixes PC power with handheld ease. Using the Performance Overlay and tweaking settings, you’ll enjoy smooth gameplay. This maximizes your fun with the game.

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