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Personalizing Your Fighter: How to Use UFC 4 Face Scan

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc 4 face scan

Ready to unleash your inner fighter in UFC 4? You can now use the UFC 4 face scan technology. This feature lets you bring your face into the game, making your fighter truly unique. It’s key for both MMA star wannabes and casual players to make the game their own.

Some fans are not entirely happy with the game’s face scan options. They want more customization features to improve the overall experience. In this piece, we look at what the community says about the UFC 4 face scan. We also give tips on better personalizing your fighter.

Players dislike the preset heads in the CAF system. They wish to start with a plain face and use sliders to adjust features. This would give them more freedom and accuracy in creating their fighter. Also, they want to tweak the shapes of facial features like the nose and eyes. A sharing feature for CAF would also be popular, letting them see and use others’ designs.

But, the customization dreams don’t stop at faces; players also want to adjust their fighter’s body. They’d like to change limbs, torso, and neck too. There’s a big ask for more body types and a higher height limit. These changes could help players build fighters that really stand out.

Adding these requested features could greatly improve UFC 4’s customization. It would make creating a fighter more fun and complete. Developer feedback is crucial. It helps them understand what players want and tweak the game accordingly.

So, don’t overlook the chance to make your fighter truly yours in UFC 4. Let your creativity soar and wow everyone in the octagon with your unique warrior. Keep an eye out for more advice on getting the most out of your UFC 4 customization adventure!

Limitations of the Current CAF System

The UFC 4 face scan tech lets players use their own image to make a fighter that looks like them. But there are limits in the current CAF system. Many players feel frustrated. They want to see better ways to customise their fighters.

Preset Heads and Limited Customization

Players don’t like that they have to use preset heads in the CAF system. They want to build their fighter from the bottom. A system with facial sliders for each feature would help a lot. This change means players could make their fighter’s face just how they want it.

Individually Changing Facial Features

Players also wish they could change each facial feature on its own. Being able to adjust the nose, eyes, ears, and mouth would make their fighters truly unique. This would make fighters much more interesting to look at.

CAF Sharing and Accessing High-Quality Creations

Players really want to easily share and see other players’ cool fighters. They’re hoping for a CAF sharing feature. This would let them check out lots of awesome fighters. It would make the game more fun and creative for everyone.

“The current CAF system in UFC 4 is a step in the right direction, but there is still tremendous room for improvement. Players want more control and customization options to truly craft their ideal fighter. With the ability to start from scratch, adjust individual facial features, and easily share creations, the CAF system would become a powerful tool for personalization and creativity.”


The CAF system in UFC 4 isn’t meeting players’ expectations. They’re missing out on choosing their fighters’ look in detail. By allowing changes to every facial feature and adding a sharing feature, the game would be much better. Players could make fighters of their dreams and share them with others, making everyone happy.

Expanded Customization Features

UFC 4 players have asked for more customizable features. They want to change more than faces. They wish to adjust their fighter’s body, making it truly their own.

Customizable Bodies

Players want to adjust not only facial features but also body parts like limbs and torso. This deep level of control lets everyone shape a fighter that truly reflects their own vision.

They also want more diverse body shapes and sizes. This addition would make the game more realistic and inclusive. It ensures everyone finds a body type they identify with.

Facial Hair Options and Eyebrow Options

More facial hair and eyebrow options are also on the wishlist. The right beard or eyebrow style can define a fighter’s look and personality. Offering these options brings more individuality to each fighter.

Despite face scan technology, current facial hair and eyebrow choices are limited. It’s time to give players more options. It lets them make fighters with the exact style they want.

CAF Slot Limit Increase

Players are asking for more freedom with Create-A-Fighter slots. The current limit feels too small. With more slots, players could explore and match their changing preferences better.

Customizable Bodies

The picture above highlights what UFC 4 players want. They wish to control every part of their fighter’s body. This deep level of personalisation makes the game more engaging and personal.


The face scan feature in UFC 4 is a game-changer. It lets players make a digital version of themselves in the game. People have said they want even more ways to customise their fighters.

Improving the Create-A-Fighter system in UFC 4 will make a big difference. Taking ideas from fans will help make the game better for everyone. People really want to be able to change faces and use what others have made too.

Listening to players is crucial for game makers. It helps them understand what the fans desire. This way, UFC 4 can grow and provide players with the tools they need to make the best fighters possible.


How does the UFC 4 face scan technology work?

The UFC 4 technology lets gamers include their real face in the game. This way, they can make a character that really looks like them.

What are some common complaints from players regarding the UFC 4 face scan feature?

Some people are not happy with the small number of customisation choices. They wish they could change more about how their fighter looks.

What improvements do players want to see in the CAF (Create-A-Fighter) system?

They wish for more options to change individual facial parts like the nose and eyes. Also, they want to share their creative fighters with others.

What are some gripes from the community about the current CAF system?

Many are frustrated that they must start with a preset face. They believe starting from scratch with detailed face sliders would be more fun and accurate.

What are some of the expanded customization features that players want to see in UFC 4?

Gamers want to tweak more than just the face. They hope to change the shape and size of body parts too. They also want more variety in body shapes and to be able to make taller fighters.

How can player feedback help enhance the UFC 4 face scan feature?

Players’ comments are key in making the game better. They help the makers refine the user experience, making player-made characters more satisfying.

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